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Whats New On TV Tonight? Once Upon A Time, #RHOA, Revenge, Shameless, The Good Wife & The Walking Dead #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 17, 2013

Walking Dead TV

Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

2013 mtvU Woodie Awards  | MTV

Tegan and Sara join forces with Machine Gun Kelly to host the annual awards gala celebrating college students’ favorite music. Slated performers are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Twenty One Pilots and Zedd.

Amazing Race 22  | CBS  Your Tan Is Totally Cool

The race continues in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the teams face a Double U-Turn. Also: One pair receive crushing news.

Austin & Ally  | DISNEY  Partners & Parachutes

Ally decides to focus on her music career now that she’s conquered her stage fright. Meanwhile, Austin becomes unsure about his friendship with Kira.

Cupcake Wars  | FOOD  Aloha Cupcakes

Bakers compete to have their creations served at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in Oahu.

Extreme Homes  | HGTV  Maze, Tank, Chalkboard

Season 3 begins with an assortment of unusual abodes, including a mega-mansion in Las Vegas; a pink house with slopes instead of stairs in the Czech Republic; a private haven hidden behind a maze in Australia; a fisherman’s dream home in Florida; and a residence with chalkboard walls in Belgium.

Once Upon a Time  | ABC  Welcome to Storybrooke

A vengeful Regina is determined to kill Mary Margaret, whom Emma, David and Mr. Gold try to protect. Meanwhile, Henry attempts to rid the land of magic; and in a flashback to Storybrooke’s beginnings, Regina realizes two intruders have arrived in town.

The Bible  | HIST  Hope

Part 3 of 5. The Jews are enslaved in Babylon; Mary is told she will bear a child; and Jesus is born.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta  | BRAVO  He’s Stalking, I’m Walking

Porsha takes a very important test. Elsewhere, NeNe journeys to New York City for a hectic promotional tour for her sitcom; home and business renovations rattle Kandi; nasty chatter and swirling rumors mark Kenya’s life.

The Simpsons  | FOX  Dark Knight Court

Lisa comes to her brother’s defense when Bart is accused of an Easter prank involving the school marching band, the horn section and some rotten eggs. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns seizes the opportunity to realize his lifelong ambition to become a superhero.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Comic Book Men & Archer #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 14, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

American Idol  | FOX  Results Show

One finalist is eliminated in a results show. Bon Jovi and Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips perform.

Community  | NBC  Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

The group try to secure a grant for medical research to get to the bottom of Chang’s amnesia. Abed uses the opportunity to film a documentary, while Jeff becomes suspicious that Chang’s memory loss isn’t quite what it seems.

Impact Wrestling  | SPIKE

Recapping the Jeff Hardy-Bully Ray match at Lockdown. Plus, the return of AJ Styles.

NBA Basketball: Mavericks at Spurs  | TNT  Mavericks at Spurs

Dallas at San Antonio. The Spurs look to finish off a 4-0 sweep of division-rival Dallas after wins by 38, 25 and six points, with Tim Duncan sitting out the last triumph. San Antonio last swept the series in the season prior to Dirk Nowitzki’s arrival (1997-98).

The Big Bang Theory  | CBS  The Closet Reconfiguration

A letter written to the teenage Howard by his father, who had deserted the family years earlier, is uncovered in a closet, and the young man is unsure if he wants to read it. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny host a cocktail party for grown-ups.

The This Old House Hour  | PBS  Essex 2012/13: From Our House to Daryl’s House

Exterior details help bring the outside into the sunroom; the look of the original cottage is revived with parged plaster, salvaged hearth tile and stained quarter-sawn oak floors. Also: visiting Daryl Hall at his antique home and studio. In the second half: installing surge protectors; cutting and shaping rocks for hardscaping projects.

The Vampire Diaries  | CW  Bring It On

Elena returns to high school and joins the cheerleading squad, but when she throws a party out of boredom she gets into a nasty fight. Meanwhile, Klaus tries to use Hayley to get some information he is after; and Damon gives Rebekah some unwanted advice.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Survivor, American Idol, Bostons Finest, Duck Dynasty, Southland & The Americans #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

American Idol  | FOX  Top 10 Perform

The Season 12 finalists deliver songs performed by past “American Idol” winners.

