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Comedy Channel – Donald Chump Roast Was A Situation – With Video

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 20, 2011


Jersey Shore‘s The Situation embarrassed himself and the whole room with his horrendous “jokes” Tuesday night on Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg surprised the crowd with decent jokes. The other roasters were par for the comedy course.

The Situation will never live it down, and quite frankly, I am not sure if he will ever work again after this last act.  UGH!!!!   The crowd booed and covered their faces with their hands.  Even my adult son ran halfway out the room from his own sheer embarrassment!  Also, I am wondering who wrote his jokes for him?  Seriously, I can only imagine Comedy Central approached him like..

Dude, Da Situation..  we got great writers!!

Um.. I don’t need no writers!!  I am comedy gold!!  I is the situation!!

Even some of Mike’s jokes were so bad they were edited out! 

One joke that didn’t make it on air was when he told Snoop Dogg that he and Trump had a lot in common because Trump owns property and Snoop Dogg’s ancestors were property. Snoop didn’t look happy. Half of his routine was cut out for the television special cause.. lets just say… it was awful and painful to watch.

Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, killed the house with jokes like pretending to mistake The Situation for Snooki. He said, “I’m sorry, all white people who act black look the same to me.”

Lisa Lampanelli, Whitney Cummings and Anthony Jeselnik were funny as usual, Marlee Matlin did a surprisingly good job (or I should say her sign language interpreter Jack Jason did well), getting a little bit of help from Gilbert Gottfried, who was recently fired as the Aflac Duck voice for his distasteful jokes on Twitter about the tsunami in Japan. Even Larry King held up well under all the jokes about his age.

After the show, The Situation blamed the bad reactions to his act on his sunglasses, thinking he sent out a bad vibe by wearing them. He told reporters that Snoop Dogg suggested he wear them so it wouldn’t be obvious that he was reading the teleprompter.

Lisa Lampanelli came to his defense, however, saying she feels bad for him, because, “He is to comedy what I am to women’s gymnastics.” He was out of his element, but he held his head high and kept his cool despite being booed off the stage. Let’s face it Sitch, you’re only good at three things: gym, tan and laundry.


4 Responses to “Comedy Channel – Donald Chump Roast Was A Situation – With Video”

  1. Hey ijs 🙂 Me & Hubby watched together, hubs Says, “they shoulda cut “Him” Out the Show, I said, “I’m Glad they Kept in..Let Millions of Viewers See what a Dumbass he really is..LOL I can’t Deal with sitchy’s “Gods Gift to Women & Everything Else..Attitude”. You hit Nail on Head, Only 3 things Boi is good at.. “Gym..Tan..Laundry” Hope he Opens up a “GTL – Get-R-Done All in One” place 😀 Boi needs to Plan his future, He’s DONE!! 😉

  2. Alana!! It was aweful!! Totally forgot to include in my post that I thought Whitney Cummings really hit it out of the park. I think she was channeling Rosie O’Donnel in her skit. She called Chump bloated, fat, ugly.. etc.. I FLOVED IT

    yep the Sitch is in a bad Situation and I don’t see him getting much more work other then his MTV show.. but I could be wrong.. everyone loves to watch a train wreck!

    Smooches lady!

  3. Bryan said

    I love Lisa Lampanelli!!, What was with Jeff Ross’s hair?

  4. Bryan thats a good question about Jeff’s hair.. Lisa.. man I love her.. She gets away with anything!!

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