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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap Has Jay Mohr Lost His Mind??

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 21, 2011

Ok Folks.. I read Jay Mohr blogs.. what a dueche..   He is not balanced in his thoughts and after he annihilates Melissa and Joe but carefully tells us Joe is Zexy and I think Jay wants to do this dude and will tell them that their kids are beautiful..Maybe Jay wants to come out of the hetero closet?    Ugh Jay.. I see right through you camel toe dude..    You have a condition called I am loyal to last years bad ass, bad behavior person of the year.. and now you don’t like the new peeps.  You so transparent and your comments are way to biased.  As much as you slam the new Gorga’s, you have nothing to say about the Giudices except for fur.. ugh.. I see right through your camel toe Mr.  And its WIDE!!!    Jay.. are you sporting your womans camel toe?  Oh Chit.. that’s “Real Housewives of New York” and not Jersey.. Ok We see right through your Parkway..  I still recognize your toe..  WAIT!!  I forgot!!  you got no toe.. your low hanging fruit is telling…  deep and wide like a bat out of hell is gonna swing away for a home run..  Your Low Hanging fruit is not so sweet..  Its bitter like grandma’s grapefruit..  also it gives me the runs..

Yeah.. i'm an asshole I have no clue..

So we start off this show with Caroline starting her new gig..   Myself I don’t like a lot of in your face advice and now Caroline will enter her new life with a new gig on a radio show to share her life lessons..  If you get Caroline.. you will love the show..  She tawks heavy in your face and is quite abrasive.. but if your Jersey.. you may like it.. I am from Jersey.. and I am on the fence..  Caroline has good intentions.

The judgements against Teresa and Joe Giudice are now impending on the show..  What we saw months and blogs ago are now coming to light.. but make no mistake.. no real details except for fodder..  ugh..

Melissa is helping Joe dress to meet his sister and we have another view of the handsome Joe.  Seriously.. this dude is define and like a bottle of old wine!! 

Melissa is working hard to make this dude look good to meet his sister??  Kinda weird if you ask me. 

Teresa is doing the same.. WTF??  YOU ARE SIBLINGS!!! ITA NOT A FIRST DATE!!!!!  ugh..

Teresa is claiming that Melissa will twist words to her brother and I am now asking myself.   if you were so wronged.. why would you not address it?  If Melissa misrepresented you… would you not have an argue to the point??  WTH Teresa???   So you are saying that Melissa is bring poison to your family and now Joe should manage this?  you have no ability to manage this?  Don’t you want to confront this head on to have a relationship with your brother??  So let’s get this.  She is poison and now you do nothing?

Melissa kisses Joe off while he goes off to see his sister and she is sorta pissed?   Tells him to be positive but unless Teresa fesses up.. it wont be right.. 

Joe meets with Teresa and Teresa is clad in fur and serious lipstick and liner.. hey . I am being catty.   They talk bout Gina and the meet but who cares.   Joe brings the letter and reads the line that “Teresa was sorry on how I hurt your family”  Joe asks.. “Waddya mean by that?”  Teresa has no clue how to respond and is dumb struck.   Yep.. just dumb..   she tried to be a good person with big girl panties on and apologize for something she had no clue what her role was in this break down.  Now don’t get me wrong, it takes 2 too tangoo..  but alteast Teresa would know her part.  Nope.. She was too busy spending money that  bought her fur coat that got her there..

Funny Jay Morh didnt point this out..  what a douche..

Joe goes into the convo hard.. “don’t make a face” blah blah blah..  back to the christening..  both guys heating and we will never know who charged at who.. but we do know that Juicy Joe wont let this happen to his wife and Angry Joe aint gonna let this happen at his event..  It’s a show down.  Joe tells us this goes way back with juicy joe.  It’s clear that they had a relationship because Angry Joe built a house and Juicy Joe was not happy for the one up.  Teresa obviously has been heralding her brother as the man and now her man is not happy..   Hence the house from bankruptcy..   The House that took them down in the media and an impending sale of contents.  Not good..