Cousins on Call  | HGTV  Work Hard, Play Harder

The guys remodel a basement for a 10-year-old cancer survivor, giving him a functional and fun headquarters for his Cancer Stinks Children’s Foundation, which he runs with his family.

Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites  | CBS  Persona Non Grata

Brandon suffers a meltdown and begins sabotaging the Favorites camp.

Under Siege: America’s Northern Border  | DSC

Examining efforts to combat gun trafficking and drug smuggling along America’s northern border.

Whitney  | NBC  Nesting

Alex and Whitney celebrate their honeymoon at a lake house owned by Alex’s parents. Yet they’re unexpectedly greeted there by Alex’s father, who reveals flaws in his seemingly perfect marriage. Also: The gang discovers Alex and Whitney’s bizarre habits while staying at their abode.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Celeb Wife Swap, #Justified, #DanceMoms, Hells Kitchen, Body of Proof & Smash #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 12, 2013

njp 013

Eastern – National Listings

7 pm Eastern

E! News  | E!

Nightly reports on breaking entertainment news. Among the first studio shows to be produced by E! Entertainment Television, the weekday series was launched in 1991 as `E! News Daily.’ The renamed `E! News Live’ features a mix of gossip and previews of films and TV programs, along with behind-the-scenes segments. The series also offers red-carpet coverage at premieres and award events, and has an hourlong weekend edition.

8 pm Eastern

Celebrity Wife Swap  | ABC  Gilbert Gottfried/Alan Thicke

Gilbert Gottfried’s wife, who’s grown accustomed to her husband’s frugal ways in their tiny New York City apartment, switches places with Alan Thicke’s spouse, who often throws extravagant dinner parties at their spacious California ranch.

Dance Moms  | LIFE  Camouflaged Maneuvers

The girls struggle to learn a military-inspired group dance; Mackenzie suffers a foot injury; Abby goes on a date with a mysterious man.

Hell’s Kitchen  | FOX  20 Chefs Compete

The 11th season opens with 20 aspiring restaurateurs presenting signature dishes in Las Vegas, where they split into two teams and attempt to impress chef Gordon Ramsay. Later, they settle into their dorms and prepare the first dinner service, which goes badly and results in incomplete dishes being served to patrons.

Pretty Little Liars  | ABCFAM   I’m Your Puppet

Emily wants to help Spencer by proving her wrong. Meanwhile, Spencer researches Mona’s stint in the sanitarium; Aria has doubts about her relationship with Ezra in light of his parental obligations; and Hanna is forced to deal with Caleb’s family drama.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Kitchen Nightmares, Nikita, Shark Tank, Touch, Gold Rush & Banshee #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 1, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

7 pm Eastern

The Reunion  | SHOe | starts at: 7:15

Sam (John Cena) feuds with his two half brothers, but the trio must come together in order to stop some brutal bad guys from ripping off the inheritance they are due after their father dies. Directed by Michael Pavone.

8 pm Eastern

Auction Agent  | HGTV  Mantiques: Sports and Games

A classic pinball machine and some European treasures catch the eye of auctioneer Christie Hatman in the opener of this reality series.

Four Weddings  | TLC  …and a Super Storm

A bride’s guests admire her beehive-shape cake, while another’s are impressed with her pies and rock-star performance. Also: a ceremony threatened by a catastrophic storm; a holiday wedding complete with snow.

Gold Rush  | DSC  Making of the Motherlode

A behind-the-scenes look at the series.

Kitchen Nightmares  | FOX  Mill Street Bistro, Part One

Part 1 of 2. Chef Ramsay visits the Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk, Ohio, where he encounters an inflexible owner with a belligerent attitude.

Last Man Standing  | ABC  Breaking Curfew

Mike plays mind games with Mandy after he sees her sneaking into the house following a late night out with Kyle. Elsewhere, Kristin doesn’t want her son to know that she’s dating his dad again.

Nikita  | CW   With Fire

Nikita learns about a planned terrorist attack from Ari, but he wants $50 million for the information he possesses that could stop the threat and lead to the capture of the person behind it. Meanwhile, Sean grows jealous of Alex and Owen’s relationship.

