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Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 25, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

7 pm Eastern

E! News  | E!

Nightly reports on breaking entertainment news. Among the first studio shows to be produced by E! Entertainment Television, the weekday series was launched in 1991 as `E! News Daily.’ The renamed `E! News Live’ features a mix of gossip and previews of films and TV programs, along with behind-the-scenes segments. The series also offers red-carpet coverage at premieres and award events, and has an hourlong weekend edition.

8 pm Eastern

Antiques Roadshow  | PBS  Myrtle Beach

Conclusion. In Myrtle Beach, S.C., items include an 1884 Courier & Ives print; a Pennsylvania folk art whirligig; and a 1936 first edition of “Gone With the Wind” that’s appraised at $12,000-$15,000. Also: an important 19th-century blockade rifle is discussed during a visit to the Waccamaw River.

Bones  | FOX  The Blood From the Stones

An undercover police officer who was investigating ATM robberies is murdered and found with a bag of diamonds inside his mutilated body. Meanwhile, Brennan’s stiff personality is no asset when she’s the subject of a documentary commissioned to raise money for the Jeffersonian.

Dancing With the Stars  | ABC

The second week of performances includes the jive, quickstep and jazz.

Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up  | DSC  Stung By a ’67 Corvette Stingray

Richard and Aaron visit Vegas; Richard engages in a tough negotiation.

How I Met Your Mother  | CBS  The Time Travelers

Futuristic doppelgängers of Barney and Ted try to persuade them to attend a Robots vs. Wrestlers competition. Meanwhile, Marshall and Robin engage in a dance-off.

Love & Hip Hop  | VH1  With or Without You?

Rich comes to a realization that a love triangle has come to an end. Elsewhere, Mendeecees and Yandy’s family pursue an endeavor that may tear them apart.

The Carrie Diaries  | CW  Identity Crisis

Carrie happily pretends to be Larissa, but it’s not as much fun as she anticipated. Meanwhile, Walt must confront a truth about himself; Sebastian and Maggie hide something from Carrie; and Tom doesn’t find peace in a meditation class.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  | BRAVO  Finale

In the Season 3 finale, Lisa anticipates renewing her vows while her housewarming party takes a quick downhill course. Here, Faye picks a fight with Lisa, Kyle’s loyalty is questioned, Kim and Kyle clash, and Adrienne arrives in tears.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager  | ABCFAM  It’s a Miracle

Omar asks for Adrian’s hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Ben realizes he may have been wrong about his first love; Amy and Ricky open up to Dr. Fields; a restless Jack wants Grace’s assistance; and George and David talk about Robie’s paternity.

The Voice  | NBC  The Blind Auditions Premiere

The blind auditions kick off in the Season 4 opener. Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton are the season’s coaches.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide  | TLC  A Five-Star Resort

In an enhanced episode, Becky opens a pool to bring the trailer-park residents together.

WWE Monday Night Raw  | USA Featured: The Rock; Undertaker; CM Punk; and John Cena.

8:30 pm Eastern

Chasing the Saturdays  | E!  #SatsForever

Season 1 ends with the Saturdays promoting the release of their album during TV appearances and with a concert in New York. Amidst their busy schedule, Rochelle takes an unexpected trip home, leaving the band uncertain about their future.

Crash & Bernstein  | DISXD  Crashlemania

Wyatt, Crash and Pesto join the school’s wrestling team.

Rules of Engagement  | CBS  Catering

Brenda gets Jeff and Audrey to help cater an event at Columbia University. Audrey tries to impress the attendees, but it’s Jeff’s bartending skills that wow the crowd. Meanwhile, Russell enthusiastically embraces Timmy’s Bollywood culture.

9 pm Eastern

180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School  | PBS

Part 1 of 2. Chronicling a year at Washington Metropolitan High School in Washington, D.C., an inner-city school where, on any school day, about half of the students don’t show up. Second-year principal Tanishia Williams Minor features in the documentary, which also delves into the lives of students. One moved from New Orleans to D.C. with her family after Hurricane Katrina; another is a veteran of foster care; and another, who achieves good grades, may not be able to afford college.

2 Broke Girls  | CBS   And the Big Hole

Han fires Caroline when she insults his diner, so Max tries to mend their relationship.

Being Human  | Syfy  If I Only Had Raw Brain

Josh encounters a vampire stripper as he and Nora search for Donna in hopes that she can put an end to the curse that’s affecting Sally. Meanwhile, Aidan tries to make good on his promise to Kenny.

Black Ink Crew  | VH1  Dropping the “M” Bomb

Dutchess tries to make amends at the shop and apologizes for her bad behavior while explaining a health condition. Elsewhere, Alex reveals her frustrations to her old tattoo artist.

Dallas  | TNT  Guilt & Innocence

The Ewings divide when it’s suspected that Christopher’s technology caused a disaster. Elsewhere, Sue Ellen enlists an old friend for help as Bobby strives to keep the family together; Pamela’s mother returns to Dallas; and Emma draws closer to Drew, who in turn faces a dark secret.

