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Whats New On TV Tonight? The World According To Dick Cheney, Kitchen Nightmares, Grimm & Touch #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 15, 2013


Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

Centric’s Comedy All-Stars  | BET

Bill Bellamy and Anthony Anderson host this stand-up comedy showcase. Also: George Wallace receives a lifetime-achievement award.

Fashion Star  | NBC  Sex Sells

The designers must showcase their sexiest garment. Included: An unfinished item is presented on the runway; and one contestant sparks a bidding war.

Four Weddings  | TLC

New Orleans-style weddings feature Mardi Gras Indians; king cakes and a second-line band; and a French Quarter-theme reception. Also: wedding vows in a castle.

Kitchen Nightmares  | FOX   Yanni’s

Chef Ramsay visits a family-owned Greek restaurant in Seattle, where the owner has refused to adapt to a changing neighborhood demographic and a reduction in business.

Last Man Standing  | ABC  The Fight

Bill McKendree taunts Mike and his family at a baseball game, and Ryan impresses Mike with how he handles the situation. Elsewhere, Mandy is deprived of modern technology, so she resorts to using an old ham radio and makes some faraway friends.

Nikita  | CW  The Life We’ve Chosen

Amanda holds Alex hostage and wants to exchange her for Ari. Meanwhile, Alex befriends a fellow prisoner and promises to break them both out the jail. Unfortunately, her plans conflict with Nikita’s rescue attempt.

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex  | DISNEY

Alex conjures a spell that inadvertently splits her into a good and an evil version of herself. When she visits Italy with her family, evil Alex falls under the influence of a devious wizard who wants to take over the world.

WWE SmackDown  | Syfy

Featured: Ryback vs. Mark Henry.

Yukon Men: Revealed  | DSC  Hell Freezes Over

Tempers flare as the villagers prepare for winter.

8:30 pm Eastern

Malibu Country  | ABC | starts at: 8:31  New Plans

Reba thinks her music career is about to take off when she finally gets to meet Mr. Bata in person, but her hopes take a hit when she learns that he wants her to write commercial jingles. Meanwhile, Sage changes his mind about applying to Stanford because he doesn’t want to be away from June, and he’s decided to pursue a music career.

9 pm Eastern

Cult  | CW  Get With the Program

Jeff and Skye meet a man who finds and deprograms cult members. Later, Kelly locates Professor Patrick at Billy’s compound.

Flea Market Flip  | HGTV  The Battle of the Green Chaise

Season 2 begins with good friends competing against sweethearts; and one of the teams takes a gamble by trying to redo and flip a chaise lounge.

Gravity Falls  | DISNEY  The Deep End

Mabel befriends a cute merman who gets trapped in the deep end of a public swimming pool. Meanwhile, Dipper volunteers at the pool so he can work alongside of Wendy.

Grimm  | NBC   Natural Born Wesen

A group of Wesen break a sacred code of honor by robbing banks while using their true natures as disguises. Elsewhere, Juliette questions her sanity as her lost memories start to come back.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta  | TLC  Country Girls Do Bridal Best

Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron is accompanied by her aunts at her fitting; a bride wants a dress to match her cowgirl boots; a bride’s mother has the final say on her dress—since she’s paying for it.

The World According to Dick Cheney  | SHOe

A profile of controversial political figure Dick Cheney.

Touch  | FOX  Ghosts

Martin seeks help from Dutch, an old friend and Navy SEAL, at Breakwire, but a stormy night grows darker when a power outage coincides with Guillermo’s arrival, forcing Jake to depend on his ability to communicate with Amelia like never before.

Yukon Men  | DSC  Tough Choices

Charlie and Bob battle a vicious wolverine.

9:30 pm Eastern

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta  | TLC  Rolling With the Punches

A roller-derby bride trades her shorts for an elegant wedding gown; a Southern belle battles her mom over the appropriate dress for the occasion.

10 pm Eastern

Bering Sea Gold  | DSC  Gold Stress

Daryl loses his air; Zeke tries to cheat Emily.

Best Week Ever  | VH1

Included: Angelina Jolie; Britney Spears on tour; “America’s Next Top Model”; hip-hop juices; Farnsworth Bentley; career advice for Ashley Judd; and WrestleMania XX.

Blue Bloods  | CBS  No Regrets

Tragedy links seemingly random victims, and Danny tries to find a common thread among the cases. Elsewhere, Frank’s old buddy displays signs of alcoholism, so Frank helps him deal with it.

Fashion Police  | E!

Guests include Laila Ali, Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez.

Real Time With Bill Maher  | HBOe

Former Washington, D.C., public-schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and chef Tom Colicchio are the interview guests. Panelists: economist Jared Bernstein; former Virginia representative Tom Davis; MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Something Borrowed, Something New  | TLC

A picky bride has no problem ruling dresses out, but can’t seem to find one she likes, though her mother holds out hope that she’ll choose a sentimental favorite sent from Taiwan.

10:30 pm Eastern

House Hunters International  | HGTV  Coming of Age in Paris, France

A 22-year-old leaves her small New York town to attend graduate school in Paris, where she’s hoping to buy an apartment in a hip part of the city.

The Jenny McCarthy Show  | VH1

Music guest: Fun Lovin’ Criminals.


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