Tin Cup  | TVGN

Comedy about a talented but aimless golf instructor (Kevin Costner) who enters the U.S. Open in a drive to win the heart of a student (Rene Russo). Romeo: Cheech Marin. Simms: Don Johnson. Co-written and directed by Ron Shelton.

WWE SmackDown  | Syfy

The first Social Media Smackdown features interactive polls, tweets, touts and more. Jerry Lawler hosts.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Kitchen Nightmares, Last Man Standing, Blue Bloods, CSI & Touch #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 22, 2013

Photo: James Good/Flicke

Eastern – National Listings (change location/provider)

8 pm Eastern

Four Weddings  | TLC  …and a Russian Cabaret

One bride’s Parisian-theme wedding is a Francophile’s dream, while another’s sizzles with romance. Also: a Latin-inspired reception; an extravagant Russian cabaret.

Gold Rush Live  | DSC

Executive producer Christo Doyle interviews the miners in Portland, Ore.

Kitchen Nightmares  | FOX  Nino’s Italian Restaurant

Gordon visits Nino’s Italian Restaurant in Long Beach, Cal., where the ownership has changed hands from a likable immigrant couple to their belligerent son.

Last Man Standing  | ABC  Buffalo Bill Day

Outdoor Man celebrates Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with a skit directed by Mike, featuring Ed and Eve in starring roles. Meanwhile, Mandy flirts with Kyle, who remains unaware of her interest in him.

Mindy McCready: Hope to Heartbreak  | E!

The life, career and last days of country singer Mindy McCready (1975-2013) are recalled.

Nikita  | CW  Black Ridge

Amanda frames Sean for the CIA director’s murder, and he is taken into custody, but Nikita vows to free him. Unfortunately, her risky plan could save him or cost him his life.

Undercover Boss  | CBS  O’Neill Clothing

O’Neill Clothing CEO Toby Bost works undercover at his company.

WWE SmackDown  | Syfy

World champ Alberto Del Rio, Big Show and Sheamus are featured.

8:30 pm Eastern

Malibu Country  | ABC | starts at: 8:31  Bowling for Mama

Reba, June and Cash want to come up with a great gift for Lillie Mae’s birthday, but all she wants is for Reba to join an opposing team in her bowling league, and as the competition heats up, it looks as if it might lead to a rumble in the alley.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? American Idol, Zero Hour, Suits, Greys Anatomy, Scandal & #Kathy #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 21, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

American Idol  | FOX   10 Girls Perform

Ten male semifinalists perform in Las Vegas.

Community  | NBC  Conventions of Space and Time

The gang go to InspecTiCon, the annual “Inspector Spacetime” convention, where Abed meets his enthusiastic pen pal, causing a rift between him and Troy. Elsewhere, Annie ditches the convention to relax in the hotel, while Jeff meets an “Inspector Spacetime” fan at a bar.

Impact Wrestling  | SPIKE

World heavyweight champ Jeff Hardy’s foe for Lockdown is declared by Hulk Hogan. Plus, Sting selects who will be on Team TNA to face the Aces & 8s.

NBA Basketball: Heat at Bulls  | TNT  Heat at Bulls

Miami at Chicago. The Bulls powered past Miami 96-89 on Jan. 4, amassing a 48-28 edge in rebounds. Carlos Boozer’s 27 points and 12 rebounds led the way for Chicago.

The Big Bang Theory  | CBS  The Monster Isolation

Koothrappali is put out when his date walks out in the middle of their evening, so he vows that he will forever stay put in his apartment. Meanwhile, Sheldon is quite impressed when he witnesses Penny’s acting skills firsthand.

The This Old House Hour  | PBS  Essex 2012-13: Clam Flats & Lightning Rods

Granite and bluestone are used to finish the barrier-free walk that leads to the house; the standing-seam metal roof is installed, with creative ducting and plumbing minimizing the number of holes that need to go through it. In the second half: installing a ductless heat pump; discussing LED lighting; selecting houseplants for different situations; driving eye screws.

