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Real Housewives of New York Preview – Debt Becomes Her

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 16, 2011

Hope this episode, Cindy finds her teeth where she placed her hangers, LuMann finds some humility (doubt it), Alex finds her voice, Sonja finds her undies, Jill finds an ounce of truth and Ramona find the Pinot LuMann stole from her suitcase.

Tonight on Real Housewives, the ladies wake to their final hours in Morocco. Packing is the order of the day, but Jill and Ramona find time to try to patch up their hot mess of a relationship.   Before long, however, anger toward Ramona comes from someone else.  Calmer heads prevail, and the ladies reminisce about their exotic getaway while anticipating a return home.

Sonja also reveals her issues with debt and bankruptcy and Ramona and Mario get’s into a massaging mood.

Last week afer Thursday episode, Jill tweeted that she witnessed soft porn that made her sick for tonight’s episode.  Jill is taking a chapter in LuMann’s book of chit stirring and serving it up.  The preview below (if this is the scene) is Ramona giving Mario a foot massage.  If that is disgusting to Jill, then I can only imagine she has sexy times with her eyes closed, the lights out and praying for a head ache. 

Once the preview below finishes, you will have the opportunity to view other previews and videos.

I will not be recapping since I am expecting family any time soon for a couple of weeks and I am still cleaning like a mad woman..  

Have fun folks!  Any takers for a recap let me know!



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23 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – Debt Becomes Her”

  1. G-sus said

    10 minutes into tonight’s episode. All I can say is thank you to whoever made the remote control with a fast forward button else my eyes may be bleeding.

  2. G-sus said

    Jill lost a million dollar endorsement with Kodak? What kind of la la land does she live in? Too bad Microsoft or Amex didn’t sign her before a girdle company got a hold of her star power, lol.
    And I got the distinct impression that Luann should have been talking to a mirror instead of Alex during their lunch. Let her fight her own battles? Mind your own business? Don’t lecture me? How ironic was that conversation?
    Alex should stick to just fighting with these ladies in her interviews. In person she is a disaster.

    • G-Sus.. I cant believe Jill would accuse Ramona of losing a multimillion dollar account and still be friends? RHONY doesnt pay you that much to cohort with these women.. ugh


    pssst it’s Olive,,I couldn’t resist the name…

    Kodak is antiquated,,they filed chapter 11 or something so I doubt if Jill would have a million dollar deal,,and what did Ramona do for her to lose ANY deal? Kodak is in not so great shape along with Blockbuster ,,Sears,,and a lot of older companies that the millinium is passing by…they did not offer her or anyone any million dollar deals…these women…I swear they live in some fantasy world…When Kelly says that LuAnn was a great hostess and Jill is so this and that,,I wonder am I watching the same show?? Oh did u see the dude taking the pic at Kelly’s? He’s the one she was photographed with who looked better than her…does anyone remember that?

    I think when Alex said gee,,,that was really rude to LULU,,I saw a flicker of something on LuLu’s face,,,like a little hurt,,not so haughty,,not so how dare u,,and I’m cheering Alex on,,go Alex,,Go..but again I say Alex had a great up bringing,,anyone else would have thrown water in that broad’s face already,,,Cat has her so pegged.

    Cindy is just a poor excuse for a person,,I don’t know,,the girl finds no joy in anything,,I laughed my butt off that Sonja cut her out of the pics,,I know,,I know,,I’m evil,,but was too funny how Sonja did it so passive aggressive,,,lol.
    I can’t post at work and I was busting ,,wanting to get this all out

  4. Dy said

    @4 S.A..W./ Olive…Freaking love the name!!!! OMG!!!… i can’t can not stand that Bitche and her cackling sisters and that 2 faced cousin Kathy!!! lol!!

    Ramona having that much influence on The Yenta’a deal..I call b.s. Yenta..

    I think the back and forth with AlAss and DLuLu was hysterical, they both got jabs in..still thought the best line was even L.V. makes mistakes( ummm ya he does, have ya seen some of his bags, they are the worst, lol)

  5. Dani said

    I don’t ever want to be privy to another sex scene initiated by any of these housewives. That was truly cringe worthy.

    Agree about Jill and her questionable million dollar deal. Jill is the master of exaggeration and yet proof again how she holds on to these old perceived slights. Probably has that recorded in her notes somewhere. Jill only wants to hear good things at all times. She has absolutely no tolerance for anybody speaking honestly with her and it is a great downfall of hers but she is too self absorbed to get that.

    Now cut to LuAnn who has absolutely perfected being a bitch. Gotta admit, nobody does it better than her. And I really can’t take another scene with Alex attempting to spit her words out. God, it is painful to watch and I don’t dislike Alex. She made some good points but she is definitely an outsider in this cast. I don’t think any of these ladies truly accept her as an equal and she still always appears to be trying to break into the secret girls’ club. In just one of these encounters, I would love to see her give the finger and turn and walk away. That’s an universal language and there would be no need to ramble on to people who could care less what you are espousing.

    Hi everyone. Olive, aka wench. LOL.

  6. Dy said

    Hi Dani..I agree nobody does it better than DLuLu..AlAss, just gets too emotional, she has got to learn to” never let them see you sweat”..She isn’t cool enough..She did get some jabs in so I have tio give her props, but she is out of her league with her LuLu and Sonja they have bitch moves down to a science bless thier hearts..I would love to have cocktails with both of them!! lol

  7. Dani said

    Hi Dy.

