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Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Your Tweeting Heart”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 30, 2011

Tonight on “Real Housewives of New York”, Sonja enlists the help of a feng shui expert to bring more positive energy into her life. Meanwhile, Ramona plans a surprise party for Sonja.   Simon confronts Jill at Cindy’s product-launch soiree and Kelly reaches out to Alex about Simon’s odd behavior.
We also get to see Jill really play the never-ending victim as she accuses Simon of “Cyber Bullying”.  Now you guys know I track their tweets and will post anything that looks like discourse, but I don’t think I have ever seen Simon tweet anything to Jill or Kelly unless it was a response to their never-ending false accusations to play the victim card.   Lets not forget Jill has tweeted that the scenes with Alex and Ramona coming home from Morocco were porn. 
Jill is just using this opportunity to make it look like Simon is the pied piper of tweeters who are not kind to Jill via twitter.  She is now trying to link Simon to her non fans and bloggers.    I really don’t get how any of her cast mates could ever trust her.  She tried to make it look like Bethenny did something to her that was so unforgivable beyond telling her to get a hobby for reasons we are still not aware of but Jill would not play the entire stored message for the camera’s .  Just the part that made Bethenny look bad.    She has been relentless to Alex and Simon as well as their children, lied to her cast mates, making Ramona look like a drunk for peddling wine and soo many other examples I don’t have time for right now.
The title of this episode should be, “Tweetin Jill gone Twat” 



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24 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Your Tweeting Heart””

  1. Maybe the title should have been….Twat Jill Gone Tweetin’ Lol.

  2. cali said

    Jill is the real bully here!

  3. Oy Vey said

    Can someone please slap Kelly? Or at least give her a freaking thesaurus? She needs a new word besides weird. Oy!

  4. Say WHAT ! said

    It just amazes me how three twats, I mean twits can talk themselves into the crap that come out of there mouths. He’s bullying me, no proof. He’s weird, just wanted to go to lunch and hash it out (with his wife’s permission). Jill could have done the same, but noooooo, it’s inappropriate…. Ohhh come on, then get a chaperone you twit. It comes down to Jill lies about it and Kelly (me too, me too) swears to it. Then the Drama Queen herself LULU, then has to put her two wooden nickels in. Sheesh you Twits….. We see thru it. Holy Crap! GROW UP!

    Ok, got that off my chest. Mona out!

  5. Oy Vey said

    WTF? If I were guilty by default of half of what my husband does, I’ll be in jail.
    On a side note Luann’s viedo was kind of the running joke on the morning show on the WB out here in California.

  6. G-sus said

    I haven’t been able to watch this episode yet. I am on vacation with a tv that only gets (gasp) 5 channels. But using my psychic abilities I will surmise that tonight’s episode is another lame attempt at Jill, Luann and Kelly to:

    A) Try and make Jill appear nice and the victim of bullying.
    B) Make Kelly look sane.
    C) Make Alex and Ramona look bad.

    I did watch the preview on of Kelly’s sitdown with Alex. Talk about a blatant attempt to make Alex look unstable. Project much, Kelly? I think a person needs a prozac lollipop to actually be able sit down and have a conversation with Kelly. Without being medicated, a sane person would not be able to resist the urge to smack her right in the kisser.

  7. Dani said

    The sit-down conversation between Alex and Kelly was ridiculous. Kelly has zero listening skills. I half expected her to put her fingers in her ears and start chanting la la la when Alex was talking. I know Kelly is appearing more stable this year but there are still cracks in her veneer and last night was the perfect example of this. Did no one every teach Kelly that the whole concept of communication is that it is a two-way street? Bizarre.

    • Dani I cant agree more.. the whole thing is so redic. and I cant wait to recap.. I plan to recap my thoughts for Sunday night since its a black out for all things bravo since its a holiday.. count ont it!! chit.. now I am worried for me delivery.. 🙂

  8. Save a Wretch Like Me said

    OMG..this is probably old news to all of you,,but BRAVO is showing tweets from fans and they are 99% against Jill,,,,Kelly and LuAnn,,OMG,,now Jill will say BRAVO is bullying her…hey Jill,,if you can’t take the heat,,then get out of the kitchen.