The Vampire Diaries  | CW  Stand by Me

Caroline worries about Elena’s state of mind; Damon gives some somber news to Rebekah and is surprised at her reaction; Bonnie reveals the rest of Shane’s plan.

Zero Hour  | ABC  Face

After a harrowing confrontation with Vincent in the Arctic, Hank and Beck search for the next clock and set their sights on India, where Hank makes a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Arron and Rachel try to find out what happened to the Rose Commandant.

8:30 pm Eastern

Parks and Recreation  | NBC  Leslie and Ben; Correspondents’ Lunch

Leslie and Ben have two hours to complete a yearlong project; at the same time, Ron’s temper gets him in trouble. Later, Leslie is at a loss for words after the speech she prepared for a special event is stolen. Meanwhile, Ben begins his new job at the Sweetums Charity Foundation; and Ann summons the courage to ask an important question.

Two and a Half Men  | CBS | starts at: 8:31  Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries

Walden runs into his ex-wife, Bridget, at a singles event, and their conversation turns to reconciliation, but Alan worries that they’re no longer compatible.

West End Salvage  | HGTV  A Dismal Den Gets an Unusual Update

A family room is redecorated using 100-year-old chalkboards salvaged from a rural schoolhouse and by adding a new surface to an outdated fireplace. Also: A one-of-a-kind wine station is created for a charity auction.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Survivor, American Idol, Law & Order SVU, Supernatural & The Americans #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 20, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

American Idol  | FOX  10 Guys Perform

Ten male semifinalists perform in Las Vegas.

Arrow  | CW  Dodger

Oliver asks detective McKenna on a date; a jewel thief named Dodger hits Starling City and targets someone close to Oliver; a pickpocket named Roy Harper steals Thea’s purse; Moira makes a move against Malcolm.

Cousins on Call  | HGTV  In Too Deep

Newlyweds need expert help after gutting every single room in their newly purchased home.

Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites  | CBS  Honey Badger

Brandon targets Dawn as the one who masterminded Francesca’s elimination and seeks to bring her down. Meanwhile, Phillip assigns undercover identities to members of his alliance.

The Middle  | ABC  Winners and Losers

Frankie worries that Brick will get lost on a class trip to Chicago, and her anxiety prevents her from getting excited about watching the Oscars. Elsewhere, Sue needs to know if Axl’s buddy is interested in her.

Whitney  | NBC  Breaking Dad

Whitney’s father visits and gives her $5000, causing Whitney to think he’s at last changed for the better. Alex recommends that she use the money to rent an art gallery, but Whitney has other ideas.

8:30 pm Eastern

Guys With Kids  | NBC  Rare Breed

Gary struggles to do it all, balancing his responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad with the demands of his new career. Meanwhile, Nick and Emily have trouble locating a toy that makes noise while they are trying to sleep; and Chris and Shelia are concerned after Ernie is held back in playgroup.

The Neighbors  | ABC  Larry Bird Presents an Oscar-Winning Film by Larry Bird

Max and Dick Butkus go head-to-head in the school spelling bee, a competition that Larry and Reggie—who’ve become obsessed with winning an Academy Award—think would make a compelling story for a documentary.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? NCIS, The Taste, Vegas, Dance Moms, Justified, Smash & Body Of Proof #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 19, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers   | NBC

A prankster seeks advice on how to “manscape”; an oldster tries to protect a top-secret document; and a senior offers free hugs to passersby. Appearing: Howie Mandel.

Dual Survival: Untamed   | DSC   Zambia

Joe and Cody dodge hippos and elephants as they search for water and shelter in Zambia.

Hart of Dixie   | CW   The Gambler

Wade prepares for the Battle of the Bands contest and sets his eyes on the prize money, but Zoe’s suggestion that George also participate proves unwise. Elsewhere, Lemon spends the weekend bonding with Magnolia; and Lavon assists Tom with his love life.

NCIS   | CBS   Hereafter

NCIS director Vance, while still mourning his wife’s death, discovers devastating personal information that causes him to question most everything in his life.

Pretty Little Liars   | ABCFAM   Hot Water

The girls look into Det. Wilden’s background, but he finds out and tries to stop them. Meanwhile, Spencer seeks support from a friend.

