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Keeping Up With The #RHONJ! All The Current Deets And Story Lines Tidied Up In A Jersey Timeline #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 3, 2013

Teresa Giudice Melissa Gorga

It’s Time For The Ho Down and Who Killed It Better!

NorthJersey.Com’s writer VIRGINIA ROHAN has neatly tidied up the story lines thus far for whereabouts and twitter plots for us in a single article with the help from Tom Murro.  It appears Tom and Virginia are keeping close tabs on the filming functions and production planned plots.  Lets rub our palms together with this good read.

What I like most about this article, is that Virginia is not just making stuff up.   She is clearly commenting on events taking place and not shaping it into supposed salacious stories like a few others.  😉  It appears there are readers out there who need someone to connect the dots for them leading them down dark paths of faux reality.  We should remember that the faux reality of this series IS the plot lines.  No way in hell would the cast members engage in staged events if it were not for the Bravo paycheck and a chance to hawk some products.  That is the reality of it.

No single cast member is better than the other when they ALL sign on the dotted line to be the subject of ridicule, set ups and financial/marital problems exposed.  Especially since the last 2 seasons.  If lessons are not learned, then they are completely on board and the viewers are the fools for being so invested.

Below are a few excerpts and you MUST select the link below to read it all.  (3 pages)

Are the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ making nice for a possible Season 5?

Love may not keep them together, but a Bravo contract will.

How else to explain why, after brutalizing one another in Season 4 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” some mortal enemies have been spotted dining and partying together in North Jersey lately?

Television cameras have been there to capture these reunions:

* Teresa Giudice warmly greeted brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa, with an embrace and a kiss during a launch party for Teresa’s new Milania hair-care-product line Feb. 18 at Stone House at Stirling Ridge in Warren. Likewise cordial to the Gorgas was Joe Giudice, who also approached Teresa a number of times that evening for a smooch. Yes, the same Juicy Joe who was overheard last season calling Teresa his “bitch wife” in a mysterious phone call.

* At The Brick House in Wyckoff last month, the Giudices were spotted having dinner with former friends Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, according to TV and online entertainment correspondent Tom Murro, a Franklin Lakes resident.

* And in mid-January, Teresa and Caroline Manzo were at the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern, tucked away in the second-floor Chateau Room for a private tête-à-tête.

Presumably these scenes will be part of the next “RHONJ” season, even though Bravo has not officially announced that there will be a Season 5 — and since the end of the last season, rumors that the show is being entirely recast (possibly for any season beyond the next) have surfaced from time to time. Asked about the sightings, the casting and show’s status, a Bravo spokesman said, “No comment.”

Caroline and Teresa “were actually having a discussion over coffee or tea. They didn’t order any food, they just needed an empty room, to sit and discuss the issues between them,” says Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern proprietor Laurie Hamm, who heard “raised voices” but couldn’t make out what the two were saying. “There was no table flipping. That’s what Caroline was happy to report when she came down.”

This past week, Murro provided an explanation for the newfound togetherness, sharing information he said he received on good authority.

To read the entire article, select this link HERE


4 Responses to “Keeping Up With The #RHONJ! All The Current Deets And Story Lines Tidied Up In A Jersey Timeline #TVTIME101”

  1. SweeetBea said

    Nice!! Finally, some real info. Although the loon versions are highly entertaining 🙂

  2. sweetnessnbubba said

    so now..has this timeline been copyrighted yet? lolol… I just couldnt help myself…

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