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So Is Real Housewives Our Equivalent to Their UFC Fighting?

Posted by tinselkitty on March 6, 2011


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we are presenting you with a lovely appetizer to enjoy until your main course arrives. Enjoy. Oh, and mind the editors. They can be a fiesty bunch, as you will see.

The Real Housewives of Orange County returns Sunday night, and already the claws are out, and the fur is flying.

New Housewife Peggy Tanous is accusing her old friend (and season-five newbie) Alexis Bellino of sabotaging her efforts to join the cast. “Alexis didn’t really want me on the show,” Peggy meowed to us.

Is that true? Alexis told us us her side of the story—while sharing lots of scoop about the season ahead:

Peggy threw down some fighting words when she dished to E! News, “Alexis told me that [Housewives] was supposed to be ‘her thing.’ That made it really hard to film because I am a very strong believer in friendship.”

Alexis says it is that very friendship that made her change her mind about recommending Peggy for the show: “I [had] this sick feeling [that] the show was going to eat us alive—tear our friendship apart,” she told us. “I was trying to protect our friendship because to me our friendship is more important than the show. I just wanted our friendship to last.”

“Now that she’s saying I didn’t want to share the spotlight,” Alexis added. “I’m like, ‘Girl, there’s going to be six girls on the show—I’m going to have to share the spotlight. Why do I care if I share the spotlight?’ I don’t understand her whole philosophy, she’s changed a lot this season, to be honest with you.”

Will the two friends be able to kiss and make up? Alexis isn’t so sure.

“We had an hourlong conversation with each other about this which I thought patched everything up, but obviously she still harbors a lot of resentment. So the reunion’s going to be great!

“I just know that my friend that I had four years ago before the show wouldn’t talk about me behind my back, wouldn’t say the things she’s saying in interviews that I’m finding out about. And a couple things happen during the season where she kicks me while I’m down.”

Peggy isn’t the only one Alexis spats with. Encouraged by Brad the bartender’s stiff drinks, Gretchen goes ballistic on both Tamra and Alexis.

“I get into a few other fights too,” Alexis revealed. “It’s funny because last year I treaded so lightly, and I was so timid and just scared, and I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Except maybe Vicki Gunvalson, whose failing marriage will be featured this season.

“Things start out a little bit rocky,” Alexis told us of her relationship this season with the show’s matriarch. “I was still holding a little bit of resentment and anger towards her for calling me ‘classless trash’ and my husband a ‘smelly dork’.” Alexis agreed to a détente after Vicki asked her to “let bygones be bygones” just before filming, but after watching the first episode, Alexis said, “I was just, ‘Wow—maybe she’s not going to take the high road again this year.'”

Also taking a decided detour from that high road is new divorcée Tamra, whose brawl with former Housewife Jeana (airing later this season) features some serious shoving and at least one wine facial. Cannot. Wait.

Sadly for fans of Alexis’ “controlling” hubby, Jim has quit Housewives because of his “jerk” edit. “He’s pretty much against the show,” Alexis revealed to us. “All they want to do is rip him apart.”



48 Responses to “So Is Real Housewives Our Equivalent to Their UFC Fighting?”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I can’t wait,,need housewife fix,,lol

  2. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    i know all of u have watched the past seasons,,,but this is my marathon,,,OMG,,Alexis jealous of that girl talking to her husband at Gretchen’s Tupperware party,,,this can’t be true,,,blah! Unbelievable

  3. Bryan said

    Over on crack tea they have a story about the OC fifi’s and apparantly Jim ( I am a sloth) Bellino quit the show because as Duck Face put it, “he got tired of being edited as the bad guy” or something to that effect.

  4. Olive.. I am watching the marathon too since I am a vegetable today.. Its kinda good to get a refresher for tonight!

  5. Bryan said

    Oops you mentioned Jim leaving, nevermind LOL!

  6. Watching the marathon. I know we bag on Vicki a lot but I do wish someone had taught me about finance stuff like she’s doing with her staff.

  7. Bryan said

    I don’t think we will ever see Vicki with financial problems like the rest, she knows how to take care of herself.

  8. Bryan said

    Look at that photo of duck face and the new OC trick, did they get they both pick the same model for the faces when they went to the plastic surgeon, they almost look like clones.

  9. Rosie said

    Hi everyone!
    Wow.. This season sounds pretty nasty. Miss J-Barbie is sounding like a thug. She’s even fighting with the few friends she had?

  10. Dy said

    Best episode last year..Gretchen’s stepford Tupperware Party with the drag queen Tupperware Hostess.. I Can’t stand Gerty, but that was great!! AlexisAss making a fool out of herself with that woman thinking she was flirting with JimSlob,,Priceless!!..Yes, I’m watching the marathon!!

    I will be upset this season if they do not show all of the shady shit Gerty is involved with!