    It seemed like Jill was OK with the meet with Simon until Kelly started,,,Jill is too easily swayed and by KELLY??????

    Psst again this is Olive,,,IJS,,I just loved that wretch gaffe so much,,I can’t let it go,,,but Iwill,,I’ll be good…

  9. Save a Wretch Like Me said

    I am so surprised they (BRAVO) are allowing the tweets because you CAN NOT get a comment posted,,,,,,I don’t thinkit will last..because they are so anti Jill,…Kelly and LuANnn..the Gang of 3 1/2 (Cindy)

    That video is hideous,,,,,ok,,,so LuAnn says she has all these rich fabulous friends and she is royalty,,wouldn’t they be in her video instead of that guy who is her producer to fill in for celebrity-ism? Who the hell is he anyway? Has he produced anyone that’s not a D lister???

  10. Oy Vey said

    I have a question ****raising hand and waving hoping to catch someones attention****
    Seeing I have only been kind of lurking around, depending on how I felt, I was wondering what happened to Tinsel Kitty? Please tell me the dog catcher didn’t get her. 🙂

  11. G-sus said

    @ Oh Vey, I don’t know where TK went, but I wish she would come back.

    I just watched Thursdays episode and it was pretty much what I thought it was going to be. No wonder Bravo had to postpone this turd. Trying to edit around all the Jill/Luann/Kelly staging must have been a real biatch.
    WWHL’s poll was no surprise to me. Jill had been tweeting Andy all week to have Bobby on a househusband poll and then acted surprised on twitter that the poll was who was the hottest househusband. Bet it chapped her a$$ to see Mario win after she has been plugging Bawby all week. Now I know why Andy drinks the hard stuff, he probably uses alcohol to dull the sound of her annoying voice constantly badgering him about stuff.

    And sorry, but WTH is up with the blackberry in the toilet? Wouldn’t a normal person be shocked to find a phone in there? My guess, one of the teenagers sent to stay with her decided to give her a little payback when they found themselves treated as a houseboy instead of a houseguest.

  12. Oy Vey said

    Totally would have been freaked out by the blackberry! EEEEEWWWWWWW! And Kelly still needs to be slapped! AND, sorry but Bawbiii and his creepy tinted glasses? No way he’s the hottest househusband. What the hell color are his eyes?

    • oy!!!! Palease.. dont talk about the black berry.. I will gag as we speak.. but I gott alove me Sonja.. she takes matters in her own hands?? no pun intended.. 😉

  13. Dani said

    IJS, the other thing which stuck out like a sore thumb was Cindy and her lack of mothering skills. She seems to have no natural instinct regarding child rearing. Was anyone else annoyed by that scene in the restaurant and her lack of common sense? It is just curious to me why she had children as she doesn’t seem able to handle them or worse yet seem to want to handle them.

  14. G-sus said

    Cindy seems to me someone who is very self-centered and self-absorbed. Most people who have children talk non-stop about them, how cute they are, the new things they are doing, etc. Cindy’s only conversation about her kids is how SHE feels. How tired she is, how much work they are, the nannies, etc. Sad to say, but I think Cindy enjoys the fact that she can tell people she has twins more than she enjoys he twins themselves.

    IJS, can’t wait for your recap.

  15. Dani said

    G-Sus, she has been a big disappointment this season. I was hoping she would add some much needed zip to the show but she has been a total wet blanket. It is curious to me how she has been able to be so successful in her professional life. She doesn’t strike me as being all that sharp, charismatic, or even a hard worker based on all the help she has hired. Maybe it would all make more sense if we knew more about her life but she doesn’t really open up or put herself out there so the viewing audience can get to know her.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Dani, G-sus, IJS, and everyone!

