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Watch What Happens Live and After Show with Peggy ‘The Boobie Monster’ and Sean ‘The Hockey Player’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 6, 2011

I had thought Vicky Gunvelson was the guest on Watch What Happens Live last night and instead we had the “Boobie Monster” Peggy Tanous.  ugh.   I don’t see how this woman became a housewife at all.  She annoys the hell out of me and I can’t specifically put my finger on it.   It may be that voice of hers which I repeatedly try to mind ninja her to clear her throat.    I am also sick of looking at her wonky fake cleavage as well.  It is not attractive!  Her boobs look like they are hanging on for dear life!

Peggy has serious hang ups with Alexis and all the issue’s she addresses are seriously petty.   If Alexis has made a comment that she didn’t appreciate or found offensive, why would she not address it right there and resolve it instead of compiling the list of petty issues to save for the finale/Vicky party?  Seems like Alexis is taking a page out of the Tamra Barney book for dramatical endings.    The other thing I don’t get is Peggy getting on the band wagon to bash Jim Bellino who we find out recently that they once dated years ago? 

It has not been disclosed to us or I missed how Jim was rude to Peggy’s husband?    As much as people poke fun at Alexis and Jim’s faith-based marriage rules, they are happy and it works for them today.   Only time will tell.

I also found it odd that Andy Cohen actually brought on the porn store that is THE original ‘Alexis Couture’.  I didn’t find any humor in last nights show since I thought Andy Cohen used the entire half an hour to perpetuate the Alexis vs Peggy drama over the most stupid ass issues and than made a game out of comparing their body parts.   And then to add insult to injury.. he brings on the porn store to humilate Alexis more.  Is this a hint that Orange County will not renew if Andy is openly making fun of a Real Housewife in lieu then others doing it for him?  

I can  not be happier that this season comes to an end and I can stop viewing ‘Bobbie Monsters’ via Orange County.


In the after show below, Peggy gives all excuses to Tamra for her behavior towards Jeana.  In fact she gets it completely wrong when she said that Tamra was justified in throwing the wine at Jeana because she was threatened with bodily harm.  But she completely forgets to mention that Tamra whipped the paper in Jeana’s face.  Every body knows that Tamra gets a pass at instigating and striking first with aggression because she has been so minded fuked by Simon Barney..  She is now the official Real Housewives Victim of all of Bravo.   Mazel!

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3 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live and After Show with Peggy ‘The Boobie Monster’ and Sean ‘The Hockey Player’”

  1. Dy said

    Told ya Peggy was gonna be on and that Hockey Guy..
    I’m thinking Andy doesn’t like Alexis, just a feeling ya know..Peggy is weird, can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t think she is mean, just weird.

    Tammy Sue was right to throw that wine in Fatso Ugly Face, thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

    That Hockey guy cracked me up reminded me of stoner hockey dude from high school.

  2. ThugInACocktailDress said

    I need to watch hockey more often! 🙂 he was hottt! LOL when Andy asked Sean if he would ever buy his lady friend an Alexis Couture dress! @Dy, the moment that Andy lost all respect for Alexass was when she made that comment about Fernanda’s same sex marriage not being valid! The look on his face during the WWHL aftershow when this episode aired was pure disgust! Then he even told her how offended he was by her statement. Of course during her phone call she backpedaled, but it was too late. She is a moron, but then, what can we expect? She is made out of Jim’s rib! That must account for her lack of brain! The things that come out of her mouth show how uneducated and clueless she is! She constantly contradicts herself. Not that Peggy is any better! What is up with her? Why does she have to keep bringing up that she dated Jim? What is the big deal? Peggy says she is embarassed that she went out with him, but then why does she talk about it? Also, why r they even fighting over this loser in the first place?

  3. Dy said

    Yep Thug ..That’s it, you’re right! He was upset, I was too to tell you the truth, she is a moron.” made out of Jim Blob’s rib” Bwahhh..what a jackass!!..Yea, Peggy is weird, I would tell no one, no one that I dated JimBlob, he as ass and a crook..And freakin broke Tammy Sue is right..Why do they keep moving why do they keep changiing cars..RT was posting all kinds of stories about them..Tinsel did too, but RT started last year with his baseball card fraud and something eles.. Plus the story about last summer when their twins being strapped in their stroller went falling into a pool while mama and daddy were drinking at the pool bar..Ya know accidents happen, but she made all kinds of excuses and Jimblob of course saved the day, not the life gaurds that were there,(umm bs.). check out rt, last summer it’s on t here.

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