Teresa tells us that even Kathy told her not to put her brother first but her own husband who should your knight is shining armour.  Not your brother.  Ok so why would your brother be at fault for you own mistake?  Teresa explain that to me and why would Kathy be wrong?

Teresa now tells Angry Joe that its Melissa’s fault.  The girl who worked hard to work her way through college and now Teresa tells us that Melissa is a Gold Digger because she was tired of working hard to make a life and snagged Angry Joe to lay on her back and reap the rewards..  Even after all these years..  she is still a gold digger who produced 3 kids and I don’t know any gold diggers who would have so many kids and still love their husband to death..  HEY!! IMAJUSTSAYING!!

What is up with Teresa talking about years ago where the marriage is still strong!!!!!  I DONT GET IT!!!!

Kathie and Richie are no longer Teresa’s friend as long as she did her hair but two-faced..  the worst that Kathy did was hang out with Melissa which is a snafu in Teresa’s eye’s.   If you will get with my frenemies.. then you is DEAD TO ME!!

Teresa said that Kathy did her a favor hanging with Melissa so she doesn’t have to hang with either of them.  Sorry Teresa’s… family is not that important to you after all.. quit saying that when you hate you own family and eventually say that the Manzo’s are your family and real family is not as impotent…    Lets not be hypocrites..

 Back to Joe and Teresa combating and now Teresa wants congrats to her book and Joe has no idea on the signings but Teresa tells him it’s on Facebook.  Umm.. Teresa he has no Facebook..  Maybe his wife does… but that not an invitation…   Dont you hate his wife?

Joe claims that  Teresa has never been an aunt..  people hurts people feelings…  and now we get the major diss..  Melissa wrote on a card for the housewarming party.. “Congrats on the RE-DONE home”  KILL ME NOW!!!!! Is that the diss?

Then there is  loan thing. . blah blah blah.. who really cares??  why are we so interested??  AND WHO CARED?!?!??!?

Shame on Mommy and Daddy and what the hell??!??!?!??!

Theresa wants love back..  kiss me ass and then I will love you back.. wth.. I don’t get this whole exchange..

How do we fix this??

Joey.. call my wife..  fix it..  I have a head ache.. shmooch

Kathy and hubby go to dinner to a family friends house and Melissa and Joe attend.    I have to say the criss crossed table runners was a new thing for me…  now onto the dinner convo..

Joe seemed really concerned for his sister and mother.. Melissa is a bit angry..

Kathy seems to know a bit more than we know..

They speak of Joe and Teresa talking..   Joe says something very interesting..  Teresa controls her mother…  How important is that..  the daughter is always close with the mother..   the son is usually estranged.. but not in this case… I don’t know.. 

Melissa claims she will bury the hatchet but she concerns..  Joe thinks Teresa is maybe or not genuine..  Kathy wants to know if Teresa is genuine is talking.. tawking.. its killin me now..

Melissa exclaims she dont want a ho down.  but until you kick me in the head again? 

Kathy wants Teresa accountable due to the sandbox experience..   no peeing in the sandbox dude.. it aint right…

Joe at this point is avoiding all the bankruptcy issues and wont even speak about it..

Caroline at this point is not loving life but will be soon..  She is freaked out about her new gig and gets her big panties on and just rocks it.. you go Caroline….  just make sure you give advice when it’s solicited..

 Teresa goes to Jacs house and is totally making the family issue Melissa’s issue when we know damn well its Tersa’s issue that her brother whom she loves has a new woman in his life and Teresa is really strange about that.  Its clear Teresa has issues’s with her brothers wife because she exists’s and now we have issue’s with cookies and an card.  They both have issues on how they deal with eatch other and the core issue is never resolved and how the hell does Teresa call her SIL a gold digger and how will that help to med the ways??!?  This is getting ugly..  Melissa now has three kids with her brother and if you cant get over you initial issues that divided this family or even inflame issues is truly disgusting.  Melissa on the other hand needs to let go of these issues and just be a bigger person since Teresa wants slappy times with her big brother.  Its all disgusting to me..

