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TWINKLY TWEETS!! With @LouDPhillips and @BrandiGlanville #TVTIMME101 #OSCARS #CRAZYSHIT

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 25, 2013


WELL HELL!! I have not yet to watch!!  Call me.. I want to do a podcast of the walking lunatics with you.. 😉

Well YOU DID dissolve yourself and attack out the gates.  Now that your gelled again, you may need to allow others to have a spotlight. Hey Lou.. What have you done lately?

Hey!  I’m Just SAYING!!

P.S.  I am a fan of
La Bamba  That was years ago but I enjoyed it tremendously!!   Move over and allow other to shine..  Brandi is currently a NYT best auther.. sniff sniff


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