Fast N’ Loud  | DSC  Trials of a T-Bird

A ’58 Corvette and a ’65 Thunderbird are featured.

Lab Rats  | DISXD  Robot Fight Club

Chase and Leo build a robot for a battle bot competition, but Davenport tries to defeat them with his own creation.

Love It or List It  | HGTV  House of Walls

A couple complain that their suburban home is too small, has too many walls and needs a second shower. They also want Hilary to fix their damp basement and to create a proper storage space for wine.

Storage Wars  | A&E  Nobody’s Vault But Mine

Part 1 of 2. The buyers visit Chatsworth, Cal.

The Following  | FOX   Guilt

Joe sends two followers to capture Claire; Jacob’s reunion with Emma is less than ideal; someone from Ryan’s past reenters his life.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  | BRAVO  Reunion Part 1

Part 1 of 2. The 90210 ladies regroup for a reunion. Among the dramas: Adrienne’s decision not to attend the proceedings sparks controversy; Taylor makes an admission; and Lisa and Kyle’s dicey relationship is addressed. Andy Cohen hosts.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide  | TLC | starts at: 9:10  All Tangulled Up

In an enhanced episode, Tangulls, the trailer park’s beauty salon, is forced to close; Taylor and Jessica’s relationship becomes even more volatile; and the Darlin’ Dogs owners try to save their hot-dog business.

9:30 pm Eastern

Mike & Molly  | CBS  Spring Break

Molly joins Victoria and her junior-college friends on a spring-fling getaway, while Mike works the Captain for some overtime assignments to earn some extra cash.

Storage Wars  | A&E  Still Nobody’s Vault But Mine

Conclusion. The buyers visit Chatsworth, Cal.

10 pm Eastern

Bates Motel  | A&E  Nice Town You Picked, Norma…

Dylan causes trouble at home.

Black Ink Crew  | VH1  Family First

Ceaser creates a memorial tattoo for the woman who brought him up in the tattoo world, but she sounds off about his relationship with Dutchess. Meanwhile, Alex and Dutchess meet at last.

Castle  | ABC | starts at: 10:02  The Wild Rover

A murder investigation leads to an Irish crime family Ryan knows from his days as an undercover cop, so he steps back into his old role to help solve the case, complicating his relationship with his wife in the process.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives  | FOOD  Real Deal Roots

A Jewish deli in Toronto takes an old-school approach to smoking meats and preparing knish; and in Los Angeles, a food truck infuses Singaporean flavors into their chili crab cake and lamb burger.

Hawaii Five-0  | CBS   Hoa Pili (Close Friend)

Five-0 investigates when a tour company that is endangering the local shark population receives deadly threats. Meanwhile, Kamekona tries to earn his helicopter pilot’s license.

House Hunters  | HGTV  A Singer and Her Husband Relocate to Austin’s Music Scene

An aspiring singer-songwriter and her husband move from Southern California to Austin to pursue her career. Their home search finds them disagreeing over whether to buy something Victorian in the heart of downtown, or something more modern near a lake. Either way, it needs a music studio for her, and an office for him.

LA Shrinks  | BRAVO  The Naked Truth

A client and her husband storm out of Dr. Eris’ session. On the home front, Dr. Eris sees a plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, Dr. V takes a homophobic client to a gay club and also continues helping a couple add spark to their relationship; Dr. Greg treats a prejudiced client.

Lost Girl  | Syfy  Delinquents

Bo receives news that’s difficult to accept; at the same time, she, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at an urban camp for at-risk youth in an effort to nab a Fae serial killer who seems to be targeting the kids. Elsewhere, Tasmin encounters a blast from the past.

Monday Mornings  | TNT  Truth or Consequences

The surgeons are left conflicted when Monday’s conference features a guest doctor detailing how a careless mistake killed a young patient. Elsewhere, Sydney and Villanueva treat a young man who attempted suicide; and Mark Ridgeway returns to avenge Ty and Tina’s adultery.

Revolution  | NBC | starts at: 10:01  The Stand

Miles leads the rebels away from Philadelphia to escape Monroe’s helicopters and machine guns; Rachel attempts to redeem herself by providing power to the rebels; romance sparks between Miles and Nora.

Teen Mom 2  | MTV   Fall to Pieces

Kailyn loses her cool with Javi; Gary and Jenelle get back together; and Leah makes wedding plans.

The Devils Ride  | DSC  War Crimes

Danny Boy targets local drug dealers.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide  | TLC | starts at: 10:18  Day of Our Trailer Park Lives

In an enhanced episode, Jared finds a job at a miniature-golf course; Darlin’ Dogs employee Amanda moves into the park; and a discovery in Taylor and Jessica’s trailer sparks a debate among the residents.

10:30 pm Eastern

After Lately  | E!  Hey Tay-Shón, It’s Me Chelsea

House Hunters International  | HGTV  Till Death Do Us Part, in Stuttgart, Germany

An opera singer from Pittsburgh and her new husband move to Stuttgart, Germany, to pursue a career opportunity. They search for an apartment that’s both quiet and close to public transportation.

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