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Bethenny Frankel is a Guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno and Attends The Forbes Celebrity 100 Gala

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 9, 2011

Hoppy Family is this week’s stroll in NY

As Bethenny Frankel was strolling in NYC this week with her sweet baby face Brn and husband Jason, she appeared this week,  Tuesday on “The Tonight Show” as a guest sitting next to Kevin Bacon.

Bethenny talks about  her millions, wiping her arse with dollar bills and touches on the subject of the break up with Jill Zarin.  She also offers Kevin Bacon a job to hang out with her.   (part 1 and part 2 video below)

 In other Bethenny news, it appears that the popular Bethenny Frankel has been getting attention from an unlikely fan/hater?

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is a man who seems to grasp the power and purpose of Twitter — namely, using it to mess with Bravo TV star Bethenny Frankel ?

I guess its a good enough question to me!  lol



 This year’s Forbes Celebrity 100 Gala was themed around celebrity entrepreneurs. They celebrated celebrities like Bethenny Frankel who has used her fame to build her Skinnygirl brand and earn $55 million in that last 12 months.


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19 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel is a Guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno and Attends The Forbes Celebrity 100 Gala”

  1. ThugInACocktailDress said

    LOL@coca cola question! bwahaha!!! I’m gonna sound like a real dork, but i loooove Bethanny! She was the most relatable of all the HW and I miss her snarkiness sooo much! She worked hard for all she has, and I admire her business saavy! As a struggling single girl, I relate to her so much! 🙂 You go, Bethanny! And keep on wiping yo’ booty with them dollar bills! LOL!!

  2. ThugInACocktailDress said

    ps: Will Bravo renew for season 2 of Bethenny ever after?

    • Thug – she has already been renewed for season 2 or 3 which ever way you want to look at it.

      Also Real Housewives of New Jersey has already been renewed for season 4. I guess they expect rating this season.. so far its been good.. ratings wise.. 😉

  3. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Thank u IMA 🙂 I am so looking forward to watching Bethenny! Since I’m as neurotic as she is! LOL 🙂 (minus the unhappy childhood..luckily my parents are sweethearts! ) 🙂

    as for Jersey.. I do wish they would add to the bring on Drita, Renee and Karen from Mob wives, just to stir it up! Yes, I know I sound sadistic! LOL! but it would be sooo much fun! LOL

  4. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Hahaha IJS, can u imagina Caroline, “Now you listen to me” get up in Drita or Renee’s face? LOL! And how about Tree vs. Drita? c’mon Tree, go say “Hi” to Drita! LOL!!

  5. G-sus said

    @ Thug, I like Bethenny too. But I have to say, pink is not her color, that dress is not working for her.

  6. G-sus said

    And someone explain to me how you can walk around in those shoes she has on in the first photo without breaking an ankle, lol.

  7. Dy said

    She looks terrible in that first picture, what a slob,and those shoes freakin ugly.Jason looks like a dweeb, Baby Brynn..perfect!

    In the other pictures,and on Jay Leno, she looks like she has had some “work” done, face( fillers) boobs redone..JMO. Lord don’t beat me up

  8. G-sus said

    Really IJS? They look like a guaranteed trip to the ER if I was wearing them. One of my coworkers had an authentic pair of Dr. Scholl sandals on today. Remember them? With the wood sole? God I loved those shoes as a kid.

    • G-Sus & Thug I find it much easier to walk in high wedgies then high heels.. more surface that touches the ground!

      OMG. Dr Scholls. That and tube tops and gauze shirts! lol

  9. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @8 G-Sus I have a pair similar to hers..of course it takes practice walking in them, wedges or not!

  10. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @IJS Yes, I agree! I will take wedges any day! I need the height too! LOL!

    @Gsus& IJS: Dr.Scholls r the most comfortable and cute too!

  11. Dy said

    Bethenny is used to wearing high heels , wedges or not. I agree with Thug it takes practice. Still think they are ugly, maybe because i do not like white/ cream, canvas top, rope soled shoes.. yuck!!

  12. G-sus said

    @ Thug and IJS I remember how excited I was that I had 2 pairs of Dr. Scholls, brown and blue. And that was in the day when you were bought one pair of tennis shoes a year right before school started. How times have changed. My girls closets are filled with shoes.

  13. G-sus said

    Nah, IJS, got an extra pair when my older sister outgrew hers. No way would my parents have bought me 2 pairs. How frivolous!

  14. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Thug,,I have always said that about Bethenny,,she worked really hard,,she didn’t marry a count or a Bobby,,what she has,,she did it herself and she is a great role model…I love her sarcastic wit,,,so funny that she is so rich she wipes her arse with dollar bills and hires Kevin Bacon …now and if we play the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of seperation game,,I can add Bethenny and whoever she has been seen with,,,yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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