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RHoA Marlo Hampton’s Mug Shot Gallery – Yes, There’s a Whole Gallery

Posted by tinselkitty on June 7, 2011

Somewhere in Atlanta, Phaedra Parks has done a little happy dance at the thought that next season, no one’s going to remember Apollo’s record.

From Starcasm

35-year-old Marlo Hampton hasn’t even been officially announced as the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta yet and she’s already grabbing headlines! It’s hard to compete with Kim Zolciak giving birth, but having an extensive criminal record that includes seven mug shots in less than five years certainly comes close!

Before we get into Marlo mug shot mania, let me talk a little bit about her surprise addition to the real peaches of the ATL. Straight From the A broke the story on May 23rd, reporting that Marlo was “spotted at IIDA Georgia Chapter’s ‘Dressed in the Garden of Eden’ event at Piedmont park a few weeks ago with cameras in tow.” Marlo was with her fiance, NFL player Charles Grant, who made RHOA headlines when rumors spread that he was hooking up with NeNe Leakes thanks in part to a phone call from Kim Zolciak to Watch What Happens: Live with NeNe as a guest. (CLICK HERE to watch the clip. Strangely it’s a Bravo video that won’t embed?)

Kim says early on in the conversation, “I don’t cheat on my man like you do.” Then, if you fast forward to the 3:00 (remaining) mark and if you can tune out NeNe’s patented repetitive hollering, you can hear Kim say, “You want to talk about personal life? How about I call up Charles [bleep] [inaudible] cheating on Greg in January?” So, in essence, Bravo is adding the fiancee of NeNe Leakes’ rumored mistress to the cast! THAT should provide some serious fireworks!

And speaking of fireworks, I’m sure there will be more of those when the topic of Marlo Hampton’s criminal past comes up! Between the 1999 and 2003 Marlo was booked seven times in Hillsborough County, Florida (Tampa) for crimes ranging from aggravatedbattery to bouncing a check. To be fair to Marlo, it appears that all of her appearances in front of the booking camera stem from an aggravated battery arrest in 1999 and subsequent incidents surrounding that arrest, including parole violations.

Marlo addressed the arrests and her disappointment that they are her first headline in a brief statement to Bossip:

“Let me first state that I am not ashamed of my past as that has helped me become a better woman today,” Marlo told BOSSIP in a statement. “We all have a past and my hard-knock childhood in and out of the Foster Care system is a reflection on a bigger issue we are faced with here in America, a broken Foster Care system. My present charge in life is to live with God in my heart and help young women especially from the foster care system avoid the challenges I faced. I’m more then just what is being said of me and I have a story to tell.”

I’m sure Bravo will give Marlo the opportunity to address her past with one of their one-on-one dinner or drinks scenes with another of the ladies in the cast. Until then all we have are the pictures and the arrest records!


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