Raising Hope   | FOX   Arbor Daze

Sabrina is visited by the Ghost of Arbor Day Past, Present and Future in the middle of the night when she clashes with the Chances over their observation of the eco-friendly holiday.

The Taste   | ABC   The Art of the Sandwich

Contestants are challenged to create the perfect sandwich. Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone are the guest judges.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? #RHOBH, 2 Broke Girls, Dallas, The Following, Deception & Castle #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 18, 2013


Eastern – National Listings (change location/provider)

8 pm Eastern

Antiques Roadshow  | PBS  Myrtle Beach

Part 1 of 3 in Myrtle Beach, S.C., features a Joseph Henry Sharp oil painting that’s valued at $400,000. Also: a visit to nearby Brookgreen Gardens highlighting female sculptors of the early 20th century.

Bones  | FOX  The Friend in Need

The remains of a 15-year-old boy are the subject of an investigation that begins to paint an unflattering portrait of the teen, who is initially remembered as being smart though socially awkward, but is ultimately linked to illegal behavior and allegations of rape. Meanwhile, Finn wonders if he should tell Cam that her daughter is in town for the weekend.

Continuum  | Syfy  Time’s Up

Liber8 decide to rebrand their image; Kiera races to save the CEO of a petrochemical company.

Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up  | DSC

Richard and Aaron look back on the first episode from the series; and host a party to celebrate the new season.

How I Met Your Mother  | CBS  The Ashtray

Ted gets a weird and surprising call from the Captain, which launches the gang into a series of recollections about the last perplexing encounter they had with him.

Love & Hip Hop  | VH1  Ain’t Always About the Dollaz

Rich sets terms regarding Erica’s career; tension heightens between Kaylin and Tahiry; and Cons defends Jen.

Pair of Kings  | DISXD  Long Live the Kings Parts 1 & 2

Kinkow’s most feared evil warrior, Kaita the Mummy, returns, and the kings learn that Kaita was responsible for their father’s death.

Switched at Birth  | ABCFAM  Drive in the Knife

Daphne and Travis quarrel, while Bay and Noah’s romance thrives. Elsewhere, Toby becomes intrigued by a new girl who’s working as a volunteer for his dad’s campaign.

The Bachelor  | ABC

Sean visits the hometowns of the final four bachelorettes. One woman is eliminated.

The Biggest Loser  | NBC  Be Yourself

The players work together to lose 70 pounds in order to win immunity for all; the kid participants are tested in a pop challenge; a sand-digging challenge offers a weigh-in advantage; the trainers and players participate in a team-building exercise; Subway’s Jared Fogle offers words of wisdom; and Jillian and the kids endorse Seventeen magazine’s “Body Peace Treaty.”

The Carrie Diaries  | CW  Endgame

Carrie struggles to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, so she asks for Mouse’s assistance. Elsewhere, Maggie dines with Walt’s family and begins to worry about her future; and Sebastian’s mom goes on a holiday getaway with her beau, leaving her son behind.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  | BRAVO  White Party Pooper

Kim celebrates her post-surgery nose by throwing a backyard party, yet dramas unfold when Taylor says she’ll be a no-show. Then, Kyle hosts a party, where a confrontation ensues about a purported lawsuit against Brandi.

WWE Monday Night Raw  | USA

A recap of “Elimination Chamber,” featuring The Rock.

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Whats New On TV Tonight? Glee, Big Bang Theory, Zero Hour, Scandal, Glee & Greys Anatomy #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 14, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

American Idol | FOX Hollywood Round, Part 4

The Top 40 singers are revealed when the Hollywood round comes to a close.

Community | NBC Paranormal Parentage

The gang wander through Pierce’s eerie mansion on Halloween in order to free him from his locked panic room. While looking for the code to open the room, the gang uncover some of the house’s secrets.

Impact Wrestling | SPIKE

Jeff Hardy’s challengers for the world heavyweight championship are narrowed down through four matches booked by Hulk Hogan. Also, contestants from the “British Boot Camp” series will be in action.

