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Whats New On TV Tonight? Dance Moms, Hell’s Kitchen, NCIS, Splash, New Girl, Twisted & Body of Proof #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 19, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers  | NBC

A senior brings his own organ donation in a cooler to a food court; a prankster’s “wife” is actually a blow-up doll; an elderly woman asks for help in writing an erotic book; and a woman swigs beer at a grocery store.

Dance Moms  | LIFE  The Apple of Her Eye

Abby and the dancers prepare a number that is a tribute to Rosa Parks. Meanwhile, Mackenzie becomes an Internet sensation with her makeup tutorials.

Dual Survival: Untamed  | DSC  California Mountains

Drastic temperature changes cause trouble for Cody and Joe in the mountains of Northern California.

Hell’s Kitchen  | FOX  19 Chefs Compete

The 19 remaining chefs participate In a physical challenge involving lobsters. Later, two contestants from each team head into the elimination round after a disappointing dinner service.

Inside the Actors Studio  | BRAVO  Tina Fey

Comic actress and writer Tina Fey traces her career in an interview with host James Lipton.

NCIS  | CBS   Seek

The wife of a marine, who specialized in K-9 bomb detection, urges the NCIS team to investigate her husband’s recent death in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Vance asks for the team’s help as he interviews nannies.

Pretty Little Liars  | ABCFAM  A dAngerous gAme

In the third-season finale, Spencer returns home and claims she’s fine, but her friends have doubts about whether she’s fully recovered. Meanwhile, surprising revelations surface.

Splash  | ABC 

Five contestants hit the pool in the opener of this reality series, in which celebrities face off in a diving competition.

Target Presents the IHeartRadio Album Release Party With Justin Timberlake  | CW

Justin Timberlake discusses his 2013 album “The 20/20 Experience” and performs in concert at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

8:30 pm Eastern

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers  | NBC

Two seniors seek a rave party; a lady prankster flirts with men during a bachelorette party; an oldster proposes to his girlfriend; an elderly man offers free tickets to Hawaii. Also: A hiking spot features a finish line.

9 pm Eastern

19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia  | TLC  Kyoto, Japan

Part 2 of the Duggars’ three-part trip to Asia features an appearance on a morning-TV show in Tokyo, followed by a visit to Kyoto, where the boys receive samurai lessons and the girls get fitted for kimonos.

Dancing With the Stars: Exclusive First Look  | ABC

Highlights from the 16th-season opener. Also: backstage footage and interviews.

Face Off  | Syfy  Alien Apocalypse

The final four contestants are given a challenge revolving around the Syfy series “Defiance.”

Go On  | NBC  Go for the Gold Watch

Although his radio show is tops in the ratings, Ryan still can’t find personal happiness. He pursues inner peace by trying to romantically connect Danny and Sonia, but she has eyes for someone else. Elsewhere, Owen and Anne explore quirky Mr. K’s house.

How We Invented the World  | DSC  Mobile Phones

Examining the development of mobile phones.

Income Property  | HGTV  Cop and Paramedic Invest

Scott offers advice to a cop and a paramedic.

NCIS: Los Angeles  | CBS  Red: Part One

Part 1 of 2. Callen and Sam fly to Idaho and join forces with NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live together and investigate crimes in various locations, when a murder weapon found there matches one used in a national security case in Los Angeles.

New Girl  | FOX  Quick Hardening Caulk

Jess admits how she feels about Nick, but soon after coming clean, she learns that he may have been hiding something. Elsewhere, Schmidt becomes preoccupied with buying a fish; and Nick tries to impress his boss by planning a promotion at the bar.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen  | FX  The Wild Card

Two preliminary losers face off in the wild-card match; the teams unite for a Thanksgiving feast; a fighter calls out a competitor for the quarterfinals before Dana announces the matchups.

Top Gear  | HIST  Mammoth Mountain

The guys drive SUVs through rugged terrain.

Twisted  | ABCFAM  Pilot

In the series premiere of this drama, a teen who served time in a juvenile-detention center returns home and reconnects with his close friends, but soon he finds himself a suspect in a classmate’s death.

