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Posted by tinselkitty on March 6, 2011

Look what showed up on Craigslist, dahlinks!

Casting for Housewives Reality Show (San Francisco Bay Area) Date: 2011-03-04, 10:14AM PST

Casting 6 Housewives for this project (LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL CAST) ages; 25-55

These women should live affluent lifestyles in the San Francisco Bay Area and be comfortable with cameras following their day-to-day activities. Put your best stiletto forward and show us how amazing your life is with an uninhibited unscripted video.

Must include an introduction of yourself & family. Tell us why you’re a real San Francisco housewife. Have fun with it, tell us about your life, your business and how you spend your leisure time. Show us your personality give us a tour of your home/homes. Also, include charitable or philanthropic work you may be involved in.

Video audition deadline March 15, 2011

Reply Email your video entry or link to video and contact info.

Once all video submissions are viewed the finalist will be chosen & calls/emails will go out to our 6 lucky ladies on there way to becoming San Francisco’s next reality stars, good luck ladies.

Filming for pilot tentatively begins April 5, 2011


A source close to the show tells SFist that they are also looking for a gay househusband/wife as well. SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Then there’s the update –

Update: Via twitter, Andy Cohen initially denied that Real Housewives SF will happen, but then quickly deleted the update. Which: bizarre. Anyway, it’s good to remember that the casting call is for a pilot, which could nowhere if the San Francisco gaggle of wives prove none too interesting. A confirmation from NBC Universal (who own Bravo) might be tough to squeeze out of them at this point.





  1. G-sus said

    I think Bravo needs to start trimming the herd. I would actually like watching a San Fran show. But with all the other franchises, it may be a little bit of overkill.

  2. Rosie said

    Hi G..
    I would rather watch DC than Miami, but, I’d rather see another part of the US, than a third California show. How about Chicago? The two coasts are are already covered, time for a mid-Western change, maybe…

  3. G-sus said

    Hi Rosie! I was surprised that DC isn’t filming right now. I think NJ is the only one. I agree, Miami is a snoozer so far. I actually fell asleep watching it the other night.

  4. Rosie said

    TK or IJS..
    Hi! Are we having an OC or Celeb Apprentice tread today? Just a picture will do.. 🙂

  5. Rosie said

    G.. Hi!
    Yes, Miami is my least favorite so far. It’s actually making me excited about OC, and I don’t even like the cast. Lol

  6. G-sus said

    Me too Rosie. OC should be interesting, but probably not in a good way.

  7. Rosie said

    I’m interested to see what a single Vicky and Tamra looks like.. 🙂

  8. KurlyHairedB said

    I thought that they were planning a Dallas one? Just cannot get into the Miami one, that old womans face just scares the bejeesus out of me. Hubs and I were watching a rerun, when she came on, hubs actually hollered out “WTF”. She could be the poster child for plastic surgery gone bad.

  9. carrot said

    I think Miami will pick up. It’s really not the wives fault on that show, it’s Bravo for going in and changing production plans when the show was almost done filming.

    Do we think we’ll get our first Asian American wife with SF? Fingers crossed.

  10. carrot said

    I heard about Dallas too, but then Football Wives came out first. Perhaps Bravo saw that train wreck and decided for now no?

  11. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Goode Morning……

    *pulls out hair,,when will this all stop,,they have some winners,,some losers,,,altho I think the gay housewives..or house husbands would be interesting,,,,,

    *waves to everyone,,,,Hugs,,,,,,,,,catching up on OC marathin,,since I haven’t really watched it,,I caught it here and there,,but need to see what the whole thing is about.

  12. Rosie said

    @8 & 10.. kHB & Carrot
    I remember Andy saying, a while back, that they have filmed several cities to see if there is any magic there. They don’t show every city they do a little filming in. I think that’s what happened to Dallas, and why they won’t talk about SF.

  13. Rosie said

    Hi Olive!! 🙂

  14. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hi Rosie,,my love!

  15. carrot said

    @12 Rosie
    Thanks for the info Rosie. That makes sense, considering how DC failed to really catch on. But also– wouldn’t that get expensive for every city that failed and didn’t get turned into a Real Housewives of… show?

  16. Bryan said

    I would like to see a Bravo version of that awful A list thing Logo did but without the raving club queens that were in thats, now that would be something I would consider doing although they might find my life boring, although I know some really interesting gays and lesbian, and thats another thing, not just gay men but women too, get both in there. My sisters husbands first cousin is a lesbian and she and her partner just had their first child a little boy, they are both in their 20’s school teachers, own their own home, they live not far from me. And as Kathy Griffin talks about lesbian and their tools these girls have quite the workshop in the garage! and two dogs LOL

  17. Rosie said

    @15 Carrot..
    I think they just do a mini filming, to see if they have something. I remember Andy said they did Dallas, but it didn’t work out.

  18. Rosie said

    @16. Hi Bryan
    I’m surprised Andy hasn’t done something like that, yet. It’s the next logical step in housewife-land.

  19. Dy said

    It took me a minute to get into DC, it wasso boring to me in the begining,but then I got into it by like the 3rd forth episode, not my favorite by far but not bad..I’m giving Miami a chance forthe same reason.
    Iagree Rosie, Chicago would be good..

  20. carrot said

    @ 16&18 Bryan, Rosie

    Don’t forget the producers of A List were from Housewives of ATL. If the producers of ATL can’t do it, I have little hope anyone from Bravo could pull it off. Everyone on A List was such a little BITCH. I know the housewive shows can sometimes be stereotypical, but damn A List was just too much. Right up there with Bama Belles.

  21. Rosie said

    @20.. Carrot
    What was A List? I missed that one.

  22. G-sus said

    I actually would be sad if they didn’t do another DC with or without the Salami’s. I liked Cat, Stacie and Mary quite a bit. Even if the Salami’s were on it, it would be interesting to see what kind of reception they get by the DC insiders.

  23. Rosie said

    I actually agree with you on that. There were a few characters that were pretty likable in DC, compared to many of the others… I would like at least one more season of DC.

  24. G-sus said

    @ Rosie, don’t forget all the guys on that show. They were as interesting as the ladies, minus Turkey of course.

  25. carrot said

    It was on Logo, and featured 6 or 7 affluent gay men in NYC. Like the HW shows, everyone had different economic worth. I think there was maybe one likable guy? the photographer. Everyone else had no personality, very vain, gossipy, and two faced. No one had a spine ;( I think there was one physical altercation due to one of the guys constantly flirting with another’s boyfriend.

  26. Rosie said

    Oooo I totally missed that one Carrot….

  27. Rosie said

    @24 G..
    You’re right. Most of the husbands were likable, and pretty nice looking, too…
    Andy was photographed this week, for the launch of Cat’s book, so the network is still involved with them…

  28. Dy said

    The only husband I like on DC is..Rich Amons. He is hysterical and has the best personality in my opinion..Jason,is ok..I really like that he stood up for Mary regarding her daughter at the winery that afternoon/ evenning..Something about him though kinda rubs me tha wrong way as does Ebong..Yep Rich is my favorite!!

  29. carrot said

    @28 Dy
    “something about him though kinda rubs me tha wrong way”

    Um remember the facebook fiasco? No honey, it’s totally ok to FACEBOOK your half brother who you’ve never met or talked to as long as you send it as a message and not post it on his wall. Totally not traumatizing.
    And the whole gay marriage session, were Jason seemed to gather hetero power from Stacy by grasping her hand for dear life through the whole meeting.

  30. Dy said

    Yes Carrot..Exactly!!

  31. BobLHead said

    How about the Real House-Hookers of Charlie Sheen? Anyone?

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