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#RHOB Kim Richards Is Not SANE!! I LOVE TURTLES!!! I Know.. Its Crazy.. #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 22, 2013

Kim I love turltes

Well.. we have Kim Richards of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”.. just another side kick to Kyle Richards kick stand.  Kim has not disappointed and gave us some hello kitty to turtles.  I have no idea why Kim is so enamored with turtles except for the fact that she was humoring her sister on the outlandish turtle “Faye Resnick” turtle display on her wall?  Maybe..


Have you seen  Seriously folks.. that hair looks like she slept on the plane with her one hand holding up her one side of her head and the impression never left.  Believe me folks.. I get it.

But mostly.. WHY didn’t anyone tell Kim her about her jacked up hair??  Is no one really being a friend at all?   And lord have mercy.. lets look at the dress.  I think the whole cast was not loving this girl.. PAHLEASE!!!

Kim crazy dress

Ok.. looking at this beast.. who knows!  All I know is that Kim Richards is still hanging onto this turtle thing and making shirts so sell, promising turtle shells for the weak.. who knows!  But we have this.. Via Kim Richards Twitter..   I guess we all want to know how crazy she is?  Bring it Kim.. Its more pudding for the cake.. 😉

I love turtles!

 Well you have to love this girl. She is pretty dedicated to what makes her nutz.  SHE LOVES TURTLES!!!

One big question.. if she was truly a Marlin fisherman or really an open water diver.. WHY the hell did she suck at “Stars In Danger”?????  Anyone?



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