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Picking a New BH Housewife Already?

Posted by tinselkitty on February 5, 2011

The sofas at the Millenium Hotel aren’t even cold yet but the casting race for next season has begun. Personally, I feel very flattered that so many women are desperate to become my next target of love/hate. Everyone wants Tinselkitty to write about them! Right? That’s the reason for the early scuffles, right? That’s what I’m going with.

TMZ has two stories up with Housewife speculation. First up on the rumor mill are Jennifer Flavin Stallone and Brandi Glanville. Remember, this story includes SOLID sources. Not just any flimsy ol’ source –

Sylvester Stallone‘s wife is being recruited to appear on the next season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” … or maybe not … depending on who you believe.

Solid sources connected to Bravo tell us the network has been in touch with Jennifer Flavin Stallone and Eddie Cibrian‘s ex-wife Brandi Glanville … in the hopes of locking them in for the next season.

But some pretty solid sources connected to Jennifer are adamant … she hasn’t spoken with anyone from Bravo about the show.

As for Brandi — she hit up a Beverly Hills restaurant this week with Lisa Vanderpump’s former house guest Cedric … but she played coy when we asked about her future on the show.

As TMZ previously reported, Kim Richards and Camille Grammer might not return to “Housewives” nextseason.

We’ve reached out to Bravo and they’ve declined to comment on casting and have yet to formally announce the show’s return for a second season.

Next we have a possible frenemy for Adrienne –

Los Angeles Lakers exec Jeanie Buss — arguably the most powerful woman in sports — is in talks to join the cast of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the production confirm Buss — who’s dating Lakers head coach Phil Jackson — met with casting executives recently. In fact, producers went to a recent Lakers game to “observe” Jeanie’s daily routine.

Buss currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the storied NBAfranchise — which is owned by her father Jerry Buss.

We’re told Jeanie is diggin’ the idea … and there’s already a GREAT storyline … because current castmember Adrienne Maloof-Nassif’s family owns the rival Sacramento Kings.


Bravo declined to comment about casting.



16 Responses to “Picking a New BH Housewife Already?”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Giggy is TOO cute!!

    I recognize Jennifer. I knew she was married to Stallone. The only time I see her now is when I’m channel surfing and see her on QVC or HSN…or one of those shows.

    Not familiar at all with Brandy/Brandi or Jeanie. OMG! with that pic of Jeanie. My hubby & sons, who use to play basketball & huge basketball fans/sports fans…………one of my daughters in fact use to be on some basketball teams in school as well……….I never knew basketballs could be used for that purpose. Brandi is suppose to be friends with Cedric?! I’m not thrilled with Cedric. Nothing but a free-loading con-artist.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Camille came back. I know she said some things that were just plain wrong (No kidding!), but I also think she’s an air-head at times and didn’t realize/think about what she was doing and how it came across. I’d like to see Kim come back. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame her for not coming back. With having her own sister get onto her so, and then having someone like Taylor around her…and treating her badly AND feeding Kyle lines, I wouldn’t want to deal with it. Kim would be wise to not deal with the drama, or less drama, anyway. After that limo scene, and what Kyle said to her on national tv, I wonder what all Kyle has said to her in private.

    I still thinks it’s hilarious that Taylor only received 1% on WWHL poll. LMAO!!!!

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi TK and IJS! 🙂

  3. Dani said

    Hi MHJ.

    I swear, you and I have so many similarities. My daughter played b-ball in high school and college also. Those were fun days. I have always been a huge sports fan. Part of growing up w/3 brothers and a Dad who loved all sports.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to some new blood. I used to love Phil Jackson when he coached for Chicago in the Michael Jordan days. Phil has always been into the Zen philosophy. Pretty laid back that way. Don’t know about the lady he is involved with but could be interesting.

    Brandi has been all over the tabloids sparring back and forth w/LeAnn Rimes over Brandi’s ex spouse.

    If Kim comes back, I hope she has a better year and things are more positive for her. I really don’t want to see her struggle through another season like this one. It was painful to watch at times.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 Dani, HI! Checking back in real quick. You are way more knowledgeable about bb. It’s funny. I only played basketball in PE class. My PE teacher, in high school, told me I should join the team. WTH?! She told me I’d be great, but I thought I’d be lucky if I made any baskets to help team win. LOL! Hubby played in high school & so did sons. Hubby’s brother got a basketball scholarship, but injured himself and had to back out. Still went to college of course, but just couldn’t play basketball on a college team. My one daughter played basketball from grade school to junior high. She was involved in swimming & tennis teams in high school among all the other clubs. My other daughter never played basketball, but mainly tennis & gymnastics. I felt like I spent half my life driving them all over. However, they wanted to do it, and we never forced them into any activities. I don’t know how some moms/dads….heck, their kids….do it with 6 things at one time. Too much imo, and the kids can get burned out.

    Dani, is LeAnn the one who ended up with Brandi’s ex? I can’t remember his name, but I do remember seeing them in the tabloids….mags like People. Also, I totally agree about Kim. I don’t want to see Kim hurt like I saw before. Like you said, it is very painful to watch at certain times. Like Kim said, she doesn’t like conflict either. (I was thinking about what Adrienne said on the reunion about one of her brothers for Kim. I mentioned a while back that I saw them on “Larry King”. Well, Adrienne’s brothers have NEVER been married. Not that Kim would be their type, or w/ her issues….alleged issues, etc…..but I thought that was interesting that not a one has been married. I got the idea that they like to date a lot and be free. 😉

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    To clarify….about any of her brothers (not) being a good match for Kim. More specifically, why Kim wouldn’t be a good match for any of them.

