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What’s New On TV Tonight? Nuttin Really But Check Out The Listing Here..

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 8, 2011


 Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eastern – National Listings (change location/provider)

8 pm Eastern

Minute to Win It | NBC Editors’ PickJackass in the Circle – “Jackass” stars Steve-O and Ryan Dunn play the games for charity. Included: the Mad Dog challenge, which requires them to empty breath-mint boxes attached to a ruler by shaking their heads.

So You Think You Can Dance | FOX Editors’ PickLas Vegas Callbacks – The contestants go to Las Vegas for callbacks to compete for a spot in the Top 20.

9 pm Eastern

America’s Got Talent | NBC Preliminary auditions continue in Houston.

Franklin & Bash | TNT She Came Upstairs to Kill Me – Franklin and Bash hold court when a woman is accused of using sex as a means to kill her husband. The two young-gun lawyers suspect the judge or jury is on the take, so they apply unconventional methods to deliver justice. Fred Willard guest stars. 

Haunted Collector | Syfy My Mother’s Ghost/Paranormal Predator – The team visits a mother in California who is worried about seemingly inexplicable phenomena in her home; unexplained noises and other events disturb a hunter and his girlfriend. 

Income Property | HGTV Better Late Than Never – A couple rebuild their flooded basement apartment.

MythBusters | DSC Fixing a Flat – Jamie and Adam attempt to fix a flat tire without using a spare; experiments with a fishing reel are conducted.

9:30 pm Eastern

Extreme Couponing | TLC Joni & Angelique – An Ohio woman tries to get $3100 worth of groceries for less than $100; a Washington couponer pulls an all-nighter in preparation for her shopping trip.

Property Brothers | HGTV Contemporary Fixer-Upper – Expectant parents hope to find a sprawling suburban home before the arrival of their twins. 

 10 pm Eastern

America’s Got Talent | NBC Auditions are held in Minneapolis.

Deception With Keith Barry | DSC Cops and Robbers – Keith delves into police work. 

Hollywood Treasure | Syfy Trek to the Future – A collector wants to buy a “Back to the Future II” prop; items from “2010: A Space Odyssey” and “Star Trek” are featured, along with a painting from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride.

Men of a Certain Age | TNT Editors’ PickThe Pickup – Joe grants a favor to Manfro (Jon Manfrellotti). Meanwhile, Terry faces up to the twists and turns of his romance; and hostility between Owen’s top salesmen threatens to spin out of control. Penelope Ann Miller guest stars.

Real World | MTV Reunion – The Las Vegas cast reunites to dish about their stay in Sin City. Maria Menounos hosts.

South Park | COMEDY Stan’s outlook on life begins to change after his 10th birthday, but it also affects his friendships with the other kids, who find they have little in common with him anymore.

 Top Chef Masters | BRAVO A Soldier’s Story – The master meal mavens guide culinary apprentices through a step-by-step creation of identical dishes. Later, the chefs salute returning U.S. troops by serving up their favorite meals.

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne | TBS So Hard to Say Goodbye – Malik departs for college. Elsewhere, Calvin Jr. arrives for a visit, leaving Miranda overwhelmed.

10:30 pm Eastern

Hollywood Treasure | Syfy Monsters and Miracles   Items from “Miracle on 34th Street,” “A Christmas Story” and “Elf” are examined, along with canceled checks with the signatures of Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Sinatra, Spencer Tracy and Orson Welles.




12 Responses to “What’s New On TV Tonight? Nuttin Really But Check Out The Listing Here..”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Want to catch “Franklin & Bash”. Give it a try anyway. “Extreme Couponing” is a trip. It’s great if they can save that much money, but I wouldn’t be able to use 1 to 3 extra rooms in my home to store all those groceries. I’m doing well to keep my pantry & laundry room organized without 500 jars of peanut butter & 500 bottles of laundry detergent. That one woman who had shelves especially built to store all of her cans, and make sure they were just like the ones in the grocery was something else. I want one of those. LOL. What a trip to see the one woman who had to primp forever before she left her house to grocery shop. I couldn’t shop in those 5in heels. Not while pushing 2 or more cart loads. I don’t mind using a few coupons once in a while, but I can’t imagine spending that many hours per week cutting out coupons and organizing them. I love being organized and I like a good deal as much as the next person, but there’s no way I could do it.

  2. Oy Vey said

    Extreme coupon irritates me! Do you really need 25 cans of beans to store with the other 200 you already have on hand. I want to know how much of that “stored” food gets thrown out before it ever gets used. I mean, if it works with 5 carts of food, wouldn’t it work with one? Then you wouldn’t need another house to store everything you don’t use. I guess I don’t have that much patience.

  3. NMhousewife said

    ABC 20/20 is supposed to have a report on reality tv tonight I am going to check out, with behind the scenes info.

