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Pretty Little Liars – Initial review…. Who’s A?

Posted by tvtime101 on June 9, 2010

Ok, so I wasn’t so into the buildup of getting ready to watch, Pretty Little Liars.  But there was so much advertisement and push to watching it, that I promised myself to give it a try.  Before I start, I had nothing against this show, I just wasn’t into watching yet another high school show.  With that being said… here we go.

Ok, firstly, this show starts out with all five girls together, drinking “something” out of the cup.  All the girls pass out and when they come to, Allyson is gone.

Now we jump to the day before the start of the next school year.  Just as the one girl, Aria leaves the house the dad stops her and she says, don’t worry dad… I’ll keep your secret.  Ok… so there’s already plot lines concerning parents too.  So she goes into a restaurant, meets a hot older man (not crazy older) and they start making out… you knew once he said he’s a teacher and just got a job….. well.. let’s just say that was easy.

So, we then we go to the mall, where one girl is trying on sunglasses and tells the person behind the counter that she’ll be right back and talks to one of the other girls at the opening scene that she just by chance ran into.  After the conversation is over, she walks out of the store, with the sunglasses still on.  Just then a girl comes up to her and says, wow… that was close! Apparently not close enough… later that night the cops show up at her door, and arrest her.   However, you can’t underestimate the sexual power of Laura Leighton ,(aka Sydney from Melrose Place).  So, she agrees to something with the cop to get her daughter off of the charge and you see her leading the cop up to her bedroom…….

We go to another girl, Spencer (yes, it’s a female character with a female actress!).  She is upset because her parents promised her something and gave it to her sister.  While this is going on,  Emily finds out that Allyson’s home has been sold.  So her mother gives her a welcome to the neighborhood gift basket and sends her over there.  But a girl comes out, with boxes and boxes of stuff that were obviously Allyson’s that she was throwing away.  So, Emily goes in the house and starts to become instant great friends with this new girl, but leaves a lot of info out until school starts.  But here’s the kicker… they are into eachother, and were smoking pot in Allyson’s old bedroom…. this show is pretty edgy for ABC Family.

So now we start the first day of school… Just as Aria realizes that Ezra Fitz is the hottie she was making out with the prior day, she gets a text saying, “the teacher’s hot… maybe he fools around with students… a lot of teachers do.. ask your dad”.  We then are brought to a scene of where Aria finds her father and Allyson making out in the back of a car!   Ok, found out his secret early on…   Then Emily gets a letter in her locker… “You’ve found a new girl to kiss”…   Interesting.. And as Hannah is in the police station and goes for a piece of candy, she gets a text saying, “Be careful, prison food makes you fat.” And Hannah goes back to a memory of less makeup and fabulous clothes and Allyson smacking her hand when she goes for the cookies saying, Im just being a good friend…    And of course, after Spencer flirting with her sister’s new boyfriend, she gets a text saying “poor Spencer… always wanting your sister’s boyfriends.. you kiss I tell”.  So of course Spencer flashes back to when Allyson was going to tell Spencers’ sister about her kissing her boyfriend, but Spencer said that she will tell on her about the Jenna thing…   Hmmm.. a new plot line already…

So now the cops are at Allyson’s old house and they found her body.. underneath the gazebo that was apparently under construction when she went missing..  very convenient.  So now the girls go to the funeral and are finally reunited as friends again when they realize a blind (or an inside sunglass wearer) enters and Allyson’s mom said she didn’t know that Jenna and Allyson were friends….  Just then Aria gets a text and all girls perk up and wonder if it’s from this mysterious A that signs their texts and letters.  It was at that moment that they all realized they were getting these messages from A.   After the funeral a new police officer introduces himself and says he will get to the bottom of this… but they can’t tell him what they know because of the secrets each one of them have.  Just before the show ends, they all get a text saying that “Im here, I know what happened – A”.

My assessment… this show’s got me hooked!   The numerous mysterious plot lines and the sketchy-ness of what the secrets are intriguing enough for me to stay tuned next week.. I will say, it has been so long since I have seen an AWESOME pilot episode.   I am amazed that ABC family doesn’t have this on regular ABC!   This is a show that we should be talking about….

Who do you think is A????  I have my suspicions…. let’s talk about it


One Response to “Pretty Little Liars – Initial review…. Who’s A?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I’m pretty sure A is Alison.
    She didnt die, Her twin did .Read Pretty Little Liars Book #4

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