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Real Housewives of New York Preview – ‘Last Call, Morocco!’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 9, 2011

The wives’ Moroccan adventure continues, but there’s a bump in the riad.   The aftermath of a blowout between Jill and Ramona leaves Ramona still shaken, prompting yet another confrontation.     Minus Ramona, the ladies also tour lavish palaces.

Well I for one am ready to kick this popsicle stand and head home to New York!   There has been all petty fights that have the facade of murder!  How the hell did Ramona telling Jill that she doesn’t appreciate her talking behind her back results in Jill accusing Ramona of creating the rift between her and Bethenny?   How the hell did Ramona get stuck with that one when we saw last year that Ramona tried to get them to make up in her home?  And now the woman are going to go along with this story line because they have no back bone of their own?   I am pissed enough to go to the city myself and kick all their arses..   or whip them with a wire hanger.. 

If I see anymore of this tonight.. There will be hell to pay!

Below in the previews we see Alex loose her cool and she has no idea how to cut a bitch.  When you in the heat of your anger, you don’t allow someone to have you lower your voice while still trying to make a point..  ugh.. 

Also below is a Simon webisode.

On “Watch What Happens Live” tonight, (please kill me now) LuAnn de Lesseps is the guest with SNL alum, Ana Gasteyer.   I am sure we get to hear the Countless spin all the garbage in Morocco.  If Andy lets her get away with it, I will skewer him. 

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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 While Alex McCord is trolloping on camels in Morroco, Simon is home with the kids and taking care of business.  His latest webisode below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


34 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – ‘Last Call, Morocco!’”

  1. Dy said

    I can understand what Kelly was saying( Oh God, did I say that).. AlAss comes clopping in all worked up, just to tell DLuLu she needs to talk with her,after she is done?? WTF..Kelly is right a little dramatic? acting? Come on…Ohhh I can’t wait..I wanna see what this is all about.

  2. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Dy, I agree with u! Who woulda thunk Kelly would EVER be making sense?! They must be ice skating in hell! I am literally, literally, literally (i miss rachel zoe) dying to see what has Alex all worked up! What could Countless have done to warrant so much anger? Did Alex catch Countless in a sexy caftan skyping with Simon? Alex does have that b!tch stole my man look!

  3. Dy said

    Hi Thug Lmao, your funny!!

    .I know, lol.. To be honest I have agreed with her on some occasions this season. LOL. Anyway I can’t wait to find out why AlAss has her panites in abunch.

  4. ThugInACocktailDress said

    I like Kelly when she is on her meds! My unsolved mystery is: why does Jill only drink diet coke? Is she in recovery? Nothing wrong with that, except would make her a hypocrite. Other theories..trying to get a deal with diet coke? or is it that it doesn’t mix with her meds? How is it that we went from KooKOO Kelly to Koo Koo Jill? In a dream casting world, I would put Jill on the Mob wives cast! Then I would like to see her run around yelling “i’m done!” yup, they would take her up on her offer…especially, “let me take my shoes off” Drita!

  5. BobLHead said

    Kelly….the voice or reason? Screw October 21st, clearly the world is ending now!

  6. Dy said

    @5 Isn’t that something Bob, lol

    Ok stop with the end of the world crap october 21, that stuff freaks me out.

  7. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Mystery solved,,,IJS had the hangers…”whip with a wire hanger”….Detective Olive strikes again,,hi everyone!

    I too can’t wait to see why Alex is so pissed at Kelly,,,,,,,I hope this isn’t staged..Getting kind of sick of this…I want blood,,u hear me Bravo! I want real pull extensions,,,take off your shoes,,throwing them at each other,,,

    LuAnn is on Andy?.. aw poop!

    • Hey Olive!! Glad you made it out of the pits of hell! 😉 Did the illustrated pic I sent help? I am wondering if that was the problem and if so.. I need to do a page write up for others who may be confused with the new comment layout…

  8. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @7 Hi Olive! I’m with u..those Bravo commercials reel us in! Like last week..the fight was all of the last 5 min! Though I can’t complain..seeing Countless ride that camel was EPIC!! Bwahahaha

  9. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @5 Bob, Hi! I must respectfully disagree..the day Jill takes accountability for her behavior..that is the day the world will end! So, @6 Dy, not to worry, the world is not gonna end anytime soon!

  10. G-sus said

    @4 Thug, interesting you ask about Jill drinking diet coke. Just a little while ago, one of the housewives (Ramona?) made a comment somewhere about Jill’s diet coke consumption. Like there was a reason for it. Pharmaceuticals? Now I am on a mission to find it.

  11. G-sus said

    Ok, found it. It was Ramona.
    Here is a tweet she sent when they started accusing her of drinking too much:

    I have no problem but u were the alcoholic”@Jillzarin: I was worried @kellybensimon couldn’t defend herself against Ramona when she drinks.”
    19 May via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    And this is from an interview Ramona gave:

    “All I can say is, we’re filmed in social events. If you look at anytime I have a drink in my hand, look what LuAnn [de Lesseps] is drinking. The other people are drinking,” Ramona said. “The only person who doesn’t drink is Jill [Zarin]. She only drinks Diet Coke – and you wonder why? But anyway, all the other Housewives shows – they’re all drinking.”

  12. G-sus said

    Why is Sonja drinking a GIANT glass of vodka?

  13. ThugInACocktailDress said

    G-Sus I’m having Deja-vu…I think Alex could work for the mob! LOL! Or at least UPS/FedEX? LOL

  14. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @12 G-Sus i remember reading that! Also, that Ramona confronted Bravo about her storyline. I think she was trying to follow Bethenny by promoting her pinot,then it got twisted around..of course her odd behavior doesn’t help. However, the flaw in the “ramoncoholic” theory is that she has been this way since day 1, season 1! We would have seen her “probelm” by now!

