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Update with Mug Shot! Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki Gunvelson’s New Boyfriend a Deadbeat Dad?

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 15, 2011

Radaronline is reporting that Vicki Gunvelson’s new man in her life is a dead beat dad too two other women?  One his ex-wife and another a girlfriend..  read below..    This allegation is  very interesting due to Vicky’s constant berating of Slade Smiley’s back child support payments.    Also what is interesting is the date of the letter.   It’s a few months before Vicki filed for divorce and is now using the Tamra Barney excuse that “we were friend’s before we dated”.   One can not throw stones whom live in glass houses.

Also below is Vicki’s statement.

Real Housewife of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is dating a ‘deadbeat dad’ who owes tens of thousands of dollars to two scorned exes.

Vicki, who last year filed for divorce from second husband Donn after 17 years of marriage, has been stepping out with Brooks Ayers, as previously reported.

But the one secret she’s not showing off is Brooks’ dark past. has exclusively obtained court documents that reveal Brooks’ was twice arrested by police in Alabama and Mississippi last year for failing to meet his child support obligations to estranged wife Kim.

It’s claimed he owes about $40,000, in total, to her and another woman: his ex-girlfriend, Nicolette Catanzarite from Indianapolis, IN., with whom he has a son.

What’s more, we’ve also learned Vicki even leant her famous name to her beau’s case in a desperate bid to bail him out of his financial disaster.

“I am a personal friend of (David) Brooks Ayers and am acting on his behalf at this time,” the reality star wrote in an August 30 letter to a Mississippi judge, pleading for him to be released from jail.

It was written almost TWO MONTHS before Gunvalson filed divorce papers from husband Donn and while the pair was still living together at her Coto de Caza, Calif., home.

Their divorce is still pending.

“Due to the fact I live in California, I am unable to deliver this request personally,” Gunvalson added in her missive to the court.

“This letter is requesting a hearing before a judge as soon as possible.”

In an exclusive interview, Brooks’ estranged wife Kim, with whom he has three children, said she was fighting for what her shattered family was owed in lost alimony.

“My ex-husband has a history of cheating,” she claimed, citing as proof her husband’s illegitimate child with Nicolette, 16-month-old Joey.

“I’m offended by adultery — it’s not right.”

Brooks and Kim had been married for over 20 years when he suddenly filed for divorce four years ago. However, the divorce was not granted at the time he embarked on his new relationship.

“I don’t want him back,” Kim told “What I want is the child support. He ought to do the right thing and take care of his kids.”

She also warned Vicki: “Sometimes you don’t know people. You have a choice to make. Do your homework! It’s not hard.”

The other woman in this complicated love triangle, Nicolette, told that she began a relationship with Brooks under the pretense that he was “legally separated” from Kim.

“I once thought of Brooks just what Vicki said on the show; he was the sweetest southern guy in the whole wide world,” she said in an exclusive interview from her home.

“But over the last two and a half years, I have slowly realized things weren’t right. He’s the catch-me-if-you-can type of guy. He’s definitely a deadbeat dad.”

Nicolette claimed she is owed $900 a month plus $19000 in arrearages.

She charged: “I want the bastard to pay child support!”


The deadbeat dad case carries more than a hint of irony for Vicki, who was been an outspoken critic of co-star Gretchen Rossi‘s boyfriend Slade Smiley, who as previously reported, owes a whopping $138,857.64 in unpaid child support.

When contacted for comment, Brooks’ lawyer said he had asked a court to modify spousal and child support in the case of Kim.

He conceded the amount his client owed was “subject to debate” and added “it’s now up to to the court to soon decide.”

But since Brooks was released from jail in September, he has paid $20,000 to Kim bringing the total of $90,000 over the past four years ago, attorney Ben Logan said.


Update!  RadarOnline has now obtained the mugshot that you have been waiting for.. lol

Brooks Ayers, the new boyfriend of Real Housewives Of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is a ‘deadbeat dad’ who owes thousands of dollars in child support to TWO separate women — and now we have the mug shot to prove it!

Ayers’ mug shot was taken on August 29, 2010 at the Lee County Jail where he was incarcerated for failure to pay child support.


