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MORE*** UPDATES** Law Suits Filed on Real Housewives of New Jersey and Bravo for the Punta Cana Brawl!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 13, 2011

Holy KRIKE!!!  Brava says camera’s were NOT rolling when the brawl in Punta Cana broke out!  Not sure what the means..   dudes beat up said that cast members & producers were over served..    Doesnt mean camera’s were running and no need for initial release forms for anyone.   This is gonna git inneresting!!!
Bravo’s Statement:
“Bravo has not seen a copy of the complaint so we cannot comment on the specifics. We can, however correct the misstatements that were reported. The Real Housewives of New Jersey was NOT taping at the time the incident occurred. We believe that the settlement agreements both the plaintiffs and their lawyers previously negotiated and signed will be enforced and these claims are completely without merit.”
The Post is reporting on the newly filed lawsuits on Bravo and Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members.    Here are the deets:

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” are in hot water after allegedly beating up a cop while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Several members of the cast have been accused of beating up and injuring an Illinois cop and his cousin earlier this year during a raucous brawl at a posh Punta Cana resort, according to two lawsuits made public today.

Adolfo Arreola, who works for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s police department, suffered a broken arm, blurred vision, cuts and bruises after some members of the cast “savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped” on him, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Cop sues 'Real Housewives' cast over bar fight

LEFT: Joe Guidice and Teresa Giudice attend the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 3 viewing and "Fabulicious" Cookbook launch party at Tribeca Night Club on May 16, 2011 in Fort Lee, New Jersey. RIGHT: Adolfo Arreola's injuries in a photo provided by Arreola. Arreola and his cousin, Jason Gomez, were allegedly attacked and beaten in February by the cast from the reality TV show the Real Housewives of New Jersey while the show was filming in the Dominican Republic. (Left: Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images | Right: Photo courtesy Adolfo Arreola)

 He also claims that a glass was smashed over his head.

Arreola’s cousin, Jason Gomez, suffered a broken leg and a torn MCL in the melee, according to the newspaper.

The cousins both filed lawsuits in New York and Miami alleging that they and their families were at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino bar on Feb. 23 when Teresa Giudice sprayed champagne on Arreola’s mother-in-law.

After Arreola said he confronted Giudice, he was attacked by cast members that included her husband, Joe, and Albert and Christopher Manzo, the sons of cast member Caroline Manzo.

In the suits, Arreola and Gomez allege that that the cast and crew had been served “excessive amounts of alcohol” at the bar and became “intoxicated, belligerent and rowdy.”

Bravo, the cable channel that airs the show, is named in the complaint.

A Bravo spokesman declined comment.

The men have also sued the Hard Rock Hotel’s parent company in Miami alleging negligent security.

Ricardo Cata, a lawyer for the hotel, told the newspaper that the Hard Rock “did everything it was supposed to do and responded appropriately and took care of the guests in the appropriate manner.”

Joe Giudice has gotten in trouble with the law in the past.

Giudice, 40, lost his license last year for hitting a pole with his car and then failing a sobriety test. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Now, here’s what is interesting:  Via Perez,

Supposedly, this has all bee caught on film and after the fight was finally broken up, Bravo pulled the men aside to get them to sign release forms. The men were told not only would they be unable to leave the country until they signed the forms but also, they would be each be given $25,000 to keep quiet about the incident. The men were paid as promised, but their lawyer is still pursuing the lawsuit, stating his clients signed the contracts “under duress,” making them null and void.

My question is how did they get the men to sign release forms with all their injuries?  How would Bravo have the power to not allow the men to leave the country? 

More detailed shocking info at the Chicago Tribune

Their lawyer maintains the release is not valid because they signed under duress and has asked the court to declare the release invalid.

“It was so skewed against them,” Demetrio said.

Arreola, who has worked for the UIC police for about 15 years, underwent surgery on his right arm after returning to the states and is undergoing physical therapy, Demetrio said. Arreola, who shoots a gun with his right hand, cannot return to his job until he can re-qualify on the gun range.

“I’m worried,” said Arreola, who had six screws put in to repair his arm. “I only have five years left until I can retire. I can see the finish line and then something like this happens.”

Gomez had surgery on his leg and now has two pins in his knee, he said. Two long scars on either side of the patella leave his kneecap looking more like a baseball than a body part. Still on crutches, he does not know when he’ll be cleared to return to work.


17 Responses to “MORE*** UPDATES** Law Suits Filed on Real Housewives of New Jersey and Bravo for the Punta Cana Brawl!”

  1. KurlyHairedB said

    Sounds to me like they got back, realized who they fought and hired lawyers. Even if the Guidices don’t have any real money, the Manzo’s certainly do. And I find it hard to believe that Christopher could take down a cop, though I have no doubts that Joe could. He looks like he could take down a bull.

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    Ok, so now a pic of the policeman appears. I’ve looked worse after a night out with my girlfriends. 2 for 1 nights at a Georgetown bar were rough back in the 80s.

  3. KHB.. I just added more details.. they 2 guys had to have some serious surgeries to repair bones and the older guy cant go back to work.. Also, they never cashed their checks and if this is true, Bravo paid them 25k a piece but their lawyers got their cut first.. I want to see the tape! The guys know that it is on tape and and could subpeona it. I will be waiting for more info

  4. Dy said

    RUT RO…Well we knew this was coming..The Bravo paying them..HMM..Well I’m sure it will all come out..

  5. Dy said

    Where does it say they never cashed the ” supposed checks”. I must have missed that cause I couldn’t find it in the article :/ ..That whole thing about Bravo sounds really off to me.. I also remember that when this was first reported that the guy came over and cracked Teresa because the Champange that she sprayed hit his wife.. now it is the mil?? any way that was when joe got involved ( can’t say that i blame him, my husband would have doone the same thing if a guy hit me, believe me there would be problems.. anyway it seems that the whole thing got out of hand that is for sure..