Moonshiners: Secret Summit – Full Proof | DSC

NBA Basketball: Heat at Thunder | TNT Heat at Thunder

Miami at Oklahoma City. The Heat held off OKC 103-97 on Christmas Day in a technical-foul-filled rematch of last season’s Finals. LeBron James compiled 29 points and nine assists, while Kevin Durant scored a game-high 33 for the Thunder.

The Big Bang Theory | CBS The Tangible Affection Proof

Leonard arranges a magical Valentine’s Day dinner date for Penny, but the magic doesn’t last after a squabbling Howard and Bernadette join them and Penny’s ex turns up at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sheldon assigns his research assistant to find a Valentine’s Day present for Amy, while Raj talks Stuart into having a holiday party at the comic-book store.

The This Old House Hour | PBS Essex 2012-13: Cottage Style

Geothermal bore holes are filled and grouted; shingles are woven around a corner for a cottage look; custom PVC window trim is milled and installed. In the second half: harvesting corn; insulating ductwork; and maintaining clothes washers and dryers.

The Vampire Diaries | CW Down the Rabbit Hole

A stunning piece of information about the cure is revealed, and it raises the stakes for everyone. Meanwhile, Damon has an ugly encounter with one of the five hunters; and Shane is comforted by a woman from his past.

West End Salvage | HGTV Don Short and the Crew at West End Salvage Use Reclaimed Goods to Make Over a Boring Master

A reality series about a salvage business in Des Moines, Iowa, follows owner Don Short and his team as they take old items from their 50,000-square-foot warehouse and turn them into home decor for clients. In the series opener, a bedroom is transformed using barn wood, a reclaimed pocket door and tin-ceiling tiles.

Zero Hour | ABC Strike

Paranormal aficionado Hank Galliston is drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy with apocalyptic implications in this series, which begins with the kidnapping of Hank’s wife from her antique clock shop by a man who’s searching for an ancient treasure map and may be linked to the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

8:30 pm Eastern

Parks and Recreation | NBC Emergency Response

Plans to raise money for the park at a black-tie gala get thrown off track when Leslie is forced to take part in a citywide emergency-response drill. Meanwhile, Andy prepares to take the police-academy exam, and Ron fills in for Leslie on “Pawnee Today.”

Two and a Half Men | CBS | starts at: 8:31 Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby

Walden pleads with Kate to give their romance another shot when he’s lonely on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Alan’s holiday with Lyndsey doesn’t proceed as he’d hoped.

West End Salvage | HGTV Blah Basement Gets a Beauty Boost

A basement gets turned into a space for entertaining, complete with a media center made out of old oak tables. Also: Don and the team are hired to create memory vignettes for a nursing home.

9 pm Eastern

Beauty and the Beast | CW Trust No One

Alex’s trustworthiness is called into question by Cat and Vincent. Meanwhile, Evan makes a surprising discovery about the woman he’s dating.

Comic Book Men | AMC The Clash at the Stash

In order for the guys to attend a costumed mixed-martial-arts competition, the store agrees to sell an independent comic book, while Walt picks up some pairs of themed underwear.

Glee | FOX I Do

Will and Emma get married on Valentine’s Day. Former and current members of New Directions reunite in Lima to celebrate the nuptials.

Grey’s Anatomy | ABC Hard Bargain

The hospital’s dire financial problems jeopardize a pricey, lifesaving surgery for a child. Meanwhile, Alex and Jo team up to help an infant; and April turns to Jackson for advice on her love life.

Person of Interest | CBS | starts at: 9:01 Booked Solid

Reese and Finch try to save a hotel maid’s life, but the number of suspects proves to be overwhelming. Meanwhile, Carter gets an offer to join the FBI.

Project Runway | LIFE The Ultimate Hard and Soft

The designers must fashion clothes from hard and soft materials. Included: The teams are hit with a twist. Bette Midler and fashion blogger Leandra Medine are the guest judges.

Swamp People | HIST Swamp Invaders

Troy is challenged to a bet in the Season 4 opener. Later, a hunter wrestles a gator.

The Office | NBC Moving On

Pam tries to land a job in Philadelphia and has an interview with a strangely familiar manager. Meanwhile, Dwight goes on a quest to clean his aging aunt.

