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TWINKLY TWEETS! Is Camille Grammer A Hypocrite? Lets Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Shall We? #RHOBH

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 12, 2013

Camille Tea Party

After watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” tonight, a few of us on twitter seemed a bit put off that Camille Grammer would strongly defend Adrienne Malouf’s lies and deceit at another Tea Party gone horribly wrong.  Taylor Armstrong wanted to speak about the elephant in the room about Adrienne threatening legal action against Brandi where Adrienne completely denies it and expected to accept her reality TV award for trying to act completely dumbfounded!  If we remove the founded part, it would be more appropriate.

Adrienne completely denies initiating a lawsuit but will not admit to her attorney sending letters to Brandi’s attorney which are not of the “HEY!!  lets have tea” kind of letters.  Brandi has said that Adrienne’s attorney was trying to negotiate with Brandi to never speak ill of Adrienne and her family.  I would imagine that some threats are made towards Brandi if she does not comply hence the reason for Brandi hiring an attorney to address the threats?

Taylor wants to get to the bottom if this and asked Adrienne directly if her attorney sent Brandi’s attorney a letter about suing her and Adrienne responded That is absolutely, without a doubt not true”. 

As Adrienne swears off a lawsuit or just doesn’t address the litigation that she has initiated,  Camille pipes in asking Adrienne if she “filed” anything.   Then reiterates that Adrienne had NOT filed anything.   At the moment I didn’t understand exactly what Camille meant, until later on twitter..  (It appears Camille did know of the litigation that Adrienne had initiated)

The first tweet does not embed properly because Camille deleted the tweet since it would be unethical to speak too Adrienne’s or Brandi’s attorney regarding anyone legal issue’s.  NO worries!  I have snapshots too!

Camille unethical tweet2


Yes Camille, the truth always comes out and I find it very strange you are defending the same action that was taken against you by a simple email from Russell Armstrong.  Did you not discuss it with your cast mates  for the threat of a lawsuit from an email?  Did you and your cast mates not take this lightly and eventually shunned Taylor and Russell from Kyle’s White Party as well as the trip to Hawaii?  Where there any actual filings or established public records that you can PROVE that Russell intended to sue you?

Why did Bravo TV edit the actual comment out of the show?  Was Bravo also served with papers from Adrienne’s high falutin attorneys asking not to air the secret?  They surely aired Taylor’s dirty laundry and we know that Bravo does not hold back on secrets or dirty laundry.. so….

Oh wait!  What happened to “friends don’t sue friends”?  Oh you didn’t say that?  Yes you did..

Bravo TV Blog Post:  Camille Grammer – So Confused

Camille explains her precarious situation at the White Party, and how difficult it was watching the evening unfold now.

This was the second White Party I attended at Kyle’s house and I was excited to go and see everybody. This time last year there was friction between Kyle and I, which was by now long gone. So I looked forward to spending quality time with the girls, enjoying the party and celebrating together.  I really didn’t have any concerns about seeing everyone, even though obviously things were going on.

Russell had emailed me about 2:30 am the night of Pandora’s bachelorette party. I first showed Adrienne the email. She immediately came to my defense and questioned Russell’s right to send me an email of that nature.

After Kyle had asked Russell and Taylor to leave, Kyle came back into the house obviously very upset. She came to me crying and told me what had happened. I really felt bad for Kyle and that she had been put in that position.

Watching the episode and what the girls were saying, it was apparent at that point all of us were so confused. I was upset because friends don’t sue friends. Taylor had told all of us her story, so some of the other Housewives were concerned that they would also receive emails like I did. I didn’t want to alienate Taylor and her husband — but at that time, it wasn’t in my control. I had called Taylor several times before the email to apologize. However, after I received the email, my only course of action was just to get in touch with my lawyers and follow their advice, which was essentially to stay clear of Taylor and Russell.

This is an especially difficult episode to watch, it was such an unfortunate situation all around. You can tell it was a confusing time for all of us. We’re a group of friends that all want to support each other. Then, all of a sudden, you see divisions in the group, which are disappointing. Even though we are there for each other, we all have our own opinions. Like any close knit group, we all want to help each other in the most difficult of real life situations, yet we might not all agree how.

I don’t think anybody felt good afterwards. For me, I was still as confused and disappointed as when I had gotten that email. I still wasn’t sure about Taylor’s true situation with all that was happening.

Well folks, if that is not a bunch of hypocrisy, please check the link for the blog above or here and view the video of Adrienne talking about the whole situation with Paul and having to protect yourself while shunning Taylor and the potential future lawsuits here.
Other great points made on twitter:


15 Responses to “TWINKLY TWEETS! Is Camille Grammer A Hypocrite? Lets Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Shall We? #RHOBH”


    hugs and peace

  2. Hey Diva! Smooches!

  3. leighmarker said

    whoo hoo!!!

  4. Oh Leigh! Nice to see ya love! ❤

  5. Go ahead Mama, tell it like it is. I think Camille is lying non stop in the hopes of becoming relevant so she doesn’t get the ax for being boring. Notice how in Vegas as the dinner was breaking up, her “recollections” of what Brandi was saying about Adriennes planned attack on Lisa at the reunion was “coming back to her” but that “Brandi put her on the spot and she didn’t like that”. Camille probably feels she has to lie about the law suit to cover her ass for her part in the scam against Lisa and therefore acknowledging that Adrienne did indeed try to set up Lisa at the reunion. Wonder if Adrienne regularly sends out letters from her lawyers to all the housewives to make them want to just snuggle up inside her bum? Or could it be that they all know Adrienne is the one who gives/sells the stories to the paps and they are afraid of what she will do to them. Adrienne appears to have quite the vindictive bullying streak now doesn’t she? All allegedly of course.

    Welcome back to blogging, love it when you get pissed of at a lying scheming low life coward piece of shit housewife, lol.

  6. SweeetBea said

    Happy Dance!! Even if it took getting pissed at Camille blocking you … Yay, you’re back!

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  8. yay ((( Ima)))! Well said.

  9. ShakenNotBlurd said

    Great blog post! I wish someone would send a copy of this to TheRealCamilleG! Wonder what she would have to say?

    • I have already been blocked from Camille which unearthed my blogging skillz.. 😉 But truly.. I dont think anyone can sway Camille since she is hell bent on being right. Splitting hairs and looking like an ass.

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