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Ashlee Wilson-Hawn #BigRichAtlanta Says ‘I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Scripted That Way’ Roger That Rabbit #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 23, 2013

Ashlee Big Rich Atlanta

Well its a gloomy Saturday and I have finally decided to begin the 1st episode of “Big Rich Atlanta” from my nearly used up memory on my DVR where I had nearly deleted the entire folder 10 times to make room.  As I watched the first 5 minutes of Ashlee Wilson-Hawn’s introduction, where she describes herself as a “philanthropist, a life coach, a pageant coach and used to be a beauty queen”, I initially heard that as a ‘used up beauty queen’ and had to rewind.

At that very moment, I had remembered reading a tweet where someone commented in regards to Ashlee now claiming that she is not a pageant coach and that she was scripted with this character.   It appears that Ashlee is not so happy with the backlash from her violent scene in episode 3 and is now blaming everyone else including Style Network for her scripted character.  Oh wait!  You didn’t know that Style Network scripts story lines for “Big Rich Texas” and “Jerseylicious” as well?   There is no way possible that women can be so ridiculous on camera without some help from the producers.  EVEN IN JERSEY!!!  😉

The conflict heats up as the onlookers begin to distance themselves from the fracas. What had been an exchange of insults turns physical after Ashlee knocks a drink out of Kahdijiha's hand while poking her in the stomach and calling her "jelly belly."

The conflict heats up as the onlookers begin to distance themselves from the fracas. What had been an exchange of insults turns physical after Ashlee knocks a drink out of Kahdijiha’s hand while poking her in the stomach and calling her “jelly belly.”

So I did a little digging and found the following:  (P.S.  I am still paused on the first episode at the 5 minute mark.)  Ashlee MAY or MAY NOT be a pageant coach.. but I don’t think they needed to script her lines for being a bitch.  😉

Style Network BIO:

A former Miss Georgia Teen, Ashlee is one of Atlanta’s most sought-after pageant coaches.  A fixture on the Atlanta social scene, Ashlee is a highly-opinionated, old-money heiress who fancies herself a Boss Bitch.

Ashlee Bio PicIn an interview given to Starcasm on January 24, 2013, Ashlee says she is a pageant coach:


Have you always wanted to be a pageant coach?

It just comes very natural to me! It’s my God given talent so why not share my talents? Of course on the show, I am an “entertaining” pageant coach, and I really play it up!


Below is an article that Ashlee had given where she tries to convince us that the show is 100% scripted which is hard to believe.  If a show was 100% scripted, it would not be labeled a reality show   I think Ashlee would like us to think that since she has crossed the line on many occasions and demonstrated some seriously bad behavior.  Ashlee tells us that venue’s are rented as a set which most of the reality show do that but does not provide us evidence of an actual script.   I don’t think anyone put the words in her mouth but I do believe story lines are set as in any reality show.


I called a woman an “Ugly Black girl..” and I got a beatdown. I need a hug.

I also don’t think someone told her to slap a drink or 2 out of her cast mates hand in order to create a violent scene.  I believe that Ashlee wanted to bring the drama and didn’t know how Kahdijiha would react in her own defense which resulted in Ashlee in tears and calling 911 for the police and an ambulance to help calm her anxiety attack.   That’s right!  an ANXIETY ATTACK!  No “Boss Bitch” on my block can act all bad ass where the result is an anxiety attack and needing an ambulance for a warm glass of milk and a hug.

Ashlee goes on about how each set is scripted even at her “real life” birthday party where she felt she was attacked by Kahdijiha when truly it was Ashlee who started the physical altercation.  Kahdijiha most likely forgot her cues and lines where should have allowed Ashlee to reign as the “Boss Bitch”.

Ashlee Also likens herself to Susan Lucci and I am pretty sure, Susan Lucci has a REAL script with lines and such as…

Ashlee also feels the show promotes violence and I wonder why didn’t she object to her violent scene in her script with the producers?

Below is the majority of the interview but you can read it in full HERE

I am full into episode 3 and the only thing that truly offends me is all the empty bleach bottles littered around the floor used for the big haired gals.

This is what is completely absurd about Ashlee.  She initiated a fight with Kahdijiha by calling her an “Ugly BLACK Girl” and started poking her in the stomach while calling her fat, etc.  She then grabs the drinks out of Kahdijiha hands which then led to Kahdijiha grabbing a hold of Ashlee’s weave while another woman was dumping cupcakes on Kahdijiha’s head.

The fight gets broken up and Ashlee calls 911 to file a police report and make it more dramatic, request an ambulance.    AFTER Ashlee’s ambulance visit and request to file police report, Ashlee goes BACK to the night club and to PARTY!  BITCH PLEASE!

I have read that Ashlee did indeed file a police report with fabricated details on how SHE was attacked which landed Kahdijiha in the pokey until she was sprung.  This will go to trial and Ashlee is going to be slapped pretty hard by the judge when the footage is shown which will prove Ashlee filed a false police report where she stated her clothes were ripped etc.

This is a classic case of self entitlement where Ashlee feels she can even make up circumstances from an altercation and thinks somehow her fabricated story will present itself when the actual film footage will be presented.

The pièce de résistance is that now Ashlee is starting an awareness campaign against violence and hate.  BITCH PLEASE!!   Fix yourself first!

Can you tell I watched a few more episodes?  😉  As I first started writing this post, I was indifferent where now I truly dislike this hotmess.  She changes her story lines to make everyone else the bad guy.  Another non self-aware reality perp has been born.