    LuAnn had the best line this show with even LV makes mistakes and Sonja had the best behind your back, in your face move with cutting Cindy out of the pics.

    Alex has good intentions but just always comes up short. Oh well at least she didn’t break out in hives this time. Guess that is progress on some level.

  8. Dy said

    @8 Hi Dani!!

    It was wasn’t it..Classic!! And Sonja cutting Cindy out of the pictures, I freakin loved it!!! Bwaaah!!!..Yea poor AlAss,she tries. but like I said she just isn’t cool

  9. Dani said

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Who was the dude with the long hair hanging out with the Kellmeister? Anyone know? Odd how Bravo just plops someone in a scene and we get no explanation to who they are. Maybe I missed something. Just curious.

    Another thing I found amusing. The tags left on Sonja’s clothes. Why do I have the feeling she is wearing the clothes and returning them. I did actually feel sorry for her about her financial issues. Isn’t there some up and coming designer who could use Sonja as his muse to promote his/her clothing line so she could retain her dignity regarding her wardrobe. I felt like they were trying to turn her into some sort of poor pathetic bag lady this show.

  10. Dy said

    Hi Dani

    Some one said on another site that that was her stylist/ hair dresser.. Ihave that feeling about Sonja too, with the clothes,( i felt bad too the bag lady thing 😦 .. I also think she knows more and there is more to her financial situation,and i feel bad that it has all come out during filming and she was questioned like she was.. i feel that way about any of these housewives, even the Guidices..There is alot that these people can not talk about because ofthe leagalities( sp) so everyone thinks they are lying and such..They have to be evasive ya know.

  11. Dani said

    Spot on Dy. And I don’t think having money always makes for such an easy life. When rich people fall, they just have farther to fall. Sonja doesn’t strike me as someone who has lavishly overspent but perhaps just made some bad buisiness decisions or her mess might also be tied up in her divorce. Whereas the OC crowd seems to be a bit more shiftly with their money. Kind of playing the shell game so to speak with their money or lack of money.

  12. Dy said

    @12 I agree Dani.. They say more money more problems..there are rumors now that bethenny’s co author on her books is going after her, funny now that she has money the vulutres are coming out, it will be interesting.. Actually alot of people go through alot of what these people on these reality shows do, we just don’t hear about all of them, shifty ,shell games.all the crap… not to say it is right, but it is not un heard of. pretty common


    Hi Dy Hi Dani xoxoxo

    The dude that was in Kelly’s house,,,there were pictures of the 2 of them maybe a year ago,,and she was being all cutesy with him,,I remember because I commented the Aerosmith song,,Dude Looks Like a Lady…..

    I soooo agree with you both,,what I would have loved to see was after Alex said a few things ,,,just get up calmly and say ” ok,,I’m finished ,,,pick up the check when you leave”,,,,or just say “u are dismissed”,,this would be drama heard round the world,,,Lu Ann’s head would explode,,,,how could ANYONE be that rude to HER???

    And I got news for ya LuLu..Jaques’s accent is the cliche French Pepe LePew accent..he doesn’t need to make fun of any other ethicity..just listening to him kill the English language makes me “smile” as you say girlfriend.

    I think I feel worse about Sonja’s financial problems,then any of the others…..she is frugal…she’s proven it over and over,,just look at the poor woman’s toaster oven hahaha….but seriously,,I think she got taken for a ride on financial advice,,,but seems like she was successful before her marriage to Morgan and she will bounce back,,I wasn’t liking her at the beginning of the season,,I thought uh oh..sophomore stardom,,,,,but she seems to be back to the funny Sonja….OMG…I love the picture thing with Cindy,,so calm,,so collected and such a bitch,,,I must put that one away in my bitch bank to pull out some day and use…lol


    oh and “getting in the middle of Ramona’s and I’s businees”…tsk tsk Countess,,,,Correct grammar should be your next book.

  15. Dy said

    Hi Wench!! ( tee heezzz0

    Nah..AlAss could never do that..she is not cool enough..LuLu and Sonja would do that to her every time..Sorry no one does Bitch Move better than LuLu andSonja..AlAss would /could never ver dismiss Lulu..LOL


    I know Dy,,but a wench can dream,,hahahaha..isn’t it great we can make fun of these women…if that is THE LIFE,,,let me have my boring lil’ life,,,

    Still love how cool Sonya was with the pictures,,still cracking up on that one.

  17. Dy said

    I know sweetheart.. i was actually proud of AlAss, she did get some jabs in, but she is like the geek from high school, that no one takes seriously, cause well she is just… oh sonja, and her bitch it!! all with that grin on her face..funny thing everyone gets up an arms about lulu, well lulu has been the same since season one. she has always been a condecsending passive agressive bitch,always, always with a high opinion of herself. she has never ever changed..same with ramona, she has always always been a nut wit h no filter anda heart..guess that is why i have always liked them both..they have never changed.. i have always liked sonja too.. lol


    Very true,,Dy,,,so very true,,,u are spot on xoxoxo


    oh oh ,,one more…with Kelly,,she’s like a box a chocolates,,u never know what you are gonna’ get….
    Run Forrest Run!,,haha

  20. Dy said

    @20 Oh Wench…How I Love ya!!!! xoxo


    And Dy,,I love u back,,,,XOXOXOXO


    Happy Father’s Day to all the men who watch these shows with their wivess

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