9:30 pm Eastern

Anger Management | FX Charlie and Deception Therapy

Charlie uses a placebo pill to try to help a patient control his anger issues.

Freakshow | AMC Two-Headed Bearded Dragon Birthday

A chronicle of life at California’s Venice Beach Freakshow, a repository for unique performers, creatures and artifacts, begins with proprietor Todd trying to recruit a living giant and a bearded lady and get them to participate in a birthday party for the two-headed bearded dragon.

10 pm Eastern

Archer | FX Vicious Coupling

Archer’s former fiancée asks him to help her cyborg boyfriend, who is trapped in outer space.

Bellator MMA | SPIKE Bellator 89

Eduardo Dantas vs. Marcos Galvao in a bantamweight main event in Charlotte. Middleweight quarterfinals include Parlo-Aliev; Spang-Marshall; Cooper-Paraisy; and Rogers-Cramer.

Big Rig Bounty Hunters | HIST Tracked

A classified shipment and stolen laptops are searched for in the opener of this series following trackers who pursue missing cargo trucks.

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell | FOOD The Gastro Pub

Anne looks for a chef who can create cutting-edge cuisine for a gastropub in Massachusetts. Tests include making a dish to be paired with a beer; and cooking a live lobster.

Elementary | CBS | starts at: 10:01 Details

Holmes investigates after someone attacks Detective Bell. The case takes an unexpected twist when the chief suspect is found dead. Meanwhile, Sherlock encourages Watson to learn self-defense.

House Hunters | HGTV Charles and Jay Look for a Mid-Century Home With a View in the Oakland Hills

A couple concerned about earthquakes move from San Francisco to Oakland Hills, Cal., where they search for a mid-century modern home that isn’t built on stilts and has a view of the bay.

Immortalized | AMC Size Matters

A reality series in which a professional taxidermist competes against a challenger begins with a theme of “Size Matters.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | COMEDY Frank’s Back in Business

Frank helps his old company complete a merger. Meanwhile, the gang gets caught up in a case of mistaken identity.

Kathy | BRAVO

ASAP Rocky; Danny Brown.

King of the Nerds | TBS High IQ’s

The nerds’ intelligence, teamwork and athleticism are tested. Also: Close friends are challenged in a bittersweet showdown.

Moonshiners: Tickle’s Guide to Love | DSC

Love advice is offered by Tickle and Jim Tom.

Ridiculousness | MTV

Pauly D helps break down outrageous viral videos in the third-season premiere.

Scandal | ABC | starts at: 10:02 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Fitz is unsure about whom he can trust. Meanwhile, Olivia meets a charming stranger, but she also can’t deny that her chemistry with Fitz still exists when she’s forced to be near him; and Olivia’s team work on the same side as David for the first time.

Suits | USA Normandy

Dana resurfaces and causes problems for Harvey and Jessica in their battle against Hardman.

The First 48 | A&E Update Special: Into the Woods

An update on the case of a 17-year-old girl who was shot to death in Katy, Texas.

What Not to Wear | TLC Casey D.

A transgender woman seeks a style that accentuates her inner female.

10:30 pm Eastern

Failosophy | MTV

Comedians Nicole Byer, Mike Cannon and Jared Freid discuss unfortunate self shots in the opener of this series, which breaks down some of the most outrageous fails found on the Web.

House Hunters International | HGTV Battling Between Old World Charm and Modern Convenience in Beverley, England

A man and his fiancée leave Chicago and move to the country town of Beverley, England, to pursue a career opportunity and search for a home that has the old-world charm he desires, mixed with the modern conveniences that she wants.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | COMEDY Charlie Rules the World

The gang develops an unhealthy obsession with video games.

Legit | FX | starts at: 10:31 Justice

Jim, Steve and Billy appear in court to recall a break-in at their house.

NBA Basketball: Clippers at Lakers  | TNT  Clippers at Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers are up 2-0 in the season series with their Staples Center rivals, winning 107-102 on Jan. 4. Chris Paul had 30 points and 13 assists, 11 of which coming on lay-ups or dunks.

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