P.S.S.  I just found THIS  INTERVIEW where Ashlee really lays it on thick and all dramatical.  I had envisioned the interviewer stiffling her laughter while trying to take notes.   She still claims her clothes were ripped off her and now her nose is broken etc.  How can that be when we had not seen this during the episode?  Ashlee explains that Style producers edited the footage that way so she can remain the villain.  BITCH PLEASE!!

Ashlee Article


7 Responses to “Ashlee Wilson-Hawn #BigRichAtlanta Says ‘I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Scripted That Way’ Roger That Rabbit #TVTIME101”

  1. Sarah said

    Could you. Not see when she went back to the party that she only had one sleeve on her dress? How did u miss that?

    And she didn’t call Kahdijah a bitch she said black girl and Kahdijiha said white bitch.

    Your facts don’t even follow the show
    Which makes it hard to take
    You seriously

    • Sarah, yes, her sleeve got torn at the top in the scuffle but also many people had stepped in and its possible the struggle led to the tear with arms flailing around. Kahdijahi’s hands went straight for Ashlee’s hair and it never looked like in the few secs that happened that K intended to rip her clothes off her body as Ashlee has stated MANY TIMES..

      You are correct, she said “black girl” but why point out her race and insert ugly into it? if you support that, thats your prerogative. Its also my prerogative to speak out on bad behavior. Ashlee should never have touched K in the first place. What did she expect? I dont get how she was attacked. She confronted K and now she says she has a broken nose? Please.. In Jersey, if someone steps up to you like Ashlee did to K, don’t expect someone to give you a pass.

      Lets not remember this is all over desecration of cupcakes.. lol

      Hey.. I’m Just Saying..

  2. Jamie said

    Here’s the thing… this article has so many misconstrued facts and information, it’s ridiculous… it’s also important to realize that the producers only showed about 30 seconds of a much longer fight…

    Ashlee never called her an UGLY BLACK BITCH… she said that she was a fat black girl… sure, she mentioned the color of her skin, but KD’s immediate response was to call her a WHITE BITCH… it’s interesting that throughout this entire article, you fail to mention KDs part in all of this. You fail to mention that KD was messing with Ashlee’s cake, you fail to mention that KD was holding TWO glasses that Ashlee hit out (when a second earlier she only had 1 in her hand… looked like she was going to throw them on Ashlee), you fail to mention that KD retaliated with even stronger words than Ashlee used, and you fail to mention that KD left the scene before the police showed up. If she really believed that she was not at fault, don’t you think she would stay to give her side of the story to the police? Also, if KD was in the right with this whole fight, don’t you think that she would have told her mom the truth about the fight in the next episode? She acts as if she was just minding her own business, did nothing wrong, and was just acting in self-defense. Come on, if you are innocent, you would be telling the truth!

    you say that Ashlee is making injuries up because you didn’t see it in the episode… Here’s the thing, Ashlee literally has bald spots on her head that are not growing back (it has now been almost 6 months since the attack) from where KD ripped her hair out. There were also pictures of scratches and hand marks on her throat immediately after the fight, but we didn’t see that in the episode BECAUSE OF HOW THEY EDITED IT! They also didn’t show KD screaming “Kill yourself!” to Ashlee, they didn’t show her literally drag her across the floor by her hair, they didn’t show her go after her throat, and they didn’t show her grab her arm and rip her sleeve off of her dress. Just because you didn’t see it in a very edited clip of the fight doesn’t mean that it happened.

    The other factor that you are missing is that Khadijah is being prosecuted by the state of Georgia, not Ashlee. The state prosecutors would not be charging KD with felony battery charges if they didn’t think that there was a case. They have already seen the RAW FOOTAGE (which you have not seen), and they feel that there is enough evidence to convict KD of felony battery. If they had seen Ashlee do something wrong, illegal, or starting the fight, they would be prosecuting Ashlee, as well. The judge has nothing to say to Ashlee, because she is not prosecuting KD, it is the state of Georgia because they feel that they have enough evidence to prove that KD is guilty.

    Come on, if you don’t like Ashlee or feel that it is all her fault, fine… but at least present all the facts instead of just choosing to present only the facts that support your opinion…

  3. Lisa said

    you didn’t even present the facts how the show edited them, let along what really happened. you completely ignored Khadijha’s role in the whole fight and you took all of Ashlee’s actions out of context of what Khadijha did and said…

    • Lisa and Jamie.. I changed bitch to girl.. The rest of MY opinion remains the same. Ashlee started the altercation period. KD told her to walk away if she wanted to enjoy her night and Ashlee wanted trouble.. or play up to role of trouble? NOT my problem.. She asked for it. She should of never poked or prodded for a fight which is what she wanted in my opinion. You cant change it. Maybe tomorrow I will post the fight so you yourselves can reveiw the footage?


      • Rachel said

        You still fail to state anything that KD did wrong… You act like KD was just minding her own business and Ashlee came up and started bullying her… Sorry, but you don’t have the right to tell someone to back off if they know what is good for them at their own birthday party and when you caused a scene by messing with the birthday cake… she should have just said Im sorry and that would have been the end of it.

  4. Not So Big Rich Baton Rouge said

    Regardless of what anyone
    thinks of Ms. Ashlee and her
    mean girl ways, she makes the show.
    For some reason we all enjoy watching gorgeous villains. I didn’t even watch the show when she had left for a couple of weeks.

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