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BrideZillas – Gabrielle & Kym

Posted by mackieandtheboys on June 24, 2011


I got bored so tuned into another Episode of “It’s My Day” Dammit  Bridezillas.   You must watch this show.   Anyone who has ever suffered a peach chiffon balloon gown secretly knows what this show confirms.  When you get that sweet call that announces you are just the best friend in the world and would you please be my bridesmaid, hang the phone up mid-sentence then immediately have the line disconnected.   What the bride is really saying to you is, “I need you to be my bitch and wear a fugly dress so that I’ll look good in comparison”.

The first bride this week is Gabrielle, a Teacher in Lakeland, FL.  We are also introduced to Matthew, the victim groom.  This is a match made in heaven.  These lovebirds met at a check cashing store.  You know that they are going to have a lot in common.

Remember, the women who are the closest to the bride.  Maid of Honor is Sister Katie.  Who is closer than a sister.  It was sweet when teacher Gabby schooled sis by telling her that she is bitchy, “just stand there look cute and get on with it.”

Gabby also has Bridesmaid Candice running her around town because Gabby is too broke to buy gas and she tells us that Candice is her whipping girl.  The Whipping Girl sees her chance to pull a fast one on sis Katie.  Candice wants to be MOH and with Katie being bitchy and all, she thinks she has a shot. She suggests the idea to Gabby while chauffeuring to shop for Honeymoon dresses As Gabby is headed for Jamaica; she shops at the Jamaican specialty shop.  She can’t afford anything but has negotiated a discount with the owner, (for television exposure).  Girlfriend tries on 112 dresses all white, none fit her “curvy” body but she selects $324 worth.  The owner gives a 10% discount but that doesn’t cut it so she gets him on the phone and he offers another 50.  Great 50% off, no, he means $50 off.  The best way to get the money is to berate GF Candice who really really wants to be the Maid of Honor.  Candice gives up the last of her money.

Now the two besties head off to the nail shop.  Gabby knows that Candice and sister Kate don’t get along so decides to play them a little.  Gabby needs food which Candice is expected to get for her. After all, Candice can’t afford to get her nails done.   Candice sulks a bit so Gabby tells heannounces, “you want to be my maid of honor, You ain’t acting like no Maid of honor” so that sister Katie can hear.  Katie is pissed.  Whipping Girl decides that she will fetch the food.  She leaves the Honeymoon clothing at the front door and heads out.  Now sis gets even.  She takes the clothes to show Gabby what an irresponsible mess Candice is.  Gabby figures it out in an instant and has to school sister again about looking cute and getting on with it.  Why does the bride have to work so hard to keep the servants in place?  Not Fair!

Next, we find that Gabby is putting that teacher’s paycheck, minus 10% check cashing fee, to good use.  She has hired Curlinda the wedding planner.    After Gabby has booked the pastry wrapped filet for the rehearsal dinner, she shows up at the caterer to meet Curlinda.  The dinner is tomorrow and the caterer has bought the food and started the prep.   Guess What, Gabby can’t pay the caterer.  She claims that even though she approved the menu and date weeks ago, she didn’t mean he should start until she told him to start.  Curly decides to do her a solid and pay for $150 – $200 if Matthew, the victim groom, will come up with the rest.  What wedding planner does that?  What  a sweetheart.   She gets on the phone and discovers that the groom never wanted a rehearsal dinner.  WHAT?  Gabby knew that.  WHAT? After the tears and screaming, Curly walks off saying she won’t be back for the rehearsal or wedding.  In a private interview with Gabby, she tells us that she “owns” Curly’s ass and she won’t walk out on the wedding.

Next week, let’s find out if a rehearsal dinner or wedding happens and if the serf wedding planner show’s up!


5 Responses to “BrideZillas – Gabrielle & Kym”

  1. Thanks Mackie!!!! You da bomb!

  2. NMhousewife said

    Great recap…you made me want to add this to my watch list… This and my big fat gypsy wedding.

  3. G-sus said

    Ok, who is Mackie? Introductions please, lol.
    I was an avid Bridezilla watcher the first 2 seasons, but then it turned a little too ugly. I may have to give another chance after reading your post.

    My advice on how not to be a Bridezilla. Get married in Hawaii, have a wedding planner do all the details and just sit back and enjoy. That’s what I did. Just picked out everything by email and everything turned out perfectly. Though I tend to be more laid back than some of these Type A crazy biatches on the show.

  4. G-sus said

    Thanks IJS! Hi Mackie, looking forward to reading your posts.

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