9:30 pm Eastern

The Mindy Project  | FOX  Mindy’s Birthday

Mindy has a terrible birthday when her friends and coworkers accidentally screw up her party, but things go from bad to worse when she winds up in a fight with a new group of revelers she just happened to meet. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy both have their eye on Mindy’s friend.

The New Normal  | NBC  Blood, Sweat and Fears

Bryan proposes using natural childbirth for the baby’s delivery, but a classroom video may change his mind. Meanwhile, Goldie searches for new retail space for her clothing business, and Rocky faces her maternal insecurities.

10 pm Eastern

Body of Proof  | ABC | starts at: 10:01  Eye for an Eye

While investigating a double murder committed by a vigilante killer, Megan questions a grief counselor who offers his services to help with issues concerning her father’s suicide.

Chopped  | FOOD  Redemption Intention

Four former runners-up return to compete. In the appetizer round, they are given a precooked protein and a slimy sea creature as ingredients; and for entrées, they must use poultry tongue and pineapple.

Cougar Town  | TBS  Saving Grace

The cul-de-sac crew join a dodgeball league, but Andy’s strategy sparks a dustup with a group of preadolescents. Meanwhile, Grayson ignites a religious debate when he sighs during Jules’ prayer; and Travis and Andy play second fiddles to Bobby’s new tomboy friend.

Golden Boy  | CBS | starts at: 10:01  Vicious Cycle

Owen takes a special interest in a murder investigation when the victim, an airport supervisor, also turns out to be the brother of a confidential informant who was killed a few years ago. Meanwhile, Clark’s newly sober mother shows up wanting to reconnect with her children, but Clark is hesitant to let her.

How We Invented the World  | DSC  Skyscrapers

Examining the evolution of skyscrapers.

Justified  | FX  Decoy

Boyd teams with the Detroit mob to try to stop Raylan and Drew Thompson from leaving Harlan.

Little People, Big World  | TLC  Conquering Mount St. Helens

A restless Amy attempts to climb Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Meanwhile, Matt plans a surprise for Amy by building a schoolhouse.

Preachers’ Daughters  | LIFE  Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Olivia gets the results of a paternity test; Taylor lies to her parents and attends a party with boys; Kolby’s sister Teryn makes a shocking confession.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel  | HBOe

Segments include a visit with Mike Tyson, who is touring the country in a one-man show; a profile of transgender athlete Gabrielle Ludwig, who played college hoops as both a man and woman; and a visit with Olympic hurdler-turned bobsledder Lolo Jones.

Robot Combat League  | Syfy  The Fight of Your Life

Round 1 of the tournament concludes as Steam Punk takes on Medieval.

Smash  | NBC  Musical Chairs

Karen, Tom, Julia and Derek adapt to a new environment, where clashes arise. Meanwhile, pressure mounts at “Liaisons”; and Katie’s assistance leads Eileen to discover how to salvage “Bombshell.”

Snooki & JWoww  | MTV  I’m a Good Fiancé and I’m a Mom!

Jionni and Roger celebrate fatherhood.

The Millionaire Matchmaker  | BRAVO  Patti Meets Her Mate

Patti’s clients are a lesbian private chef and a stoic businessman. On the personal front, Patti seeks her biological mother and also begins dating a man she met online.

World’s Worst Tenants  | SPIKE  Motel California

Todd takes Rick and Randye on a ghost hunt to a house that was the scene of a homicide; later, they deal with a tipsy tenant at a Hollywood motel.

10:30 pm Eastern

House Hunters International  | HGTV  Anticipating a New Home in Antigua

A woman from California moves her family to Antigua to be with her husband who’s attending medical school there. As they search for homes, the challenge is to find a place that has the amenities they want at a price they can afford.

The Jeselnik Offensive  | COMEDY

Brett Gelman and Andy Kindler are the guests.

Urban Tarzan  | SPIKE  Loaded Chimp

A wild-animal relocation specialist and his assistant capture critters running wild in Los Angeles. In the opener, the guys tangle with a gun-toting chimp and corral a bull terrorizing people in a corn maze. Later, they deal with a 300-pound alligator that’s been dumped in a woman’s pool by her estranged husband


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