    Jill, Kelly, and LuAnn work my last nerve. Jill & LuAnn are so full of themselves. Full blown narcissists. Can dish it out, but not take it. Same with Kelly. I am so glad I’ve never met anyone like Kelly before. I don’t know how Alex did as well as she did considering she was dealing with a complete insane moron. Alex was lucky to get in one word. The only person on this earth that should be allowed to have a conversation with Kelly is a board certified psychiatrist. Lawdy! If I had to have a conversation with Kelly, I’d have to have a psychiatrist at the table with me to help interpret. Need “code” for Kelly talk. I still don’t know wth she was talking about. Not even worth trying to make sense of. I don’t understand insane moron language.

    I”ll never understand why women like Cindy have children. I know women, have for a long time, that are just like Cindy. They have children, but they don’t raise them. They let their mothers or nannies raise them. Always have to have their mothers &/or nannies with them on vacations, too. Why have any children at all if that’s the case? Cindy acts like it’s such a hassle to have ONE child with her. What would she have done if she had both children with her? Call her other nanny?! SMH. Some people aren’t meant to be parents, and Cindy is one of them. Children are cute. I had four, but they do require work & patience besides lots of LOVE. I know people who were smart, and made the right decision for not to have children. Cindy, your children are not like an accessory that you can just put back on a shelf when you tire of them. Those children will grow up thinking of their nannies as their parents more than Cindy. What a shame.

  17. G-sus said

    Hi ladies, hope everyone is having a great 4th weekend!

    @ Dani. I think Bravo thought she would be a Bethenny replacement. Career woman with new babies and a little sarcastic. Unfortunately, she isn’t the least bit funny, which is part of Bethenny’s appeal.

    @ MHJ I remember Kelly talking at the reunion how she turns off her “brain” and sometimes only hears parts of conversations. She also takes what Jill and Luann say literally. That’s why she thought Bethenny was trying to destroy her and that Alex was demonic last season. No doubt Jill and Luann were the reason that Kelly thought Ramona was attacking her in St. John last year as well. She is like a child. You tell her the boogie man is under her bed and she’ll sleep in the closet.
    IMO, she went to the restaurant being told what to say by Jill and Luann and had no intention of hearing anything Alex had to say.

  18. G-sus said

    One more comment before I go outside to throw the kids in the pool. This is the irony that makes me chuckle. Jill has been going on and on lately about how many followers she has and trying to solicit on twitter to get more (who does that by the way?) and says she writes an extended blog on her website with more details that Bravo edits out. Well, I took a look, for someone with supposedly 160K fans, how is it that she only has 25 comments on her blog? I wonder what they have to pump into the little bubble she lives in to make her think that anyone would be team Jill other than the people she pays to do her PR.

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @21 & 22 G-sus…I agree about Kelly. It sounded like all she wanted to do was vent to Alex, and she has absolutely no clue. I bet Jill and LuAnn tried to coach her, but she sounded more loony than usual. I know. How is that possible?! Also agree about Jill. She talks about all of her fans and followers, but I don’t see all the followers. I think she has to delete most of the comments. Looks like most comments all over are negative. She hasn’t learned from her mistakes, and hasn’t tried to change for the better.

  20. Bradie said

    LuAnn stop singing!!!! The “Countess / Count” is so boring, her and Jill have so badly aged – what’s with Jill’s new madonna look – grow up and come out of your midlife crisis. The Counts’ boyfriend looks like someone ran over david schwimmer and his accent is so hilarious. She needs to get a life and stop attacking everyone and acting so pompas and maybe she can land someone more attractive. Wait, that is funny, no matter how much they make her look like a glammed up younger woman (or they tried to do the glam shot in her awful video), her ugly personality comes out. I wish Alex would have just punched her in the face at lunch because I have no idea how anyone could sit there and listen to that ugly old bag talk like she is better than them. Just Insane. She needs to read some blogs and go to therapy because anyone who thinks like she does must be teaching their children these awful things. Can you imagine, 2 more people in this world walking around thinking they are a wonderful example when in fact they are the worst example for our youth. If a child were to repeat half the things Luann says to her “friends” they would be responsible for a ************** (Edited by Admin) I see why her husband left her.

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