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Well This Happened Last Night “The Onion Calls Award Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis C Word? #TVTIME101 #Oscars

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 25, 2013

The Onion Tweet

 Quvenzhane Wallis WOW!!!  A huge uproar happened last night when “The Onion” (which is a satirical news organization website) was live tweeting the Oscars and had more than a nip slip, but an inappropriate lip slip.   The Onion referred to Quvenzname Wallis as the infamous C Word that is not normally reserved for children of the 9-year-old kind.  Or 10, or 11, or 12 etc.

I imagine the tweeter on the job thought he was being controversial and snarky, but who lashes out like that at a 9 year child who actually is the youngest Academy Award Best Actress nominee in history and looked just too adorable for words?

Last night Quvenznane was gracious on the red carpet in interviews talking mostly about her dog purse and upcoming projects and for the life of me I can’t find the inspiration for such an inappropriate tweet.

Today, The Onion had issued an apology to the dismay of some of its loyal readers who have no problem with crossing the line even when young children are involved.  Many have cited racism and others commented that Dakota Fanning had never had to deal with such commentary.

The tweet was eventually removed (but never forgotten) but none too soon before many have taken a snapshot of the tweet and forever burned into the memories while acknowledging or celebrating Black History Month.

What do you think?  I know what I think.  😉

 You can read the comments of The Onion Facebook page here.

The onion apology


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