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Caption This Picture Contest.. PLEASE!!! I Need Some Future Shnark! #RHOBH

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 13, 2013

Faye Resnick open mouth caption me

Help me folks!!  Help me to caption this next photo on the next Faye POST!!!

Let me start..  

  • Peanut Butter is stuck to the roof of my mouth..
  • I bit my tongue and now speaking in tongue’s..

You guys get it right?  😉  The winning person will win a virtual pin of serious awesomeness of the Amazing KIND!


11 Responses to “Caption This Picture Contest.. PLEASE!!! I Need Some Future Shnark! #RHOBH”

  1. I’m thinking she’s advertising for free blow jobs again.

  2. sunshinemls said

    Not one of these housewives can speak with a forked tongue as well as I do!

  3. When does the botox wear off Paul?

  4. “Oh fuck, damn Paul gave me too much botox and I can’t close my mouth! I wonder if Andy will notice? I wanna be a housewife, Kyle needs me as her pitbull”

  5. Quick, hand me a banana and I’ll show you how I got on RHOBH.

  6. Sgwaid said

    Taylor is an idiot-she forgot to do playboy after writing her book! These women don’t know jack shit on how to be trashy! Outta my way and I’ll show Bravo how it’s really done.

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