  6. cali56 said

    I do not believe that Bravo forced to sign ‘a’ release with ‘bribe money’. Bravo also has lawyers, and I am sure they would never advise such moves- it is illegal in a court of law.

    Something is missing a link in this story!

    • Cali, I am not so sure about any of it. These people were in a foreign country and most likely skeared into thinking they had no resources when Bravo flew in their high powered attorneys when they had just locals to defend them that fees where paid out of their Bravo hush up money. They never received the full 25k since the lawyer cuts where paid first? Was there any special interest involved? Why would Bravo pay their attorneys first before the contract amount they signed. very fishy to me. These poor suffered serious injuries that had to wait until they signed these releases to obtain passports to get home and be admitted to hospitals. We seen the previews.. would you go to a local doctor there? also we know that Bravo greased the palms of the locals so who knows what it was like to get a serious beat down and who signs a release form with broken bones unattended to? That is skeary in itself.. I am sure alot more will unfold and will be waiting with really bad breath.. lol 😉

      Cali, I dont know.. I have a bad feeling about this entirely and have way too many questions.. in the US we see ambulance chasers all the time and roll our eyes at peeps who sue.. but I want more info. The men had serious injuries and one cant return to his job as a Chicago police officer due to rehab and he is hoping not to lose his pension. Thats sad..

  7. Dy said

    @6..It seems really weird doesn’t it?? Way off!! Bravo musceling (sp) these people??? SMH.. i find it hard to believe

  8. candlebiz said

    Bad situation getting weirder! unbeleivable!

  9. Say WHAT ! said

    Wow this smells really fishy!

    1. How does 2, not 1 but 2 Trained and Experienced (CHICAGO) policemen get taken down??

    2. Were there any pics of marks on the RHONJ peeps?

    3. 2 Chicago cops are told they can’t leave the country until they sign a release? Really? So their homeland security training meant nothing? Years of enforcing the law, and knowing a good portion of the law meant nothing? How many peeps they arrested and heard I want an attorney. They couldn’t make a phone call? State Department anyone? Or let’s not forget US Embassy?

    4. They signed the waiver and accepted a the money (check). A check is a legal tender. And since they signed the waiver out of the country… I don’t think there is a cool off period. LMAO

    Sounds like lots of Alcohol and a woman was threatened. Smells like tuna to me!

  10. Dy said

    Wow good points @ 10 Say What!

    This does stink doesn’t it?

  11. G-sus said

    Joe I could see jumping on someone for just looking at him sideways, but I don’t see Albie and Chris Manzo jumping into the fray unprovoked. My guess is that one of them put their hands on Teresa and all hell broke loose after that.

    And I wonder if Bravo’s so called release was the standard one everyone signs to appear on the show. Don’t the ladies have to sign releases that they won’t sue each other for things that happen or is said on the show?

    Would make sense, Bravo wanted to air the footage so they had them sign the standard release and gave them a check. The guys didn’t read the fine print about not being able to sue for things that air on the show and when they figured it out, they went public.

  12. Dy said

    @12 G..That is what was reported when this all broke out..That after this champange was sprayed, that these 2 guys came up and started because one( not a mil) wife got sprayed by the champange,anyway it was reported that this guy hit Teresa, that was when all hell broke loose. Anyway that was what has been reported and supposedly by people that were there..who knows… Your right they all have to sign releases as to not be able to sue each other..Maybe you re on to something..All I know is there is more to this and alot does not make sense to me.

  13. L. Jackson said

    First of for a few of you uinformed, ignorant person#10. Only one of them was a cop, second it wasnt his wife it was his mother in law (a 53 year old woman). There were only 2 guys fighting a group of guys, it doesnt matter if you are a cop or not if you are vastly outnumbered you will lose. Number 10 you are a dumbass, homeland security has nothing to do with issues concerning passports and cops on the streets. I am a cop in Chicago and our training is deals with terrorists attack and how to prevent and protect your stupid ass. And if your arm, ribs, and leg is broken and someone has you sign a contract those are grounds for a serious duress argument in court. not to mention they took their passports. There were not any pics for the RHONJ peeps because they suffered no injuries, thats why! If the RHONJ idiots were so innocent why would BRAVO offer the 25k? Its because they saw the tapes and know that those RHONJ idiots were in the wrong, and the TV execs like them because they are idiots and make good TV. Remember these are the same people that got into a fight a christening for a baby.. #10 you are an idiot

    • I am behind you peeps!! I get it!! 😉

    • Um.. L.Jackson. to be truthful.. #10 was just asking questions.. no need to name call. your not making your point in doing so.. the passion gets a hold of ur ass and squeezes tight like otheres here and then you choke on ur own chit and its no good for no one.. take a breath and speak your mind and not lose it.. Just state ur case and debate.. no uglyiness is not allowed.. Hey Imajust saying..

  14. Dy said

    @14 ..LJackson First of all when this first came out it was reported it was his wife, not a mother in law.. ( back at the end of February first of march) There have been lots of stoies out there about this.Secondly it has been reported that both are cops.. My thing for me is, them( or one ,that you say it is) being a cop..Should have known better than to approuch a table of drunks..Why didn’t theydo what theycops) tell people to do..”do not take matters into your own hands, get the authorites,and let them do their job. They should have gotten sercurity and let them do their job , period! This story stinks, and people are not believing all of what they are saying, it all alittle to shady,and that is what @10 is saying..

    You were just rude to the site owners sister, a big no no..You made your point just didn’t have to call names, that is not very gentlemanly like for a “police officer”.

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