  11. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    Watching the marathon too.. Great for a rainy day.
    Lol. Love AlexAss/J-Barbie attacking that poor woman, and then, another woman says “nobody wants her husband!”. Lol.

    The episode of Lynn’s party, on now, is good too, but Simon creeps me out, in this one.

  12. Dy said

    Hi Rosie!

    Simon..Whoa!! More to that creep,very controlling,and weird,never saw it so much before in the seasons prior,but this last season,it was all over the place.

  13. Rosie said

    Dy.. Omg. Simon creeped me out all season, he was just ready to blow.. Like a ticking time bomb.

  14. Dy said

    Yes. I agree, he was tick, tick, ticking away..

    This season should be pretty good Rosie, all kinds of stuff going on Tamra’s divorce,Vicki’s problems and up coming divorce,Gretchen shit, Sladesters shit. All this stuff was going on while they were filming, plus Alexis and Jim’s money problems too. We shall seee!!

  15. Rosie said

    I know. Looks like they are going to hit the ground, running!
    Gretchen has been saying she has a few problems with Slime.. I bet she won’t marry him, and he is on her, like a tick.

  16. Dy said

    Oh lord Rosie..Don’t even get me started on that Greedy Gerty..Problems with the Sladster..Please..She is still with the JackAss, 2 peas in a pond those 2!! Wonder if she/he made sure his pay was redirected again to her so he didn’t have to pay child support again.

  17. Rosie said

    I think the courts are on to that trick by now!
    That’s why he needs to marry her, he needs a roof over his loser head.

  18. Dy said


    I would hope so..Just knowing that she was aware and went along with it also..Scum!!

  19. Rosie said

    Dy.. @18
    Omg. I know! I’m so surprised she isn’t in huge trouble for that kind of fraud. Child support is serious business!
    Gerty has been caught lying about so many things, I don’t know how she has been just slipping through the cracks on some of this stuff. Plus, she keeps losing these lawsuits with Jay, and keeps right on lying. Her legal bills have got to be absolutely huge.

  20. Dy said

    I’m so tired of Gerty whining /bitching about Tamra also..Get the f over it..You sound like a freakin child all the time geeze!!

    Gerty has lied about so many things and has been caught left and right,( Icould name everything that she has done again, but I won’t) but people will still stick up for her/love her/ be her fans because that is what people do..They don’t care..Everyone has fans..Lol

  21. Rosie said

    Dy.. I saw a preview on the Bravo site where Gerty goes after Tamra, big time. It looked like an early episode in the season… Ugh. Then, of course Tamra goes right back at her. Those two need to put that one to rest.

  22. Dy said

    Rosie..I saw a preview that Gerty calls Tamra a evil bitch at Tamra’s boyfriends house ,than laughs about it of course she is the only one that finds it funny..Geeze they bury the hatchet all is good, they accept apologies, just to start all over again..They look ridicules, my God!!..They both have enough crap to deal with in their lives, they would be better off to focus on that crap instead of their stupid, obnoxious, war with each other

  23. Rosie said

    Dy.. Omg, I was thinking the same thing. That’s the clip I saw, too.
    These women have big problems to deal with, and that is what they are focused on??

  24. Dy said

    @23 🙂 Rosie..We think a like alot.

    I could never understand why someone would go to someones home/ boyfriends home, where ever just to insult them..Smh! I mean if you still have issues with someone( which is ridicules how many times can you beat a dead horse over something that happened 2 seasons ago) Most people would just avoid them.

  25. Rosie said

    @24. Dy.. 🙂
    Yup! Gerty should either not attend a party thrown by Tamraaaaa, or go and keep her mouth shut and just live and let live. Tamra is no angel, but it looks like Gerty is just trying to create drama for herself.

  26. Dy said

    Neither one of them are Rosie, that is for sure. But in my opinion Gerty is worse than Tammy Sue.

  27. Rosie said

    I agree with that, too. From all the Internet pictures, court transcripts, etc, it seems that Tamra was right about everything she said about Gretchen..

  28. Dy said

    Tammy Sue was way right about Gerty, and that has always gotten her panties in a bunch. Tammy Sue was right about Gerty cheating on Jeff, she was right about Gerty getting money from Jeff’s estate( another lie that Gerty said,I even know that, My sister knows Jeff’s x, Gerty received over 2 million from Jeff’s insurance) Why lie, it’s all documented, all public. How do you think she is funding all these business’s she is in. The worse thing Tammy Sue said was that she was going to get Gretchen naked wasted..WTF?? Who says that?? Well whatever…Gerty got her HERSELF totally cranked made a fool out of herself..No one put a gun to her head.

  29. Rosie said

    Wow. Just finished watching OC. That was intense for the first episode.