14 Responses to “Update with Mug Shot! Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki Gunvelson’s New Boyfriend a Deadbeat Dad?”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Karma is a bitch,,,Vicki Vicki,,Vicki *SMH,,,,,a sucker born every day,,,,I don’t know,,but she always seemed like she felt superior,,that she was above all the regular stuff others go thru,,,,OMG if this is true,,no wonder her daughter is pissed at her.

  2. G-Sus said

    Well, isn’t that a liitle gift from baby jesus, You’re right Olive, karma at it’s finest.

  3. G-sus said

    Two things. First, what Mississippi judge is going to be swayed by a letter from d-list reality show star? And secondly, he has a 16 month old son AND he’s not even divorced yet? Wow, way to pick a winner Vicki. And you left Donn for this?

  4. Dani said

    Vicki is in the haze. She obviously is not thinking clearly right now if she ever did. Has anyone else been reading that this is the guy (Donn look alike), she met on her trip w/Tamra in Cabo. Remember the scene in the pool? If that is the case, the timeline is a bit fishy. Kinda makes one scratch your head, hmmm.

  5. cali56 said

    this just makes you go hmmmmmm…..!
    That is the same guy in Cabo, when Vicki and tamra were there. So, that means she did cheat on Donn, and explains why she was so cold, and abrasive, claiming she’s mad a Donn for the way he behaved at Peggy’s party.
    Excuses, excuses Vicki, and most ironic that this guy lives with Eddie! Kharma indeed is a bitch!

  6. KurlyHairedB said

    Wonder why TamTam didn’t uncover this in all her investigation of her fellow castmates? Oh, thats right, she has her head so far up Vickis behind that she believes the Vickster is perfect.

    I’m sure that TamTam and Vickster will all say that its just a misunderstanding and that NewGuy is suffering from the economic meltdown and is wanting a reduction in child support. Hmmm.. Sound familiar? That is what Slade is saying also. But slade has to be a big fat liar and only friends of TamTam/Vickster could be telling the truth.

    Cannot stand the hypocrisy of the 2 of them.

  7. Debbie said

    Vicki’s letter to the court was written in August 2010. Does anyone know when Vicki filed for divorce and when the Cabo trip was?

  8. Dy said

    When are ALL these Goofy Housewives gonna learn to shut their mouths about each others personal business?? It all comes back on them one way or another.. Geeze!! None of them are perfect, not one of them!! They all have crap going on past and present who they know, who they were married to, their finances, etc.. UGH!!!

  9. Designdiva said

    okay gals..this Brooks guy IS NOT the cabo guy…go look atthe photos onn bravo website of tampon and icky in the pool…cabo guy is taller and thinner and I think better looking than this Miss,,mud slinger…..
    that is all

  10. G-sus said

    So funny that he lives with Eddie. Thought Vicki wanted a career-minded fella to be the ying for her ying? Guess she got a dead-beat dad who can’t afford his own place. She should have stuck with Donn, he was the yang.
    All of these idiots are deep in their mid-life crisis. Both Tamra and Vicki were married during their early 20s, so they are reliving their long-lost sorority days.

  11. Roberta said

    vicki, u didn’t think it all the way through-otherwise you would have tried a little bit harder with Don for your marriage. You always worked so hard at work for all you wanted and giving up was not something you did EVER unless you tried your hardest and did your best and you felt good about knowing u did all that so u could let it go,give it up with no regrets , and walk away from it with yr head held high and a smile on your face, because you gave it yr best and did it with grace and kindness. Did u do all that with Don before u walked away? When u left was yr head held high? From a caring FAN


    tsk tsk Vicki,,I knew you got your love tank filled uber fast,,,,at the price of a gallon of love,,you had to go for the lower love,,,not premium….*evil laugh,,,,,

  13. sue said

    Vicki just pay all his bills and live happily ever after !!!! If you are happy and have money use it and go for the fun you have left in your life. Life is short times are tough so pay the bills for and lend a helping hand to a family who needs their child support!!

  14. sue said

    At our age love is hard to find and even if he is not perfect in everyone’s eyes who cares. He makes you happy and just enjoy your time together. As long as he takes care of the kids and sees them when he is allowed and they are taken care of mentally, emotionally, and financially go for it. Let the world judge you but you only have to answer to yourself and when you wake up each morning and feel good you know you have done your job and both of your children are grown and contribute to society you have done your job. I am proud of you

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