  4. Dy said

    If your gonna extreme coupon like that ,at least donate a large portion of your stash, to a food bank, homless shelter, etc. it just seems like such a game and selfish for most of these people on this show. It kinda makes me sick..Now there are some that donate, but most of them do not..
    I don’t have the patience, either@Oy..Plus, I’m a clean, organized nut, no way do those stashs that some of those peole have look right. it looks like a hot mess, even the iones that are suppose to be soooo

  5. NM HW – You are correct! I guess tv guide is not aware.. sheesh.. Tonight peeps 10:00 pm est ABC 20/20 covers reality shows!

  6. Dy said

    Thanks NM HW and IJS..That sounds good..:)

  7. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @Mrs Hugh Jackman: Hi! I have only watched one episode of xtreme coupon, but IMO, it is an obession or addiction? I mean, why do they need all that food/and supplies? R they building a bomb shelter? Noah’s ark? I remember one guy had enough toilet paper to last at least 10 years! WHY???? IMO this is another version of hoarders! Just cuz it’s “free” doesn’t mean u need it!

    @Dy: I had the same thoughts u did when i was watching, Why don’t they donate their goods to food banks/shelters, etc?
    From what I remember, most people start out clipping coupons to save some money, nothing abnormal about that…but…then it gets AA/NA out of control when …they even resort to dumpster diving to amass cupons! One lady even had her kid help her out! LOL!!

    @Dr.Drew: Extreme Cupon rehab?

  8. G-sus said

    MHJ, I coupon frequently, don’t pay for things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, kids shampoo, and body wash. I definitely scoop up the deals for cereal for 50 cents a box with free milk as well as the cheap vitamins. But I would never go to the “extreme” like these people. They don’t mention the fact that these people often have multiple computers, printers, and buy a lot of their coupons. The printer ink alone has to be in the hundreds.
    I usually get enough for toiletries for about 6 months which if you think about it is only about 4 or 5 of each item. It does save money, I usually will get about 25-40 percent off my grocery total. I could probably get more if I didn’t include stuff that is actually good for you to eat. One would not do well eating only the high sodium, high sugar products these people buy. Those asian noodle meals they always show have a whole days sodium content in just one small pack.
    I was glad tonight’s episode showed them getting things to donate, but really, all the things they donated for food wasn’t very nutritional. Cheetos and ramen noodles? And WTH does one do with 90+ bottles of hot sauce? I do give them credit for donating the toiletries though. And to be honest, the stores do make money on the coupons. They are reimbursed for the face of the coupon plus 6-7 cents for handling.
    None of the stores in my area will double multiple coupons. They usually only double the first 5 and even then you have to have at least a 25.00 ending balance.

  9. G-sus said

    @ thug, I would watch any show with Dr. Drew! Extreme Couponing Rehab? As long as he is required to wear jeans and a tight tshirt. Yum, lol.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 ThugInACocktailDress…Hi! 🙂 LMAO!! I agree. These women take it to a whole different level. I think it is an obsession/compulsion. I can’t imagine having to use other rooms in the house besides your pantry. I have a very large walk-in pantry. One of the reasons I wanted to buy the house. LOL. I love it to store all food items, and dog/cat food. However, I would not be stuffing 350 rolls of tp under my bed or kids’ beds. I love everything very neat in my house. Everyone knows that I keep my home immaculate, so that would drive me crazy to have all those canned goods, tp, etc. around everywhere.

    @8 G-sus….Hi! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. I will use coupons on occasion. Hubby has used them, too. Usually, we just buy what we want & what we need. We’ve always tried to get a good deal…wait until something goes on sale for certain items. We watch our money very carefully. I’m all for couponing, but these women do take it to the extreme. I still can’t get over the folders/organizers, etc. these women have for all their coupons. Unbelievable. Some say they save the family $40,000 or whatever a year. Perhaps they do. There is still NO way I could keep my house like that. They’re OCD about couponing, and I’m OCD about keeping my home neat. LOL. The hot sauce….you’re right…LMAO!!!!!! No wonder they need all that tp. (Sorry. Didn’t mean to go there. LOL.)

    ThugInACocktailDress & G-sus…I’d watch that with Dr. Drew. I’ve been watching him here lately talk about the Casey Anthony trial. When I first heard him talking about his thoughts on the case, I thought WTH…he must not have followed the story from the start. Now, he’s saying she’s a pathological liar & appears to be guilty. I’ve followed that case from the start. She is a pathological liar. Very, very scary.

  11. BobLHead said

    OCD…Obsessive Couponing Disorder. Those chicks need help.

  12. Dy said

    @7… Hi Thug..LOL..Yea, I think some of them are nuts, and greedy..Geeze!! All the stuff to addto their “stock pile”” wtf?? 500, toothbrushes, detergent, toliet paper isn’t enough? Just keeping adding not giving anyway( most of them on there don’t) My God.. Have you ever noticed the look in their eyes? Looney freakin tunes!!

    @11..Hi Bob.. lol!!

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