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How to Choose a Dermatological Surgeon – Jill Zarin Style

Posted by tinselkitty on April 17, 2011

That’s right, dermatological surgeon, not just a dermatologist as Jill desperately wants you to believe. Let’s check out some doctor details and see if we can figure out why the Jillster chose this particular refinisher.

There’s a lot here so I’m going to highlight in blue the areas I am assuming Jill would have seized upon.

From Cityfile


The most famous cosmetic dermatologist in New York, Pat Wexler is the doctor who smoothes out the city’s most expensive faces.


Bronx-born Wexler left New York for medical school in Brussels, returning to the U.S. in 1979. Four years of work in internal medicine and infectious diseases at Beth Israel followed before she concluded that treating sick people was too depressing. So she headed to Mount Sinai for another residency in the (potentially more upbeat) field of dermatology. Wexler opened her cosmetic dermatology office in the late 1980s, making a name for herself in the early days by treating the city’s top models. She’s since become one of the best-known dermatologists in town. Stop off at Wexler’s office and you might just see a familiar (and tight) face walking out the door. Her patients have includedStephanie SeymourCandace BushnellJoan RiversDonna KaranP. DiddyTory BurchVera WangKathie Lee Gifford, Blythe Danner, Carolina HerreraCalvin Klein, and Michael Kors, among many others.

Of note

Dr. Pat—as she’s known to patients and friends—is best known for transferring butt and stomach fat to patients’ faces, but she also does the more standard cosmetic treatments like laser resurfacing, chemical peels, vein injections, and Botox. She’s also recently become a champion of Thermage, a radio frequency machine that tightens the skin. (Wexler’s client Ellen Barkin swears by it.)

Of course, she wouldn’t be a fully-fledged celebrity skin doctor without her name on lotions and potions, so in 2005 she introduced a line of skin care products, which are sold at Henri Bendel, Bath and Body Works, and QVC. Like many of her ilk, she’s extremely talented when it comes to self-promotion. The diminutive derm makes regular appearances on shows like Good Morning America and Oprah, doles out free Botox injections to journalists who write about her, and she’s even been known to walk around in Wexler-branded t-shirts that promote her practice.


In a quote that will forever be linked to Wexler, PR guru Peggy Siegal once described fat grafting thusly: “The doctor takes it out of your bottom and puts it back in your face. So when you are kissing my face, you are actually kissing my ass.”


Patricia is married to Eugene Wexler, who quit working as a urologist at Beth Israel to join his wife in her dermatology practice. They have two grown daughters, Perri and Jane, and live in an apartment on the Upper East Side, which they purchased for $2.5 million in 2000. They spend weekends at a home in East Hampton they bought for $1.35 million in 1999. You won’t catch her sunning by the pool, though. Freakishly averse to tanning, she admitted to the Times that she spreads suntan lotion between her toes.

Now, I could be totally off base here and maybe Jill did her due diligence and checked out the medical credentials and spoke to some other patients and ran a background check to see if she’d ever picked her nose or had a panty wedgy (as we all know Ramona would have done), but I’m more inclined to think Jill got all twitchy about the connections to famous peeps, the mutual interest in self-promotion, the possibility of free botox if she tweeted about it and OMG, she totally does Ellen Barkin’s face and Andy lurves him some Ellen Barkin and if she could get Ellen Barkin to be her buddy then Andy would have to love her more and maybe give Ginger more airtime than that stupid ball of hair that that snooty Beverly Hills bitch Lisa Vanderpump drags around with her.

What Jill might not know, though, is Patricia Wexler’s political bent. She’s a…a…a liberal! Shock and horror, shock and horror! And looky what she has to say about Democrat plastic surgery vs Republican plastic surgery –

From Gawker

So in light of the inevitable squeeze on cosmetic enhancement spending, how’s everyone’s favorite diminutive derm Patricia Wexler doing? Just fine, she tells Wowowow: Not only are her patients still coming in for treatments, they “feel it is critical to keep up appearances right now,” although some are cheeky enough to ask for discounts, which, just so you know, will certainly not be granted. But, more importantly, Pat is thrilled about Obama’s new presidency for the obvious reason: Democrats have more tasteful surgery!

“We’ve had so many Republicans who have been over-surgerized; we don’t have to say which ones.” Oh, go on, Pat! “[N]ot Laura Bush, but Nancy [Reagan] andElizabeth Dole.” Whereas Nancy Pelosi “has had some good work,” and Michelle Obama doesn’t need anything. “She’s beautiful. She’s young. But, of course, in my practice, I have people much younger than Michelle Obama already doing things.” Hear that, ladies? Michelle might not need anything, but if you’re anywhere near her age, you certainly do.

This just tickles the hell out of me. Not to mention the bit about discounts. You just KNOW Jill’s angled for a free treatment or two. I wonder how many Team Jill t-shirts Dr. Wexler’s received?


18 Responses to “How to Choose a Dermatological Surgeon – Jill Zarin Style”

  1. Bryan said

    Okay so what’s the big deal about all this?

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  3. sophie said

    Isn’t Wexler her sister’s last name?

  4. Bryan said

    Okay so now that Jill used this woman’s services who happens to also be called Wexler is this woman now the enemy?

  5. Bryan said

    That’s really sad.

  6. Bryan said

    This whole article, so now because Jill was her client, this doctor who is an innocent, is going to be the butt of ridicule, or maybe there is some secret conspiracy because she has the name of Wexler. And how dare Jill get a discount!!!!

  7. Bryan, no one is making fun of Dr Wexler. Where do you see that? This article is about identifying that Jill didnt go to a injectable dr but a surgeon as well. Tinsel has already said she is on a mission to identify Jill’s cosmetic surgery.. This post gives us fodder is all.

    Who is rediculing this doctor?

    We all know that Jill likes her swag which is what everyone expects.. again. fodder.. where do you see a problem here on a blog that posts bullshit about bullshit people? Hey Im Just Askin?

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  9. Bryan said

    You guys need to find out where Jill shops for groceries, do an expose on that.

  10. Fleur said

    Dr. Wexler’s nose is shaped just like a Fleur de Lis!! The minute famehoe Jill heard that Wexler worked on major celebrities she had to have her. I’m waiting on Jill to come out with her own skin care line now…

  11. Tom Becker said

    You didn’t mention that Dr Pat Wexler is one of the most caring, artistic and generous doctors out there.
    She has a great eye for beauty and is totally committed to her patients and what she offers is caring for their inner spirit as well. It’s a visual world and looking well counts.
    I never looked so good as when I was in her care!
    Heck- we can all buy oil paint but we aren’t all Renoir!

  12. G-sus said

    Oh my god, it’s the upper East Coast version of PR Julie! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  13. Chrissy said

    What is the big deal? Why does everyone need to Hate Jill Zarin? Who cares what kind of doctor she goes to or why? I think she looks great so KEEP IT UP JILL!

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