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Whats New On TV Tonight? Bones, The Bible, #RHOBH, Dallas, The Following, Deception & LA Shrinks #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 4, 2013

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Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

Bones | FOX The Survivor in the Soap

The remains of an immigrant from Sierra Leone are discovered in a barrel at a disposal facility for hazardous waste. Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo try to keep their relationship under wraps; and Brennan and Booth discuss their vacation plans.

Continuum | Syfy Playtime

Two murder-suicides happen on the same day. Kiera and Carlos investigate the only link between the two: a video game company that is doing more than just developing video games.

Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up | DSC Bad Ass Bronco – Part 1

Part 1 of 2. A 1976 Bronco with rust issues is refurbished.

Love & Hip Hop | VH1 Closing the Book

Rich corners Erica about her misdeeds; Joe decides to change after having a revelation about his treatment of Tahiry.

Studio E! | E!

Coverage of the day’s entertainment news.

Switched at Birth | ABCFAM Uprising

Daphne leads her classmates in a protest against the closing of their school, and Bay’s efforts to join them are met with resistance. The episode is presented entirely through American Sign Language.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All | ABC

Sarah and Tierra are among the rejected bachelorettes who confront each other and Sean. Also: Sean and Chris Harrison review the season and look ahead to the finale.

The Bible | LIFE Beginnings

Part 1 of 5. Noah endures the wrath of God; the Israelites are led out of Egypt by Moses.

The Biggest Loser | NBC Makeover

The contestants receive makeovers, with fashion guidance from Tim Gunn and new hairstyles from Ken Paves. They then return home to reveal their new looks to friends and family. Meanwhile, the players aim to lose a certain percentage of body weight in order to win immunity for everyone.

The Carrie Diaries | CW Hush Hush

Carrie spends a night in the city with Larissa’s crew and runs into someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Tom goes on a double date; Maggie and Mouse tell Sebastian he needs to do something bold to win Carrie back; and Maggie attempts to tell Walt about Simon.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | BRAVO The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Deux

The women delight in their Paris trip, but dramas erupt when Kim arrives late to a cooking class. Later, Kyle confronts Lisa on top of the Eiffel Tower.

WWE Monday Night Raw | USA

An old-school Raw featuring Ric Flair, Mean Gene, Dusty Rhodes and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

8:30 pm Eastern

Chasing the Saturdays | E! #KeepCalmAndSatsOn

Una is torn between staying in London with her injured husband and going back to Los Angeles with her bandmates, at the same time Frankie gets an unexpected offer from Glamour magazine.

Crash & Bernstein | DISXD Crash Jacked

Wyatt stands up to a bully at school and refuses to give the kid his bike. The intimidating student then captures Crash but soon wishes he had not.

Rules of Engagement | CBS Fountain of Youth

Jeff and Audrey try to prove their lives won’t be boring once their baby is born. Meanwhile, Timmy tricks Russell into accompanying him to a nursing home.

9 pm Eastern

90210 | CW Life’s a Beach

Liam plans to open a surf shop for women but ends up mixing business with pleasure when he gets involved with an investor; Naomi tries to sway Mark to remain in L.A. after he receives an offer in New York; and Dixon talks Silver into directing Michaela’s music video.

Being Human | Syfy Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland

Josh pops the question to Nora; Liam kidnaps and tortures Aidan; and Sally’s body begins to decompose.

Black Ink Crew | VH1 So Much on My Biscuit

Ceaser and Dutchess cut short their trip to pick up O’S**t from the New York City prison, where he’s spent a few days. Later, he and Alex meet for the first time since he was incarcerated.

Count It Down | TVGN Biggest Movie Flops

A countdown of the top box-office disappointments.

Dallas | TNT The Furious and the Fast

Bobby and his brother retaliate in the wake of a takeover of Ewing Energies. Elsewhere, a clash between cousins leads to a winner-take-all car race.

Fast N’ Loud | DSC Bad Ass Bronco – Part 2

Conclusion. A 1976 Bronco with rust issues is refurbished.

Lab Rats | DISXD Fly Spy

Leo inadvertently unleashes a swarm of robotic flies on the school.

