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@MichaelMazzella Had A Dream, His Dream Is A “Vision” In A Tux! #LiveLikeAStar #HowYouDoin #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 22, 2013

Michael Mazzella on Wendy Williams

Michael Mazzella on Wendy Williams

The fabulous Michael Mazzella dreams did come true.  I remember his past twitter exchanges and YouTube video’s describing his dreams of being a talk show host and mostly, starting out appearing as a guest on Wendy Williams.

He appeared on Wendy Williams show today representing GBK Productions  presenting and gifting  products from the gifting lounges for The Academy Awards hosted by GBK.

Michael looked cool, calm and collective as he was looking straight at Wendy, the audience and the camera’s looking as if has been doing this for years.  I am very proud of Michael and hope his dreams for this type of career blooms into more frequent TV spots and his ultimate dream.

Didn’t he look cute in that tux?

P.S.  This is my first time recording a video on my IPAD and uploading it to a new YOUTUBE account.  I am taking notes on how to improve the quality.   TURN UP THE SOUND!  😉   Now I can capture the crazy scenes from our favorite reality shows and blog about it.

For information to obtain some of the products shown, go to Wendy’s Facebook page here

Ok.. on a not so glamorous note, Michael had posted the most funniest video from a cinnamon challenge that I was watched 15 times and 5 of the times was with my sister over the phone so we can hear each other choking from laughter which resulted in more laughter.


One Response to “@MichaelMazzella Had A Dream, His Dream Is A “Vision” In A Tux! #LiveLikeAStar #HowYouDoin #TVTIME101”

  1. Darcy said

    That was awesome! Congrats Michael! You looked very dapper in that tux.
    That cinammon challenge video was hilarious!

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