 The issues to me are so petty but the biggest issues to me are territorial.    Teresa pissed on her brothers leg..  and now Melissa married it..    Teresa is pissed off that Melissa is banging it..  done..


47 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap Has Jay Mohr Lost His Mind??”

  1. Dy said

    Jay Mohr is hysterical, and has the best blog out there..He sees right threw Melissa and the Teresa haters hate it. Also he rips on all of them at one time or another .Bet if it were the other way around..He would be a God to them.. I read alot of Blogs and they are are biased every last one of them, some sickenly so epecially the ones that think it is just fine and wonderful that Teresas family comes on and disrespects her and her aging parents..Anyone that thinks it is fine and great to do that to family has no idea what family is about.. Melissa ,Joey, and Kathy are the scum of the earth..going on national tv to air family dirty laundry, hurt their family direspect their aging family is wrong on every level.. they should be ashamed

  2. Dy said

    Has anyone heard the jackass Joey apologize for calling his sister garbage, f”ing garbage, a m’f’er..Screaming at his sick father and ruining his own childs christenning..But Teresa is suppose to apologize for freakin breathing around his obnoxious, martyr player wife..Has Kathy ever once shown Teresa the compassion that she has shown Melissa and Joey, has she or Melissa ever once mentioned in their blogs what he said to his sister and how he treated her parents?? Ask asking.. Joey has no freakin idea why he is mad at his sister, he was all over the place at that sit down, throwing things out hoping they would stick..He needed his wife there in his ear ( like she is all the time) to tell tell word for word, what Teresa has done to poor Melisssa, never mind that she has done the same thing..Idiots

  3. Dy said

    First the goof Melissa blames Bravo for editing to make her look bad..LMAO..They can’t edit what comes out of your mouth you moron..Now you have Joey crying about Jay Mohr..Oh boo hoo.. What an ass… Way to bite that hand that feeds you..You don’t blame Bravo, for YOU being as ass and catching all the bs you spew, and you don’t tell them who to have write Blogs.. Newbie, jerks!!

  4. BobLHead said

    I was watching this last night with the roomie, we both looked at each other and knew…..this season sucks.

  5. G-sus said

    I agree BobL, there is almost too much stupidity for one person to be able to stand. How much time can you dedicate to 4 people (Joe, Melissa, Joe and Teresa) acting like complete narcissitic assholes? The real reason they don’t get along………..they are all the same person.

    Even Caroline is making me yawn this season.

  6. Dy said

    Yep the whole season is going to be the Giudice/Gorga/ Walkile..can’t stand each other show.. Ugh..But I’ll watch..Can’t miss Jerrsey!!

  7. GingerTee said

    Hey Dy how are you. I love Jay Mohr’s blogs, they are a hoot

  8. Dy said

    Ginger!!!! Yay!!!! xo

    I love Love Love Jay’s Blogs..He’s the best!!! Freakin hysterical,and sees Melissa for what she is!!

    The Teresa haters hate him, it’s so funny!!..Bwaaaah!!!! lmao!!

  9. TC said

    Have to respectfully disagree with you about Jay Mohr’s blogs….they are a LOT more entertaining than the actual episode 🙂

  10. BobLHead said

    @TC, but then again, watching paint dry is more entertaining than the actual show.

  11. Dy said

    Bob!!!! .. Hi babydoll..Not liking Jersey huh??

  12. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Jay is a comedian and if he can find something,,anything funny about this season,,then he is a freaking genius,,,
    as Caroline says in one of the promos..they are trying to out “FABULOUS” each other. Not good in any relationship
    even worse in a family situation,,much worse. Gotta’ say,,I think it was a big deal that Teresa got on TV,,I could
    Melissa pouting,,,Joe,,why can’t I be on TV? I sing,,I am fabulous,,your sister doesn’t derve it blah blah blah,,
    my opinion

  13. Dy said

    Hi Olive!!