  15. ThugInACocktailDress said

    holy typo! i meant problem!

  16. G-sus said

    Thug, completely agree. Ramona has simply been peddling her wares all season. I think it has more to do with Jill and LuMann trying to paint her as the bad guy. Especially LuMann, she was constantly pointing out Ramona’s drinking. Funny thing is that she also has had a drink in her hand at the same time she points out Ramona’s drinking.

    Tonights episode has been cringe-worthy. I think I have a whole new set of wrinkles. Staged drama IMO. And nary a good actor among them.

  17. ThugInACocktailDress said

    G-sus, I agree! Btw, I think Kelly missed her a preschool teacher!

  18. Dy said

    I would love to go to Morocco

    Btw..Those broads are all freakin NUTS, every last one of them..Looney Freakin Tunes!!

  19. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Hi Dy! Yes, I am dying to go to Morocco! too bad it is wasted on those condescending b!@tch3s! The way they treat “the help” is repulsive! Make me embarassed to be an American! (and so do the Jersey Shore cast in Italy! ) Classless Lulu is the queen of condescension. But the others are not far off! they should start a band: The Condesesasses!

  20. ThugInACocktailDress said

    I WANT Countless’ Caftan! Such a waste on that witch! Dahling!

  21. G-sus said

    LOL, Kelly tells Alex to cover up her shoulders because it’s Marrakech and then goes running in a sports bra and boy panties. Gotta love her! Alex nailed it when she said Kelly gets uncomfortable when anyone argues and tries to shut it down. She really is a 13 yr old trapped in a 40-something’s body.

    And to further my point on the season-long storyline manipulation by LuMann (and Jill) to paint Ramona as a drunk whose husband cheats on her. Out of the blue again she brings up the psychic reading to Ramona. Ramona never should have gotten a reading at a party arranged by Brad, Jill’s wing-man. She walked right into that one.

  22. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Kelly needs to stop trying to tell Alex how to feel! That was beyond condescending and Alex is very patient. I would’ve slapped her all the way back to New York! J/K I wouldn’t do that because I don’t believe in hitting children.

    I wish Cat was on WWHL with Luann again! Cuz she ripped her a new one and I was ROFL LOL so hard! FINALLY someone put her in her place! Who does ya habibi think she is?

    Btw..can u tell me why Cindy went home early?

  23. Dy said

    @20 Hi Thug

    Everyone of them worked my last nerve tonight..From AlAss clomping down those stairs ,then trying to spit out what the hell she was all worked up over to D’LuLu and Kelly laughing at her, to Cindy ,with the duh , look.. To DlULu telling the Yenta and Kelly what time dinner was to not telling Ramona ,Alex or Sonya, funny the three of them said the exact same thing…OY..they are all nuts!!

  24. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Hey @20 Dy! I agree with u, Alex walked/clomped right into that one! When will she learn? Last year Jill, this Year Countless! LOL!
    As for the Countless’ remark “this is not the plaza hotel” she is so mean! Finally her true colors r showing, and she is not even bothering to hide it! She really is the most narcissistic of the bunch!
    On WWHL w/Ana G, she has the nerve to answer for Anna! OMG I so wanna lock her in a cabinet! LOL!

  25. G-sus said

    Good lord, who would want to vacation with these women? They are like the etiquette police on crack. Dinner at eight, designated snack time, dress this way, say this, do that, apologize to… insert name. Their rules of how to behave are so twisted. I feel sorry for the staff, these gals must have been a real nightmare.

  26. ThugInACocktailDress said

    I would need to be on an I.V. pinot grigio drip too , if i were around them 24/7!

  27. Dy said

    @25 Hey Thug..LOL.. As much as they worked my last nerve..This episode cracked me the hell up, seriously, I thought it was the best one with all the looney freakin tune behavior..Now next week we have LuLu telling AlAss about her Herman Munster shoes ,and AlAss saying ” their LV’S( OK WTF ever) any way best line of the season to me is when LuLu says ever LV makes mistakes..freakin love it!!!

  28. Dy said

    “Alex you ruined my tatoo. Alex you ruined my tatoo..Whos gonna fix my tatoo?? Santa?””

    Ummm No Kelly, it’s gonna be Al Sharpton, ya loony freakin tune..OMG, this episode was a freakin hoot!!

  29. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @29 Dy: shut your your eyes!,re not mad! you’re sad! shhhh shhh! bwahahahaha
    can we get a book on kellyisms please? LOL

  30. Dy said

    @30 Thug… Your so weird Alex, Your soooo weirrrd… like 1979.. It’s creepy, your creepy..does anyone want jelly beans.. i don’t eat junk food. .. i don’t drink..wheres the Corona and Patron??…omg shes a hoot..lmao!!.. People get so freakin bent out of shape over kelly and lulu..geeze just laugh at their crazy ass..those 2 chicas are hysterical..lmao!!

  31. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Dy..Stop! Stop! shhh! you are NOT being authentic! OMG put your hair up! It’s Al Sharpton! You can’t handle the truth!! This isn’t 1979 Free to be you and me! Stop chanelling the Devil! you look like a kabuki vampire!

    LOL! I would love to use these quotes, but if people are not in on it, then it isn’t fun, u know?

  32. Dy said

    @32 Hi Thug… She’s a freakin hoot, and so is Lulu. I just laugh at them being the way they are..I don’t feel sorry for alass or ramonacaoster , believe those 2 broads can hold their own against Smelly and LuLu, and have if people have noticed they laugh at them, and or amuse them and go along, but believe me they both always get their chance at snarky remarks to them, and they stick to them also.. You never give any one like them any kind of upper hand / or think they have power over just laugh at them..

  33. Morocco is becoming pretty popular lately:

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