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Vander #PumpRules Reunion Recap Here! Plain And Simple, You Know Its What You Are All Thinking! #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 4, 2013

Stassi gun to head

Um.. Stassi Schroeder of “Vanderpump Rules”, please gulp a bit more vino and make the decision to pull the trigger. …  On appearing on anymore reality shows!  HAH!  😉

Please, the victim role is so over played and we no longer BELIEEEEEEVE YOU!!!!  I don’t care if Jax is a cad.. YOU CHOSE him and still are with the douche lord today.

P.S.  Did anyone else notice that Andy Cohen did not rely on viewers questions to ask the hard questions?  No need to worry about favoring a “Real Housewife” and staying neutral because we know these kids would sell a kidney to be on season 2.

stassi-schroeder whining2

P.S.S.  Did anyone else notice that Jax was willing to agree with Stassi on ANYTHING she said on their relationship so he can go home to continue being submissive in her dominatrix scheme?

stassi-schroeder- cry baby2

P.S.S.  Was anyone thinking that Brody Jenner would have played Jax’s role better?  HEY!!  ImaJustSaying!!!


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