  14. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hi Dy xoxox!!!!! I am having a heck of a time with this new set up..I can’t comment from work,,..

    Hugs!!!!!!!!!! Tonite is New York nite,,,,bring da’ drama,,hahahaha

  15. BobLHead said

    Hey Dy….frankly, it’s boring me to tears. I’m all about True Blood starting Sunday!

  16. GingerTee said

    Sorry but major storms and power outage in Chicago, anyway, reading Jay’s blog is like the best standup comedy.

    Hey D, BobL and all

  17. Dy said

    Hi Ginger… Wow are you ok?? I hope so… So what are you think of Jersey?? I know you can tell from my posts what I And what I think of Jay Mohr..I love his humor and honesty..He will probably go after Teresa soon and that will be fine, he will at least be honest, not like so many bloggers that hate her and thinks she deserves the crap her brother and sil,and cousin are doing to her :(.. But I just love that he calls Melissa out!!! lmao!!

  18. Oy Vey said

    Ok, after reading all of these I have to give up my boycott of Bravo’s website and check out Jay’s blog.

  19. Rosie said

    Hi all!! BobL, Olive, Gingertee, Dy.. And everyone. 🙂
    I’ve been Mia for a while, I hope you are all well!!

    I DO like Jay’s blogs. Hilarious!
    I just watched NY. Does anyone know what blog Simon was involved with? Or what was going on with that? They mentioned he was blogging.. Or was Bobby confusing it with tweets?

  20. Oy Vey said

    And, is Andy wearing socks? It doesn’t look like it, but then again his tie blinded me for a few.

  21. Rosie said

    Hi Oy vey! They are good!
    I hope you are well!

  22. Oy Vey said

    Hi Rosie! I was wondering about that too. Bobby said someone told him while he was getting dressed, so who could that have been?

  23. Rosie said

    Oy.. Andy hasn’t been wearing socks lately.. Lol

  24. Oy Vey said

    I’m doing ok. Getting better, well at least the doctor’s say I am, LOL!

  25. Oy Vey said

    That’s just weird and looks dumb with his suits. What a nut.

  26. Rosie said

    Oy!! How are you Sweetie?
    I’m dying to know what was up with that.. Sounds intriguing.

  27. Rosie said

    Oy.. Omg. That’s so good. Things are looking better?

  28. Oy Vey said

    Yes things are going better. I’m still doing chemo, but I take pills now so the side affects aren’t quite as bad. The tumor in my lung has shrunk, went from about the size of a softball to now it’s about the size of a quarter. So chemo worked and hopefully will keep working.

  29. Oy Vey said

    Family on their way home, gotta feed them. Talk to you later, and have a great night.

  30. Rosie said

    Oy.. That’s so good to hear! Keep positive.
    Have a great night too!

  31. Rosie said

    Ok, I just found the answer to my question @19. It was the LH/IHJZ blog.
    Alex explains it on her Bravo blog for tonight’s episode..

  32. Coffee First said

    I LOVE IT! BAWBY is complaining about a ‘hate’ blog that Simon has nothing to do with!! WTF?

    LOL. Go Lynn! LMAO

  33. Coffee First said

    Best to you Oy Vey! Sending well wishes your way!

  34. Rosie said

    @32 Coffee..
    Lol. Remember last year when Simon/Alex were in Chicago on their book tour.. They went to a blogger party, hosted by LH. That’s it.
    Somehow Bobby thinks they are writing for the blog, and are part owners. Lmao!

