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Real Housewives of New York Gossip With Carly Hall Radio 6/24

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 25, 2011



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Follow Carly on twitter to get updates for the call in number and location.  You can view her profile here as she post’s upcoming live podcast’s for Thursday late nights after WWHL airs.

Ok now that all done,  Carly has a Thursday night show after “Watch What Happens Live” and its a Radio call in show and tonight it was once again hosted by Lynn Hudson because Carly loves her blog 

I did call in again last night for the last 12 minutes or so.  I didn’t have any plans to call in since I have a household full of people and even was delayed in watching the show l and couldn’t catch up in time.   I did finish watching RHONY and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Bobby address Simon as having some involvement in Lynns blog above and nearly freaked out!  I checked to see if Carly and Lynn were still chatting and they certainly were..  Grabbed the phone and had to discuss with the ladies!!

Can you believe that Jill actually made Bobby think Simon and Alex where invested somehow in Lynn’s blog?  Is there no lengths Jill will go too, to play a victim?   Some of you may know that Jill sicked all her followers to attack Lynn months ago and call her employer and feed her back information.. No lie.    Be that as it may, this was a HUGE advertisement for Lynn’s blog and I couldn’t be happier for her.  The laughs on you JILL ZAAAARRRIN!!!!

My thoughts on the sweet sixteen parties are in the podcast.

If anyone wants to know what Jill has used to make people think Simon and Alex are involved in Lynn’s blog, read Alex’s Bravo blog post.  She explains it beautifully and honestly. 


Alex McCord Shed Some Light

Alex discusses tonight’s parties and the perils of cyberspace.



I have a household full of people folks and well get to our regularly scheduled blogging as soon as all the guest rooms are empty and spare blankets and pillows stowed away.  Tomorrow is another big day for entertaining for me.  Everyone,  have a great weekend!  Its been raining here like mad but it’s not stopping the fun.


8 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Gossip With Carly Hall Radio 6/24”


    PSSTTT ( it’s Olive )…!,,,,,when Bawby said that to Simon,,,,my mind instantly said Lynn Hudson! ok Bawby,,whatcha’ gonna’ do about it? This website was up last season and now Bawby is taking Simon to task for it? Jill’s last ditch effort,,because we know how she tried to bring down the “I hate Jill Zarin” blog.

    I got news for u LuAnn..if u have a party in a club and you think there is nothing for those kids to get drunk or high on,,u are fooling yourself….she is such an absent parent,,it’s sad…and the same goes for Avery,,but Avery doesn’t look like the party girl like Victoria does…but again when you are a kid,,u are very resourceful if you want to get drunk,,,,,they see the adults constantly with booze in their hands,,,,CONSTANTLY….so what message does that send?

    IJS..loved the show,,thank you…thank you,,have fun with your guests!


    OFF TOPIC!!!!!!! NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! I am so happy that the Gay Marriage law passed,,but not only that,,first state gay people can actually travel there and get married and it is the law…other states,,you must be a resident…WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

  3. G-sus said

    Here is a perfect example of how Jill fights dirty. A short while back Jill was tweeting about leaving Ally’s computer on a Delta Flight and basically hounding Delta via twitter to find the lost laptop. I don’t think it was ever found and Jill blamed Delta.

    Well, here is a recent tweet from Jill

    Jill Zarin
    @DeltaAssist @lisawexler Is it true Delta will ban people who have been to Israel or”look” jewish from traveling to SaudiArabia in new deal?
    22 hours ago via web

    WTH is wrong with this woman?

    Thought the kicker was Delta’s tweet back.

    @Jillzarin Delta does not condone discrimination & does not plan to codeshare or share FF benefits w/ Saudi Airlines. Thank you. ^CS
    22 hours ago via CoTweet

    And Delta also threw her inform your ignorant ass tweet

    @Jillzarin Please see link for more information. Thank you for your concern regarding this matter. ^CS
    22 hours ago via CoTweet

    This woman has serious issues.

    • G-Sus.. GREATS TWEETS TO CAPTURE THE HYPOCISY AND ARSEHOLENESS!! SHMOOCHES ME LOVE!! You are among the truthers. 😉 P.S. party winding down.. just 10 left and I give up.. opened the puter and need some calm.. ok.. how does putering make me calm? its a mystery to mee too. if I dont get back to normal soon. (blogging) I may turn into a housebot.. I have cooked too much this week more than a year that the normal family should expect.. adult kids that is.. .. lmaoo 😉

  4. G-sus said

    Glad you enjoyed your company IJS. I have a household full coming tomorrow for a party. Just finishing making the ice cream and I think I am set to go. Worst part is getting the house clean so it can get all messed up again.

    • G-Sus – had a great time and still looking around for dirty silverware or platters. The dishwasher is roaring and the house is sleeping.. its an amazing sound.. lol hope ur party goes well tomorrow and lets pray that I dont have to do any more last minute parties meself.. I am DONE!!! DONE!!! Even my daughter is done and she is only a guest.. wants to get back to her creature comforts and send kids to rooms and not come out for a WEEK!! lmfaoo. they are so adorable I cant even explain. Tomorrow I will love them to pieces and knowing Monday is the last day.. I will soak it all up and grab all the kisses and kisses and hugs I can get. Hope you have a wonderful time!

      Sorry readers I have not been bloggin.. but the last 7 days and 3 more is very important to me.. BABIES IN THE HOUSE!! 😉

  5. Saved a Wench Like Me said

    awww hope G-SUS and IJS ,,u both are having a great time…

    How in the world would DELTA be held accountable for something you forgot,,if someone,,this woman needs Accountability 101….I wonder what her sister truly thinks of Jill? She (sister) seems sane…lol

  6. G-sus said

    Thanks Olive, we had a great time. Even nice enough for a water fight.

    Well, of course Delta is responsible for Jill leaving the computer on the airplane, duh! LOL. Can you imagine what a nightmare she was to deal with? That customer service rep deserves a big fat raise.

    I don’t know about Jill’s sister. Haven’t seen enough of her to form an opinion. Though I think people around Jill just put up with her because it is easier than pissing her off, for obvious reasons.

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