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Real Housewives Feud of the Day: Gretchen & Jeana VS Tamra ITS ON AND POPPIN!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 9, 2011

Folks!  RHOC cast members are coming out swinging and Tamra Barney is the subject.   It appears Tamra Barney has a seriously short memory or dain bramage and is being called out by Gretchin and Jeana in 2 seperate interviews..
Eonline interviews Gretchin Rossi where she calls Tamra a hypocrit!  RIGHT ON!

 Real Housewives Feud of the Day: Gretchen Rossi Slams “Malicious” Tamra Barney 

 Tamra Barney, Jeana Keough, Gretchen Rossi, OC Housewives

 While there wasn’t any table-flipping, things definitely got down and dirty on Sunday’s season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County when Tamra Barney threw a glass of red wine (and a cease-and-desist letter) in frenemy Jeana Keough‘s face for badmouthing Tamra in the press.

And while Keough may have seemed like the bad guy for trash-talking Tamra’s divorce to estranged ex Simon Barney, it’s Tamra who is being blasted by fellow castmate Gretchen Rossi

“It’s very strange how the woman conducts her life,” Rossi told us yesterday while promoting health supplement Thermogenic Push. “Tamra threw the letter in her face. Tamra threw the drink in her face but yet, two episodes earlier Tamra was crying to Jeana saying, ‘You want my kids to think it’s OK to throw something at somebody just because you’re mad at them?’ And I’m thinking to myself, ‘How hypocritical is that?’

“You don’t go to a party armed with a cease-and-desist letter,” she continued. “To me, that’s overly dramatic. That’s looking for attention. That’s looking for camera time. And to throw it in somebody’s face when you’re an adult like that just shows your level of class and immaturity…”

Meow! Doesn’t sound like Rossi and Barney will be making up for their rocky relationship any time soon.

“Tamra is not somebody that I chose to have in my life,” Rossi said. “She’s negative energy for me in my life. I unfortunately, have realized that she’s a malicious person with evil intentions and it’s just not something that I want in my life.”

We’re still waiting to hear Barney’s side. Give us a ring, Tamra!

 Well Tamra did give Eonline a ring and this is her retort!


“Gretchen’s constantly bashing me in interviews is nothing more than a clever diversion, created so the attention is not on the three lawsuits in which she is currently involved and the problems with her [boyfriend Slade Smiley‘s] past-due child support,” Barney writes an email to me. “She has NO knowledge of the issues I had with Jeana [Keough], yet she constantly finds reasons to talk about me in interviews, on the show and on her Bravo blogs.”

Barney says all this and more were addressed during the taping of the upcoming reunion show.

“She is nothing more than obsessed with me,” she writes. “You would think with all her legal problems, she would use her time more wisely. I truly feel sorry for her and hope that she lets go of the anger she has in her heart as I did for Jeana Keough.”

The two-part reunion special begins June 12. A promo for the, um, get-together shows—what else?—lots of screaming and name-calling. Smiley goes so far as to sneer at Barney, “I know you’re busy sucking off everyone else, right?” Barney stormed of stage, hissing, “He’s the lowest form of s–t there is in the world.”


In other news..  Jeana Keough came out to enlighten us on some producer shit stirring at the finale..

 Exclusive: “Tamra Barney Is Trying To Be Teresa Giudice,” Says Jeana Keough


“Tamra Barney is just trying to be another Teresa Giudice” says Jeana Keough in an exclusive interview with RumorFix about the explosive finale of Real Housewives of Orange County.

The relationships between the former friends has been tense all season and finally came to a head on Sunday night’s season finale. Tamra threw a cease and desist letter and a drink at Jeana, which started an all-out fight.

Jeana tells us exclusively that Tamra is just trying to one-up a dramatic Real Housewives of New Jersey star,  “She’s just trying to be another Teresa. She’s just a sad person. I feel bad for the example she sets her children.”

As for the wrap party, Jeana is disgusted by what happened — and says it was not a spontaneous scene of drama.

“I was invited and paid to be there by Bravo but they wanted me to walk in a half hour after everyone else was already there and drinking, ‘to make a bold entrance.’ I tried to stay away from everybody but they dragged me into it anyway. Thank God I’m an athlete because they could have really hurt me when I was shoved into the bar like that!

“The whole scene was a total set up. Tamra was holding on to that letter for three hours before she threw it at me. And the second she started walking toward me, everyone started moving out from behind me because they knew what was coming — plus she had the biggest glass of wine! I had like an inch of champagne in my glass.”

But Jeana doesn’t hold a grudge against Tamra and wishes her well, even after all the negativity. “She’s doing a great job with the kids and I hope she has a happy life,” she says.


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