  35. Dy said

    Alex and Simon are friends of LH.She swoons all over them on her blogs and on twiitter. she has met them at a book signing or whatever and they are good buddies on twiiter and stuff.. Well big deal.. Ony trouble is if I were Bobby, and there is some nut out there that has blog entitlled I HATE jILL ZAZIN and beleive me she does, just read her blogs..oy.. i would be concerned, really, and I don’t know that I would trust Alex and Simon.. I’m just putting it out there, I really do not like any of them. but especially a person that has a blog hating, hating a housewive, that gets that wrapped up in this houewive that she actually hates her..smh!!!! when her blogs aren’t dediciated to the demise and down fall of jill zain( lol) they are actually pretty good, but very very biased, (her opionion,) but its the only one that

  36. Dy said



  37. […] […]

  38. Dy said

    In my opinion ,Bobby just might be concerned that Alex and Simon support an Blog/ Writer that HATES his wife( a follower castmate) ..Can’t say I blame him.. Just like to me, it is awful that Bethenny supports said Blog/ Writer( a former catmate, and dear friend at one time)..Hey this is just my opinion. 😉

  39. new blogger said

    I hate jill zarin..congrats to lynn chicago on being mentioned by non other than jill zarins husband….bahhhhahhhaabaaahaa

  40. Dy said

    Yea, but not in a good way..Kinda sick that someone that doesn’t know you and has done nothing to you or your family creates a blog to HATE,HATE, reality tv show bravolebrity..SMH

  41. reluctantreader said

    imajustsayin: um, it’s spelled “douche” mkay?
    Pick on Jay for his opinion all you want, but good lord he sure writes better than you. I honestly can’t believe LH from IHJZ blog actually linked to this crap..BOOOOOO!!!

  42. Dy said

    @41 That wasn’t very nice, so what ijs spelled a word wrong :/

  43. G-sus said

    My opinion. If the blog was called I Dislike Jill Zarin Very Much, I am not sure it would get very much attention.

    To me it is typical Jill Zarin behavior. Her behavior is okay when she does things like call Alex a “f-ing bitch” and goes on Amazon and write bad reviews about Alex’s book, but when the tables are turned she cries *cyber bullying* and runs to Bawby. I don’t blame Bobby in this situation, but maybe he needs to open his eyes and see that Jill brings a lot of this upon herself.
    Jill twitters nasty comments about Simon, Alex and Ramona all the time, yet if Alex and Simon tweet with a blogger, then it’s like chicken little, the sky is falling. Not to mention that it is obvious she exaggerated to Bobby what Silex’s association with Lynn was. Also typical Jill behavior.

    Don’t be fooled, Jill and Luann, with the help of mindless Kelly, have obviously decided to throw all the crap they can at Ramona and Alex this season in the hope that some of it sticks. Jill fights dirty and she is doing everything she can to try to make someone else look like the bigger mean girl this season.

    Also keep in mind that Jill’s PR team had managed recently to direct links for IHJZ directly to Jill’s website. So is it any surprise that this was brought up on the show?

    Watch out we are all about to be PR punked.

  44. Dy said

    Hey G. Do you think it is right to have a blog that HATES a housewive, I mean HATES her..A housewive that has done nothing to this person or their family personally? I mean really this person can do what she wants more power to her, but to me, Wow..just Wow!!!

  45. G-sus said

    No Dy, the name of her blog doesn’t bother me at all. Don’t know why the blog name is a big deal when someone like Jill seems to make it her mission to say as many mean and hateful things about Alex and others. She has gone on TV with a much bigger audience and professed “I hate Alex McCord” as well as doing things like I mentioned above @43.

    There are tons of sites on facebook that are dedicated to hating different housewives. It happens when you go on reality TV and act like a horse’s ass. Simon and Alex have them as well. They just don’t go around complaining about it.

    It’s like the saying goes, “if you dish it out, you better be able to take it”. Jill dishes it out, but cries victim if any is thrown back at her. Worst housewife personality trait as far as I am concerned.

  46. Dy said

    I guess I feel differently…The name really bothers me, plus the content, HATE is such a strong word.and to use it for a person that has done nothing to you/ your family Wow..Well I have no words..I mean Jill has done some crazy things no doubt, but she has done them to Alex and Bethenny,( not to this woman) and they have never ever used that word to or about her..What has Jill done to this woman? Dear Lord…SMH!!!

  47. […] […]

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