Love It or List It | HGTV Double Duty Digs

A couple want a home that’s better suited to the needs of their family, so they bring in David and Hilary for guidance.

The Following | FOX Let Me Go

With the help of his lawyer, Carroll makes a convincing argument that he should be moved to another facility; Emma and Joey meet up with one of Roderick’s men, unaware that he harbors a secret.

Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy and Richard design a vehicle for the elderly; James test drives a Range Rover. James McAvoy appears.

Vanderpump Rules | BRAVO Reunion

Andy Cohen hosts a reunion installment, featuring the SUR gang discussing the inaugural season’s dramas.

10 pm Eastern

Bang Goes the Theory | BBC | starts at: 10:20

Jem builds a boat out of ice; Dallas investigates comets and tries to make one; Liz researches the science behind hypothermia.

Burning Love | E! Bull Riding & Belly Laughs

Mark’s first one-on-one date is with Haley, who shows a zest for life and amazing quad strength. Later, Mandy throws her principles aside and tries to win a bubble bath with Mark.

Deception | NBC | starts at: 10:01 Good Luck With Your Death

Robert begins to doubt Joanna’s story, and so he flies her mother to New York in hopes of uncovering the truth. At the same time, Joanna does some digging into Julian’s girlfriend, while Mia offers to donate her bone marrow to Haverstock, and Sofia pays someone a visit in prison.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | FOOD Hittin’ the Grill

Guy turns his attention to foods that are grilled, beginning with a trip to a Los Angeles joint, where he tries a hot-pork sandwich and a lamb burger. Also: kabobs and beet salad are on the menu at a pub in Tacoma, Wash.

House Hunters | HGTV Growing Family Is Running Out of Room in Raleigh

A Raleigh family are in the market for a four-bedroom home with a large backyard and garage, as well as space for a photo studio.

La La’s Full Court Life | VH1  Always Bet on La La

La La is invited to preside over a pool party at a casino. When she worries she’ll gamble too much, she entrusts her friends to keep her away from the slots.

LA Shrinks | BRAVO | starts at: 10:01

The work and lives of a life consultant, a psychologist and a therapist are documented in this real-world series based in Los Angeles. In the premiere, bedroom issues plague clients, and Dr. Greg treats a client with anger problems.

Lost Girl | Syfy There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo confronts demons, both old and new, when she returns to the farm with Kenzi.

Monday Mornings | TNT The Legend and the Fall

The cognitive abilities of Hooten’s mentor are questioned after he arrives at the wrong procedure on the wrong day. Elsewhere, a swimmer suffers a seizure in the emergency room; Tina performs a risky procedure; Sydney casts doubt on Lieberman’s talents.

Return to Me | TVGN

The beat goes on for a grieving widower (David Duchovny) who starts a romance with a heart-transplant recipient (Minnie Driver). Marty O’Reilly: Carroll O’Connor. Angelo Pardipillo: Robert Loggia. Megan Dayton: Bonnie Hunt. Charlie Johnson: David Alan Grier. Elizabeth: Joely Richardson.

Teen Mom 2 | MTV The Future Is Now

Leah has trouble choosing between Corey and Jeremy; Jenelle finishes her probation; and Kailyn takes Isaac to see Jo.

The Devils Ride | DSC Dangerous Tactics

A member’s bike is destroyed by the Sinister Mob.

Undercover Boss | TLC Canlan Ice Sports

Joey St. Aubin, president and CEO of Canlan Ice Sports, secretly surveys his rinks, bars and restaurants to find out how they’re really performing.

10:30 pm Eastern

After Lately | E! Gay for Jiffy

The staff convince Sarah to use a fake assistant to book a hotel room for herself and baseball player Giancarlo Stanton; Heather begins commuting with a baby doll, so that she can use the carpool lane; and Jiffy believes he’s the object of a gay crush.

House Hunters International | HGTV A Return to Rome, Italy

A Texan realizes her dream of moving to Rome.

La La’s Full Court Life | VH1 Carmelo’s Full Court Dedication

The gang journeys to Puerto Rico for Carmelo’s annual charity event, but dramas unfold when La La sharpens attention on a last-minute audition.


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