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Twinkly Tweets With Andy Cohen and Kim G! It’s On And Poppin!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 7, 2011

Well well well.. it turns out that after last nights episode of “Watch What Happens Live” with Peggy Tanous ( vs Alexis Bellino) is so telling in Andy Cohens new mantra to unleash on his sacred ‘House Wives” he used to protect and only use guest’s to unleash the Cracken to make them look silly, he has changed his silly ways to make others looks truly silly. 

Now the way too silly Kim G (Granatell) somehow got her panties in a twist DEEP with words that were not spoken on “Watch What Happens Live”  or on Twitter but gossip!  Kim G being a person who takes no prisoner in the granny world like ….  ‘Dont steal my knitting tools.. or.  Don’t steal my Geritol kind of fashion got ALL over Andy Cohen’s ass tonight for gossip “whispered from my moles” and other chit took it too TWITTER!! 

MY FAVORITE KIND!!!    Ok, hopefully I have layed enough land for you guys to realize the tweets wont reveal the issue but its salacious enough to blog about when even Andy confirmed the Kim G’s suspicions when he asked her to lighten up!  I FLOVE THIS STUFF!!!  Don’t ask me if Andy’s remarks are on twitter.. NO  Don’t ask me if Andy remarks were on WWHL, NO.  It’s a mole who passed info and ended up on twitter..  (rubbing hands together.)

FU Andy.. I can buy you and sell you like yesterdays "Flaming" shoe.. huh?

Did Kim G just call Andy ‘Flaming’??? WTF!!!

Well, well well.. as we will not really know what set Kim G off, we do know that she will stoop to any level to insult someone even thou she may have ‘flaming’ people doing her hair and makeup. On another note.. why do all the Housewives and mostly the OC wives have the new thing which is a gay makeup/hair/stylist on their arms like the new Chihuahua? This aint cool peeps!! Love the gays for their talents.. do not make them an accessory!!!

Hey, I am just saying..

Check out what people had to say about this.. I FLOVE THIS STUFF!!

Oops.. wrong tweet.. 😉

WAIT!! I am getting Hacked!! I did not post that weiner pic!! I GOT NO WEINER!!!

Nisha my love!!! You da bomb!! But please dont take me remote.. I will kill ya.. 😉 Girl I will walk on quick sand for ya!!

That is all.. n n n night folks!! Shmooches!!


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