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Whats New On TV Tonight? 85th Academy Awards, Shameless, Doctor Who, Mob Wives & Walking Dead #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 24, 2013


Eastern – National Listings 

8 pm Eastern

Amazing Race 22  | CBS  Loose Lips Sink Ships

The 10 remaining teams compete in Bora Bora. One duo’s fear of water leads to extreme panic; and one racer suffers a possible race-ending injury while running to the pit stop.

Chopped  | FOOD  Untrained, Undaunted

Amateur cooks are put to the test, having to work with sushi in the appetizer round; and, for entrées, they must use ostrich fillets and blueberry wine.

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited  | BBC  The Second Doctor

The second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) is featured in a classic episode that includes an appearance by the emotionless Cybermen.

Dog With a Blog  | DISNEY  Dog Loses Girl

Chloe disappears while Stan is supposed to be watching her.

Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling  | TLC  Blood Is Thicker Than Bling

In an enhanced episode, Mellie’s combative nature and job as a stripper become a concern for Nettie, while Kayla is appalled by Mellie’s drinking on a trip to the racetrack.

Silver Rush  | DSC  The Hunt for Gairsoppa’s Treasure

Part 1 of 3. A salvage crew search for three sunken shipwrecks, which they believe contain valuable treasure.

The Oscars Red Carpet Live!  | ABC

Red-carpet arrivals and interviews with Oscar nominees and other Hollywood notables. Hosted by Jess Cagle, Kristin Chenoweth, Kelly Rowland and Lara Spencer.

8:30 pm Eastern

85th Academy Awards  | ABC 

Seth MacFarlane makes his inaugural hosting appearance at the 85th annual ceremonies, telecast from the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles. “Lincoln” leads the nominees with 12, including Best Picture. The other nominees for Best Picture are “Amour,” Argo,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” “Django Unchained,” “Les Misérables,” “Life of Pi,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” Performers include Adele, Norah Jones and Barbra Streisand.

Austin & Ally  | DISNEY  Chapters & Choices

Ally conquers her stage fright and performs a duet with Austin.

9 pm Eastern

Ax Men  | HIST  The Hurricane Hits

Chaos erupts at Rygaard; the Lemare crew deal with broken-down equipment in Canada; and the site boss quits in Wisconsin.

Girls  | HBOe  Video Games

Hannah goes along with Jessa to visit her estranged father, his alternative girlfriend and her teen son in Upstate New York.

Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling  | TLC | starts at: 9:10  The Queen of All Cons

In an enhanced episode, Kayla and her husband clash over how to raise their teen daughter; Nettie and Kayla both want to plan Mellie’s wedding; and the women’s mother gets out of jail, but it could undo Mellie’s recent sobriety.

Shake It Up  | DISNEY  My Fair Librarian It Up

CeCe and Rocky help Miss Burke win over Mr. Zigfeld. Meanwhile, Flynn builds a soapbox car.

Shameless  | SHOe  Cascading Failures

The Department of Family Services takes away the Gallagher children, and Fiona is desperate to get them back, so much so that she must round up Frank, get him to act responsibly and make a court appearance. Meanwhile, Kev and Veronica decide to use her mother as a surrogate; and Terry catches Mickey and Ian in flagrante.

Silver Rush  | DSC Curse of the Mantola

Part 2 of 3. An unexpected storm forces the Odyssey crew to alter their plans.

The Walking Dead  | AMC  I Ain’t a Judas

Rick and the group contemplate their next move after their security has been compromised, while Andrea becomes uncomfortable with the changes under way in Woodbury.

Worst Cooks in America  | FOOD  Straight Edge Skills

The competitors go fishing; and their knife skills are put to the test when a cooking challenge involves butchery.

9:30 pm Eastern

Enlightened  | HBOe  No Doubt

Tyler asks Eileen to arrange a meeting with Charles Szidon for Amy, who is flabbergasted that the CEO isn’t the monster she expected. Meanwhile, Dougie addresses his employees about Cogentiva’s future; and Levi reacts to Amy’s new life plans.

Hawaii Life  | HGTV  Surf Legend Moves Family Back to the Beach

A former pro-surfer wants a family home with close access to the beach in Oahu.

10 pm Eastern

Bar Rescue  | SPIKE  Bro’s Got to Geaux

Jon schools the owner of a beat-up college bar with a reputation for serving underage drinkers.

Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling  | TLC | starts at: 10:18  Last Fling Before the Ring

In an enhanced episode, Mellie and Robbie set a date for their wedding, but Mellie’s nervous about her bachelorette party when it involves a road trip to the beach with her cousin Annie. Meanwhile, Kayla and Richard prepare to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

House of Lies  | SHOe  Family Values

Marty’s plan to spend time with Roscoe conflicts with an executive retreat, while Doug sees his fellow Pod members in a different light after introducing them to his new girlfriend. Later, Tamara offers an intriguing revelation about her personal life, piquing Marty’s interest.

Iron Chef America  | FOOD  Flay vs. Wexler

Bobby Flay competes against Micah Wexler in a battle judged by Anthony Anderson, Karine Bakhoum and Michael Ruhlman.

Mob Wives  | VH1

Drita discusses Lee’s surprise release from prison. Elsewhere, Karen and Ramona get wind of Lee’s return to town and question their truce with Drita, and Renee returns from rehab.

Silver Rush  | DSC  Odyssey’s Victory

Conclusion. A mother lode of silver is sought as the salvage season draws to a close.

Talking Dead  | AMC | starts at: 10:01  I Ain’t a Judas

The “I Ain’t a Judas” episode is recapped.

10:30 pm Eastern

Californication   | SHOe  In the Clouds

Karen wants Hank to intervene with Becca, and later, Hank, Charlie and Atticus fly to New York City to pitch the songs for the Broadway version of “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” but Charlie’s fear of flying causes problems.


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