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Whats New On TV Tonight? Celeb Wife Swap, #Justified, #DanceMoms, Hells Kitchen, Body of Proof & Smash #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 12, 2013

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Eastern – National Listings

7 pm Eastern

E! News  | E!

Nightly reports on breaking entertainment news. Among the first studio shows to be produced by E! Entertainment Television, the weekday series was launched in 1991 as `E! News Daily.’ The renamed `E! News Live’ features a mix of gossip and previews of films and TV programs, along with behind-the-scenes segments. The series also offers red-carpet coverage at premieres and award events, and has an hourlong weekend edition.

8 pm Eastern

Celebrity Wife Swap  | ABC  Gilbert Gottfried/Alan Thicke

Gilbert Gottfried’s wife, who’s grown accustomed to her husband’s frugal ways in their tiny New York City apartment, switches places with Alan Thicke’s spouse, who often throws extravagant dinner parties at their spacious California ranch.

Dance Moms  | LIFE  Camouflaged Maneuvers

The girls struggle to learn a military-inspired group dance; Mackenzie suffers a foot injury; Abby goes on a date with a mysterious man.

Hell’s Kitchen  | FOX  20 Chefs Compete

The 11th season opens with 20 aspiring restaurateurs presenting signature dishes in Las Vegas, where they split into two teams and attempt to impress chef Gordon Ramsay. Later, they settle into their dorms and prepare the first dinner service, which goes badly and results in incomplete dishes being served to patrons.

Pretty Little Liars  | ABCFAM   I’m Your Puppet

Emily wants to help Spencer by proving her wrong. Meanwhile, Spencer researches Mona’s stint in the sanitarium; Aria has doubts about her relationship with Ezra in light of his parental obligations; and Hanna is forced to deal with Caleb’s family drama.

8:30 pm Eastern

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers  | NBC

A best-of installment culled from Season 1 episodes includes a prankster pulling out his own tooth; a lady at an airport hoping to join the “mile-high club”; and a man trying to secure his car with tape.

9 pm Eastern

19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia  | TLC  Tokyo, Japan

In the first of a three-parter following the Duggars’ trip to Asia, the family visit Tokyo, where they try to master using chopsticks and learn how to make sushi.

Dual Survival  | DSC  Misty Mountain Drop

Drastic temperature changes cause trouble for Cody and Joe in the mountains of Northern California.

Face Off  | Syfy  Mummy Mayhem

The final five contestants are given the task of creating Egyptian mummies inspired by the “Evil Dead” remake starring Jane Levy.

Income Property  | HGTV  Life-Long Buddies Invest

Scott offers advice to lifelong friends who dream of retiring at 55.

The Lying Game  | ABCFAM  To Lie For

A loved one is remembered at a charity fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Dan gives Ethan a tough ultimatum; Emma has questions about her childhood for Rebecca; and Ted ponders how to reveal another buried secret to Kristin.

The Taste  | ABC  The Taste Finale: Triple Threat

A champion is crowned in the Season 1 finale.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen  | FX  Bag of Tools

After two fighters face off in the last preliminary fight, the coaches decide on the wildcard matchup. Also: Jones and Sonnen face off in a unique and difficult coaches challenge.

Top Gear  | HIST  Doomsday Drive

The guys build a car that has weapons and defensive features.

10 pm Eastern

Body of Proof  | ABC  Mob Mentality

After his son is gunned down, a New York City mob boss threatens revenge, and when an early suspect is found dead, Megan and her team begin to believe the carnage has just begun.

Chopped  | FOOD  Just for the Halibut

The competing chefs must create appetizers using smoked beef tongue and garbanzo beans; and in the entrée round, they cook with halibut and aquavit. For dessert, banana chips and almond butter are the featured ingredients.

Cougar Town  | TBS  You Tell Me

Bobby has a fling with a woman he meets at a superstore; Jules spends time with her therapist after realizing her friends have been keeping secrets; Laurie develops an appetite for destruction when she’s confused by her mixed feelings for Travis, forcing new mayor Andy to intervene.

DC Cupcakes: Baby Special  | TLC

Sophie plans a baby shower for Katherine that will feature a giant rubber duck made out of cupcakes, while their mother gives Katherine a lifelike doll that will monitor her parenting skills.

Dual Survival: Untamed  | DSC  Rocky Mountains

Cody and Joe battle extreme cold while trekking through the Rocky Mountains.

Golden Boy  | CBS  Role Models

Clark investigates the death of a police officer who was moonlighting for a hip-hop mogul; and he gets to turn the tables on Arroyo by threatening to expose his relationship with McKenzie.

Justified  | FX  Get Drew

Drew Thompson avoids capture as Raylan, Boyd and the Detroit mob race to find him.

Preachers’ Daughters  | LIFE  Daddy’s Little Angels

The lives of three teens (Taylor; Olivia; Kolby) whose parents are pastors are chronicled. In the opener: Taylor reveals a fantasy; Olivia questions the paternity of her daughter; and Kolby asks her parents for permission to start dating.

Robot Combat League  | Syfy  A Hero’s Journey

Hammer battles Drone Strike; and Game Over takes on A.X.E.

Smash  | NBC   The Fringe

Derek and Karen reach a turning point, so one of them makes a tough decision. Meanwhile, problems emerge in Jerry and Eileen’s partnership; complications arise at the “Hit List” debut at the Fringe Festival; and Ivy attempts to save her and Terry’s show.

Snooki & JWoww  | MTV  Taking the Plunge

Roger proposes to JWoww.

The Millionaire Matchmaker  | BRAVO  The NFL Kicker and the Workaholic

Patti works for a retired NFL punter and enlists former basketball player John Salley as an adviser. Patti’s second client is a workaholic event planner.

Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan  | BBC  Guatemalan Beaded Lizard

Dom travels to Guatemala to search for venomous Guatemalan beaded lizards.

World’s Worst Tenants  | SPIKE  Held at Gunpoint

In the Season 2 premiere, Todd encounters a gun-toting squatter, investigates a claim of harassment and deals with a carbon-monoxide problem, while Rick finds decomposing bodies at a funeral parlor.

10:30 pm Eastern

House Hunters International  | HGTV  The Weird Quirks of Wellington, NZ

A couple from Nevada hope to make a go of it in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Jeselnik Offensive  | COMEDY

Doug Benson and Brian Posehn are the guests.


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