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Whats New On TV Tonight? “Tony Awards”, “Mob Wives”, “RHOOC” & “RHONJ”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 12, 2011

What’s New Tonight: Sunday, June 12, 2011 – Eastern – National Listings

7:30 pm Eastern

NBA Countdown | ABC | starts at: 7:31 An NBA Finals pregame show offering features, news and analysis of the Mavericks and Heat. Magic Johnson, Jon Barry and Michael Wilbon join host Stuart Scott.

8 pm Eastern

Coal | SPIKE Deadly conditions arise in the mine, prompting a change in direction; production must be doubled to acquire a new lease.

Food Network Challenge | FOOD Romance Novel Cakes – Cakes inspired by romance novels are created by four top pastry chefs.

Good Luck Charlie | DISNEY Baby’s New Shoes – Teddy tries to find a hard-hitting news story to win an internship at a local newspaper. Meanwhile, Charlie ruins a new pair of shoes Amy wanted to return, and PJ tries to make peace with a new student whose ponytail he cut off when they were in kindergarten.

Mob Wives | VH1 Relapses, Rats & Raccoons – Karen’s book deal makes news, and her progress on the book stalls; Drita tries to explain the concept of being a rat to her daughter; and Carla prepares for her husband’s release from prison.

NBA Finals: Game 6: Mavericks at Heat | ABC | starts at: 8:02 Game 6: Mavericks at Heat – Dallas at Miami in Game 6 of the championship series. NBA Finals:Game 6: Mavericks at Heat~Game 6:

Tony Awards | CBS Neil Patrick Harris hosts the 65th annual celebration of Broadway’s finest from New York’s Beacon Theatre. Musicals “The Book of Mormon” and “The Scottsboro Boys” lead all shows with 14 and 12 nominations, respectively, followed by the revival of “Anything Goes” with nine nods.

8:30 pm Eastern

Shake It Up | DISNEY Vatalihootsit It Up – CeCe and Rocky reluctantly give up concert tickets to celebrate Vatalihootsit Day with Gunther and Tinka, not knowing the holiday is to celebrate your worst enemies. Meanwhile, Ty takes Flynn on a commercial audition.

9 pm Eastern

Army Wives | LIFE Farewell to Arms – Claudia Joy has difficulty dealing with the way people are treating her and Michael; Joan finds it tough to bond with David; Roxy’s truck stop nears completion; and Denise attempts to help Tanya cope with life without Jeremy.

Audrina | VH1 Dump His A** – Nic spends a day with Audrina after she and her friends go to a polo match. Later, Audrina goes back to Los Angeles for a meeting with a cosmetics company; and Audrina and Mark try to mend fences.

Game of Thrones | HBOe Baelor – Catelyn makes a deal with the untrustworthy Walder Frey; Robb has his first success on the battlefield; Tyrion finds himself in an unfamiliar environment; Jon discovers Maester Aemon’s secret; Daenerys goes to extremes to help Drogo.

Holmes Inspection | HGTV Watch Your Step – A couple maxed out their mortgage to buy their dream home in the suburbs and now they have no cash left to make much-needed repairs.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent | USA Editors’ PickCadaver – A philanthropist disappears after awarding a major medical-research grant. Goren and Eames discover that the man was killed and swapped with a medical cadaver at the institute he was funding.

MTV2 Presents Unplugged Lil Wayne | MTV Lil Wayne performs an acoustic set. The set list includes “Mr. Carter”; “Shoot Me Down”; “Drop the World”; “I’m Single”; “Nightmares at the Bottom”; and a cover of Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary.”

My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? | TLC A follow-up with six addicts who were profiled in past episodes. Also: never-before-seen footage.

 Real Housewives of Orange County | BRAVO Reunion Part 1 – Part 1 of 2. Andy Cohen mediates a reunion installment featuring the Orange County ladies, who recall the frantic antics and historic histrionics of Season 6.

So Random! | DISNEY Greyson Chance – Greyson Chance appears and performs “Waiting Outside the Lines.”

9:30 pm Eastern

Saddle Ranch | VH1 Robb and Rachel feud when Rachel brings drama to a ski outing.

10 pm Eastern

Freaky Eaters | TLC Addicted to Tartar Sauce – A woman who’s hooked on tartar sauce, consuming up to 40 gallons a year, gets help.

House Hunters | HGTV Britt Finds Her First Home in Seattle – A woman wants a place in a trendy area of Seattle, but her budget may be too small.

In Plain Sight | USA Editors’ PickSomething A-mish – Mary protects an Amish witness who must contend with culture shock and people who mean her harm.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E! Family vs. Money – The sixth season begins with Khloe hesitating to befriend Kim’s new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kourtney arranges a family gathering that goes terribly awry.

Real Housewives of New Jersey | BRAVO Stick It – Teresa encounters her brother for the first time since the tumultuous christening. Elsewhere, Melissa tries to fulfill her dream of being a pop star; Caroline plans to offer matronly advice on the radio; and Jacqueline’s daughter plots to get a car.

The Glades | A&E Old Ghosts – Jim’s old partner arrives from Chicago to track a serial killer, and there’s chemistry between them that Callie can’t help but notice.

The Killing | AMC Beau Soleil – As the investigation continues, Rosie is tied to an unusual Web site; work is halted on the waterfront project, which gives Richmond’s campaign a shot in the arm; and imprisoned Stan comes to grips with his demons, while Mitch uncovers secrets about her murdered daughter.

The Protector | LIFE Pilot – Divorced homicide detective Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker) tries to balance her professional life with motherhood. In the pilot episode, Gloria and her partner, Michelle (Tisha Campbell-Martin), probe a fatal mugging that may have been a targeted murder. At home, Gloria is tasked with creating a play costume for her youngest son.

The Real L Word | SHOe The Morning After – Romi and Kelsey get into a drunken confrontation over their lackluster sex life; Whitney spends another night with Sara; Kacy and Cori evaluate some male friends as possible sperm donors; and Sajdah regales Marissa with tales of her new romance with Chanel.

Treme | HBOe Can I Change My Mind? – Davis’ band debuts, but Annie is hesitant to perform her new song. Meanwhile, Delmond runs his fusion sound by Dr. John; Nelson makes a deal with the city; Sofia falls in with the wrong crowd; and Janette mulls moving to a less intense job. Performers include Susan Cowsill and Leroy Jones.

10:30 pm Eastern

Freaky Eaters | TLC Addicted to Meat – An extreme carnivore tries to cut back on his meat consumption, which is about 1800 lbs. per year. Freaky

House Hunters International | HGTV Historic Country Homes in Normandy – A couple look for a country home in Normandy, France.

Ice Loves Coco | E! Baby’s Got Bridal – The lives of actor-rapper Ice-T and his wife, Coco, are chronicled. In the opener, Coco struggles at a high-fashion photo shoot and takes her dog, Spartacus, to meet an agent.


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