  6. carrot said

    Good evening everyone!

    @Mrs. Jackman,
    you are basically calling Adrienne’s brothers sluts 😉
    It is odd that Adrienne answered the question the way she did; I would have just put it off on my brothers instead of the really fragile woman who just had a hell of a season sitting right next to me. Like “my brothers are complete jackasses, I wouldn’t do that to Kim.” Something humorous, instead of “THEM?! GO OUT WITH THIS MESS?! Hahaha Don’t make me laugh, Cohen.”

    I feel good about the replacements– but who really thinks Stallone is going to join? I think Sylvester will nip that one.

  7. carrot said

    Doesn’t Glanville’s above picture look like OC’s Tamra and BH’s Camille had a baby? It’s like Tamra’s face superimposed over Camille’s body (not an insult).

  8. G-sus said

    Hi MHJ and Dani!
    LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian had an affair while Eddie was married to Brandi and Leann was married to some guy named Dean. They were both very Kelsey-ish about it. And I think Brandi just got busted not too long ago for a DUI.
    I don’t think TK or IJS will have any lack of gifts from baby jesus with any of these ladies.

    @ Dani, I agree with the new blood theory. That is why I am a little more excited about Miami going on before NY. I think there needs to be term limits for some of these ladies (yes, I am looking at you Vicki and Jill, among others). Some of these women get settled into their “part” and it is liking watching a broken record. Like on ATL, I enjoyed Phaedra and Cynthia way more than Sheree, Kim and NeNe combined.

    I kinda hope Kim doesn’t come back just because I do think she has issues to deal and I don’t know how it would benefit her in any way to put herself back in such a stressful situation. Though I would love to see her get her acting career back on track.
    Camille, I could take her or leave her. She is so robotic that I have trouble knowing if she is being truthful or just saying what she wants us to hear. If she does come back it’s purely ego-driven cause we all know it wouldn’t be for the Benjamins. Taylor, I would love to see her get fired. Wouldn’t that be great? But alas, we all know Mushmouth will be back. She’s got some more posing to do.

    I had said before if Camille didn’t come back Bravo would have about a thousand Camille’s to choose from, it is BH after all. It’s like the land of Stepford Wives.

  9. G-sus said

    Hi Carrot

    I always thought Sylvester and Jennifer spent most of their time in FLA. I agree, I would be surprised if she did the show.

    I forgot to add to the above, I can’t wait for the lost episode show for BH on Tuesday. Simply for the pure joy of watching Adrienne out Taylor for the whole Godmother BS. Adrienne’s face is priceless when Andy asks her about it.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @6 Carrot, ROTF!!!!!!!!!! Now how did you read my mind?! LOL. Apparently, I missed that little snippet first time around, and caught it in one of the re-runs. I think Adrienne is classy, not into any BS; HOWEVER, I think I would have found a better/nicer way of putting it. No kidding. That’s just me. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Knowing Adrienne being quick on her feet, I’m surprised she couldn’t find anything better to say. When I saw her on Larry King show w/ her brothers….I think I remember 3….maybe 4….I thought here they are, all middle-age men & have never been married. I don’t know, but it struck me as odd. Not that there’s anything wrong, but as you read my mind I was thinking….WOW! Not one settled down…the only one is Adrienne. I think they claimed they were TOO busy to be committed to any one woman. Hey, whatever. LOL. Yes, I couldn’t help but think of them being with a bunch of women…if I’m being totally honest.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Stallone nixed the HW deal. He just seems to like his privacy too much.

    Kim Kardashian taking it off again. Sorry watching “Showbiz Tonight”. She said she’s never getting naked again. Right. Like anyone in the world believes that. She was the highest paid reality star. NO! Please say it’s not so! PLEASE! UGH!!!!!

    G-sus, HI! 🙂 Thanks for info about LeAnn. I remember when she first married Dean. He seemed like a nice enough young man. Wasn’t he a dancer? I know she had an affair. Just didn’t know that was Brandi’s husband…ex. UGH!!!! They should have gotten divorces from their spouses first.

  11. Bryan said

    Brandi needs a better boob job she must have went to one of those strip mall plastic surgeons

  12. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Would love Sly Stallone’s wife,,and SLy is hanging with the hubbys’ and says YO! Andrienne….

    Um Phil Jackson looks like Lurch from Addams Family,,

    LOve,,love,,love,,love me some Giggy!

  13. mikki12 said

    I agree with Carrot @ #6. Adrienne could have been a little kinder in her reply about one of her brothers dating Kim. It was so obvious that she was thinking “One of my brothers dating a 40ish drunk with 4 kids? No way!” Adrienne isn’t always so quick on her feet as we like to think. So glad she outed Taylor about the godmother thing. Lying or stretching the truth just comes naturally to Taylor. As for Adrienne’s brothers not being married I suppose when you’re as wealthy as they are and probably have women falling at their feet – why get married? I’m sure they’ll marry sooner or later if for no other reason then to have some heirs to leave their fortune to.

  14. Bryan said

    Speaking of Kardashian

    I bet both Maloof boys would be tripping over themselves to get a chance at THAT Kim!.

  15. Bryan said

    Good Morning all!!!

  16. Bryan said

    Bring this woman to BH I can see her doing this on Rodeo Drive, this is MY kind of housewife!!!!

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