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NeNe and Star Jones Calling A Truce? Is NeNe Worried for More Legal Woes? Celebrity Apprentice Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 20, 2011

My Lips Are Made For Yappin! That's Just What They Do!


As we have previously learned, Star Jones is legally going after Lisa Rinna for “harrassment” after Lisa was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” and Lisa is a spoiled sport.   It appears there are alot of emails from Lisa to Star that was handed over to lawyers with the support of  “The Celebrity Apprenctice” legal team and I am gonna bust if I don’t learn what is in the emails that constitues legal action.

We also have been hearing NeNe Leakes going after Star Jones as well but her comments are not as defaming, just dissing as in “Wendy Williams”  recently.

 “Star is special… I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire.”

Now, it is being reported by that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” NeNe Leakes is making amends with Star Jones so they can play together nicely.  Who knows?  Maybe they will start to have play dates?

“NeNe felt slighted by Star who she thought was not showing her enough respect – while Star believed that NeNe was all show and no substance.

“They are both head strong women and NeNe believed Star was trying to boss the other contestants around and on top of that they were feuding over hair, wardrobe and make-up too.

“But they are trying to be more accepting of their differences now although producers want to ramp-up their rivalry when the cameras are rolling because they believe it could translate to high ratings.”

In my opinion, I think Star is pretty head strong and thinks her way is the highway, but Lisa Rinna did not perform last week at all and deserved to be fired.  She could not lead or make a decision.

If Lisa treats NeNe like a child, we are going to see some serious fireworks and spittle coming from NeNe’s mouth.

PLUS !!!!!!

Celebrity Apprentice’ preview: Gary Busey in charge!

Do you really need to know any more than that?

The craziest season of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” (Sunday at 9 p.m. on WHDH, Ch. 7) finds the two teams of unstable celebs charged with putting together an interactive display for Camping World.

Busey is drafted into being project manager for the men. The actor seems to hail from another planet and speaks a language no one understands. Or as country singer John Rich says, he’s got a “hummingbird mind.”

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, a supermodel and a former Playmate try to figure out what century they’re living in. No, I’m not making that up. Star Jones runs over everybody. Dionne Warwick finds new ways to slow everyone down. Donald Trump jokes about Marlee Matlin’s sexual prowess.

And integrity does not pay in the boardroom. This is shaping up to be the craziest season of the NBC show.

Since I cant get any preview video’s of tonight’s episode, relive one of the epic moments from the show’s history: Joan Rivers’ meltdown after daughter Melissa was fired.  This is hard to watch.  I love Joan but her mama bear claws were full on and sharp!  Did she really call someone a Natzi?


19 Responses to “NeNe and Star Jones Calling A Truce? Is NeNe Worried for More Legal Woes? Celebrity Apprentice Preview”

  1. BAM!! Baloop & all dat chit.. Claws are coming out & I’m digging it.. You’re Right, ijs..this “Celebrity Apprentice” is off the hook Good. Btw: You’d think Lisa would know, NOT to send “Harassing” emails. *smh* Girl Gone Crazy, if did.. Ouch..Nene ain’t Scared of Star, She just “Keepin it Real” Uh, Right!!

  2. dy said

    Lisa was out of her league last week,and played right into Diva Star hands.
    Star is out to win,and she doesn’t care to make friends. One down Star..How many to go..
    Twitter wars are stupid enough by anyone over anything, but sending stupid emails are really ridicules( I’m looking at you Lisa), I’s love to know what these these stupid emails said that got Stars panties in such a bunch.

    CA is really good this year.

    Gary needs to go

    Love John Rich

  3. Alana and Dy.. I cant believe how krazy batchit good CA is this year. I boycotted for a few years.. but I had to watch this season.

    Dy – Lisa totally out of her league, as controlling as Star is,, she is in it to win it. Throwing someone under the bus is was the boardroom is all about. Didnt lisa see this show before? lord have mercy!

  4. dy said

    Funny I boycotted too Ijs. 🙂

    I only wanted to watch this year because of all the NeNe/ Star business, but that isn’t keeping me interested at all( as we haven’t even seen that yet) it’s all this other stuff. lol

    Abso freakin lutley Star is in it to win IJS..Star lives by the rule..By all means

  5. True dat Dy.. this year the CA has a higher priority then RHOC.

  6. dy said

    @5 IJS..lOL..Yes, it does!

  7. dy said

    NeNe has Stars number pure and simple. Star has to be “The Star/Boss”..She can’t freakin help herself.
    Nikki is right you have to be on your toes..

  8. dy said

    Dionne go back to Psychic freakin Network you freakin Diva Nut!

  9. dy said

    Nikki was a class act..

  10. dy said

    Yep IJS…. People could take a page from her book, ya know?

  11. Dy.. I am shocked and appalled at her grace and exit.. totally luve it and want to recap.. waiting on others to tell me they are not.. I want to exibit the same grace!! 😉

  12. Ok I didnt watch this season with Joan and Melissa. but holy chit.. did Joan really come back and win?

  13. dy said

    I can’t imagine anyone thinking Nikki didn’t handle herself with anything eles but class. She didn’t blame anyone one but herself. Actually I was even impressed with Star and her saying Nikki, come walk out with your team, and called her a class act also. I believe she meant that, I really do.

    Ididn’t see the season with Joan and Melissa either.

  14. G-sus said

    Is it just me or should they edit this show down to one hour? Had too much on Tivo last night, so I watched the first hour and then checked in periodically to see which team won and who got fired. Took forever for them to even announce a winner.

  15. dy said

    @18..G Sus..I agree it did take forever The Donald to announce a winner, holy cannoli!

    As much as I’m enjoying this season the 2 hour thing is getting to me, I’m doing a lot of flipping,and still catching the good stuff. 😉

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