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More Splitting Hairy Twinkly Tweets With Camille Grammer And Confusion Over Legal Threats #RHOBH

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 12, 2013

Camille call out relevant

After an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” last night, a huge tweeting fest occurred when Camille Grammer started to maintain her defense for Adrienne Malouf and tried to teach us a lesson on litigation and I believe she took notes from Mauricio Umansky on how to deal or not deal with threatening letters/attorney’s.   You need to catch up on this exchange here first before reading the rest of Camille’s delusional tweets.

So last night after Camille tried to explain to twitterville that NO LAWSUIT was filed so Adrienne could NOT be suing Brandi, she continued today to attorney up her mouth for more explanations DIRECTLY to Brandi via tweets.  I always say if you have nothing nice to say, tweet it!

Camille dear, before you actually file a law suit, it is strongly suggested to follow the steps below, especially if your reasons are due to truths that are exposed and not defamation of character is sort of not litigious.  Additionally, Brandi has shared that Adrienne’s attorney had wanted Brandi to sign documents pretty much muzzling her which would be nearly impossible since she has signed contracts on a reality show that encourages her to run her mouth.   Signing that document would not be in Brandi’s good interest at all if she wants to remain a cast member on “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”. One last point I need to hammer home, written demand letters are designed to make a person comply to the demand or further legal action would be taken. That’s a clear threat CAMILLE!

Steps to avoid a lawsuit and try to settle out of court by:

  • Making a written demand
  • Face-to-face Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

Now Camille is still defending Adrienne today and is starting to sound like a broken record and mostly ignorant.

Why does Camille keep holding onto the point that a lawsuit was not the intent of the letter?

Now this is seriously mean of Camille to say and pretending to have no memory as to what happened to her via Russell Armstrong and having the ability to throw money at that.

Camilline splitting hair caption

Now for the most splitting hair tweet by Camille!

And now.. the new defense…


6 Responses to “More Splitting Hairy Twinkly Tweets With Camille Grammer And Confusion Over Legal Threats #RHOBH”

  1. NJBev said

    welcome back!

  2. duffy1958 said

    I saw people on Brandi’s twitter TL encouraging her to bring evidence forward. She tweeted back:”watch next week”. Sounds promising. I hope she confronts Adrienne with it.

    • I do to Duffy! Adeinne promises in her blog that Brandi is completely wrong but we will see.. Even Lisa tells us to tune into next week but I already think Adrienne is going to explain the letter away as a canned circular that went out and it was misunderstood.. WE WILL SEE!! LOL

  3. Oh Camille!!

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