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Fame Whores Everywhere

Posted by tinselkitty on February 12, 2011

Does anyone else think Ryan’s girlfriend looks an awful lot like his mom in this picture? And does anyone else think Ryan’s been hitting the ‘roids lately?

As I become more familiar with the habits of the Housewives with regards to the gossip sites, I am frequently finding myself amused by the reactions that come out after the initial stories. Case in point – TMZ’s report that Daniella Kelley took out a restraining order on Ryan Vieth, Tamara Barney’s son.

First the original post from TMZ

The son of Tamra Barney — from Real Housewives of Orange County — was just slapped with a restraining order … and it’s all over a nasty breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

Ryan Vieth used to date Daniella Kelley — his mom’s stylist — but now, according to new court docs … he’s required to stay at least 100 yards away from her and her dog.

Sources close to Daniella tell TMZ, she broke up with Ryan last year — at which point he allegedly launched a campaign to harass her … showing up to her house randomly … and posting incriminating pictures of her on

In the restraining order — initially granted in December — Daniella demands any posts about her on TheDirty be removed from the site.

Both parties agreed to extend the order until August of 2011.

TMZ soon posted this very important message from Ryan’s lawyer.

UPDATE: Ryan’s lawyer wants to make it clear that, “He broke up with HER” — and says the TRO also states Daniella can’t contact Ryan or his family.

Because, you know, he’s got a rep to protect, or something like that. As long as you know that he was the dumper, not the dumpee.
Shortly afterwards, Tamra dialed up her favorite storyweavers over at Radar Online

Tamra looks awesome without all the makeup

Real Housewives of Orange County starTamra Barney has released a statement exclusively to claiming that the woman who obtained a temporary restraining order against her son is a fame-hungry attention seeker.

“It’s heart breaking that this troubled girl who we all cared about and let into our lives is out for her 15 minutes,” Tamra told exclusively of her son’s ex-girlfriend, who was granted an extension to a temporary restraining order last week. “They broke up months ago and they were BOTH ordered to stay away from each other.

Hairstylist Daniella Kelley originally obtained a TRO in December claiming that Tamra’s son,Ryan Vieth, posted explicit pictures of her, stolen from her computer, on the website, which were subsequently ordered to be removed.

On February 3, Kelley applied to have the restraining order extended and that request was granted. The court wants both parties to not contact each other but Tamra charges that Kelley has not abided by the stipulation.

“She continues to contact him any way she can,” Tamra told “Our wholefamily has blocked her from communication and now she is using the media to get attention. I really hope that she can move on and get the help she needs.”

Among her allegations, Kelley claims that Vieth became obsessive and enraged after Kelley called-off their relationship and he then started to stalk her and her roommates, friends and estranged husband too. Vieth’s side denies these allegations.

Kelley told that she now just wants to move on with her life and wishes no “ill will” against Vieth.

Tamra should consider going with another carrier. Whoever she’s with now sure seems to drop the ball on letting unwanted callers get through.

18 Responses to “Fame Whores Everywhere”

  1. Tamra calling someone fame hungry is classic…

  2. Dy said

    I don’t think this chica looks anything like Tamra..This is a really old picture of Ryan.

    They are all fame hungry,anyone one of them would go to an opening of a freakin door.

  3. G-sus said

    @ IMJ You’re not kidding. It did sound as if Tamra was talking about herself there for a minute. Season hasn’t even begun and I don’t know how I am gonna stomach that woman.

    @ Dy Yep, fame-hungry is the right word.

    @ TK Ryan does look like roid-city in that pic, yuck-a-muck. I don’t find anything about him attractive, especially his personality, he’s self-centered like his mom.
    And honestly, who cares who broke up with whom? Isn’t it funny that is what he chose to say in his defense? Not, I didn’t do anything wrong, but “I broke up with her first”. What, is he 17?
    Notice that Tamra did the same thing. I guess when you can’t defend the message, you attack the messenger.

  4. G-Sus.. seriously.. who is a fame whore callin herself the “hotest housewive eva” and calls someone else a fame whore?? I die..

  5. Bryan said

    The peasant like behavior of white trash!!!! all of these people need to move to Florida.

  6. Bryan. I could always rely on you to bring the realness right in our faces. Now some of our peeps.. ROH AND my daughter lives in FL.. what does that mean?? 😉

  7. Dy said

    My daughter and a few other family members live in Florida, very,very nice areas, hmm Bryan 😉

    Tamra saying she is the hottest housewive, doesn’t make her a fame hungry, it just makes her delusional 🙂
    Everyone of these loony freakin tunes that sign up to do these shows are fame hungry,as I said they would all go to an opening of an envelope and do and say just about anything to get there names mentioned in the press.

  8. Dani said

    Ryan looks like he is standing behind a cardboard cutout.

  9. Dy said

    @8 Dani

    LOL..He does..I Remember this picture from a while ago, it’s old like a season or so ago. Whatever, working out isn’t gonna help that poor boy.

  10. Bryan said

    I am of the same belief as Chelsea Handler that all the crazy seems to come out of florida, she often has stories of madness and on white trash behavior that is often set in the land of gators and Disney usually with booking photos to go along with it. Send them ALL there.

    A friend of mine is visiting his sister and her very republican hubby next week they live in west palm beach, I just found out, I knew they had some cash, and they had a boat, he says its a nice place, he never actually said before what part of florida they were it he often talks in riddles.

  11. Bryan said

    Good morning.

  12. Dy said

    Good Morning Everyone 🙂

  13. Dani said

    Morning all.

    Dy – Ryan for sure is channeling his energy in the wrong direction. Remember when Simon was trying to be a father figure to him and Ryan just fought him tooth and nail. Although I am not a big Simon fan, I do believe he was truly trying to give him some moral guidance.

  14. Dy said

    @13 Hi Dani

    Totally agree. Simon’s intentions were all good. He really was trying to help Ryan. I’m not a Simon fan at all, nor am I fan of any of the OC Housewives/husbands/boyfriends. But I always thought Simon was a good father to his children,and step father to Ryan

  15. Dani said

    Dy – I wonder if Ryan is going to be on current season of OC. He has always been Tamra’s cue to start crying. Constant heartache with this son.

  16. Dy said

    Probably Dani..
    I know there is always something going on with Ryan.

  17. Bryan said

    Ryan should end up doing gay for pay porn, he looks like alot of these young guys who get into it.

  18. Nisha said

    Oy vey!

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