  30. Dy said

    OMG..Gerty get over everything already..My God you sound like a fool!! By the way, you are an ugly, mean drunk..

  31. Dy said

    Maybe ugly is too strong, but she is a mean drunk..Gerty, came there looking for a headache,and made a fool out of herself..On WWHL she won the poll something like 51 to 49 ..People still drink The Gerty koolaid ..SMH..Well everyone has fans even Strega..

  32. Rosie said

    @30 Dy..
    Mean drunk is right. What was that??

  33. Dy said

    @32 I don’t know Rosie..I’m just over her with this whole Tamra thing,she is so freakin immature Jesus!! Tamra did apologize for the naked wasted comment 2 freakin years ago for God’s sake..Last year they both buried the hachet over their stupid shit..Wtf?? Gretchen has got to come out guns blazing this season talking and acting like a fool,and brings a little girl asstiant as back up for her.. What a jerk!!

  34. Bryan said

    I don’t blame Gertie for not trusting Trash Bag Barnyard Barney, thats one trick that cannot be trusted, but no reason to be confrontational about it, smile be corteous and dont trust that slut

  35. Bryan said

    Oh That tat removal doctor was on a season of Big Brother I think it was back in 01

  36. Dy said

    I blame her because she needs to get the frig over it..It makes her look like a jackass. How long is she gonna play that freakin tune? Jesus!!

  37. Dy said

    @35 He was on Dr 90210 also.

  38. Dy said

    I liked the yellow dress Gerty had on when she met with that lady.I also liked the short outfit she had on for Tamra’s party..I think she has done something to her face though, her eyes look funny..She is not as pretty as she was the first season she was on. Just my opinion

  39. Dani said

    Morning all.

    I have to say I was a bit surprised how angry Gretchen seemed last night. Granted the alcohol gave her fuel to spout off but she also lit into Alexis. She seems jealous that her life isn’t as easy as it used to be. She was ultra defensive about the gold digger comments. Though I am not a big Tamra fan, I think Tamra was right about the misplaced anger.

    Also Gretchen looked totally different without makeup when she was getting her hair done. And please Tamra, lay off the fillers. Way too much botox.

  40. dy said

    Good Morning Everyone 🙂

    Dani, totally agree.

    Alexis’s princess comment was innocent too.

    Ithink they are hitting the botox pretty hard..Alexis and Tamra can hardly move their faces..Gerty has something going on too, for sure..Vicki, I think has laid off it.

  41. Dani said

    Hi Dy,

    I just don’t get the botox thing. More isn’t necessarily better. There must be a fine line of when to stop or do more.

    How sad was it to see Vicki and Donn together knowing they are headed for divorce.

  42. dy said

    Hi Dani

    I don’t either yikes, pretty addictive it seems huh?

    I know what you mean about Vicki and Donn, wonder when they will start showing what all happened between them..Sad

  43. G-sus said

    Hi, I’m late to the party on this one, but thought I would comment on last night’s show.

    First, there were little reality people all over that show last night. I think the lady helping Gretchen out with her purse presentation was on a foodtv show, maybe the next food network chef? Looks like someone already noticed the doc from Big Brother, but the nurse that did the laser treatment was Sarah Brice who was on the Bachelor and was picked by Charlie O’Connor. Wonder if all of this was a coincidence? Sorry, that was a rhetorical question;)

    Second, did anyone catch WWHL? Wow, Vicki and Tamra are not getting along. And WTH is up with Tamra’s face? I swear you can actually see the needle holes from all the botox and filler! And Andy telling her that if she had anything more done to her lips they would be facacta (sp?), PRICELESS!

  44. Rosie said

    Lol G..
    I saw that on WWH. Vicky was about to mention Tamra’s fight with Jeanna, and Tamra was pissed!

  45. Dani said

    Hi G-Sus, these reality people seem to be their own little community. I recognized the Dr. but didn’t know that about the others.

    Yes, Tamra needs to stop with the botox. She has gone way overboard.

  46. Bryan said

    Can you Imagine if Lisa & Adrienne and even Camille went to that cheap clothing party, I would love Camille to have gone and showed up with Drunk by Duboise, LOL!!!! hehehehehe!! can you see that!!!!

  47. Bryan said

    The Countess would have just driven by and told the driver, “keep going”, especially if she would have seen the rental limo with Duck face, Gertie and the rest of that twit squad pouring out of it

  48. G-sus said

    @ Bryan You’re right, I think if you go to a clothing party and the best selling item is basically a bedazzled sweat suit it might qualify as a little low class, lol.
    I also wonder how Ambi, or what ever the name was, is feeling about it’s spokesperson Tammy Faye right now? Wasn’t too long she was bragging about how she was giving up botox because the product was so good. Now she’s rocking the botox freeze-frame expression with extra inflated bumpy lips.

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