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Real Housewives of Orange County Simon Barney’s New Girlfriend. SHE HOT!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 6, 2011


Well the woman that Jeana allegedly accused Tamra of being jealous of via Tamra accusations is FREAKIN HOT!  I hope Simon is happy and in a healthy relationship.  Looks beautiful and quite a catch!

Lets not forget our illustrious Tamra playing a great mommy role model in this scene..   watch Tamra slicked into her new mommy role as a fame ‘whore’.  😉


13 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Simon Barney’s New Girlfriend. SHE HOT!”

  1. Dy said

    She looks like Fernanda..She is pretty..Why suck it Tamra?? I’m sure she not even thinking about Simons girlfriend, she has her own man. Let them both be happy, geeze.

  2. Coffee FIRST said

    What a beauty, good for Simon!

    I’m in the minority, I think, cause I like Eddie so good for Tamra!

    These two (S&T) are (supposedly) happy, so move on. They both need to put their children first and foremost.

  3. G-sus said

    It looks like he has been dating her for a while. I remember the picture from about a year ago. Good for him. He deserves it. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be talked about on national television and not be able to have the same forum to defend yourself.
    It’s ironic to me, something tells me Simon and the dog leash incident was similar to Tamra’s fight with Jeana, yet Simon was the one who went to jail.
    And IMO nothing about that fight was Jeana’s fault. Tamra stirred up the drama before the party and during the party before Jeana arrived. She knew exactly what she was doing. And sorry, Tamra wasn’t intimidated when Jeana said she was going to throw her in the pool. She went right up to Jeana and said, “let’s see you do it”. Only afterward when she figured she made an asshat out of herself did she typically twist it to make it seem like she was scared.

  4. G-sus said

    @ Coffee Eddie is to Tamra what Jason is to Bethenny. They both are linked to unstable people, yet somehow they tend to calm them down or at least they try.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 G-sus…Hi! 🙂 Great post! LMAO! I think Tamra likes to stir up the drama period.

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Like I said before,,I never really watched OC,,except here and there,,but I watched it all last season and this season of course,,am I missing something? I feel so badly for Donn,,,I think he’s a good man…what am I missing? Why does Vicki want a divorce? I don’t get it…but again I wasn’t there for all the seasons.

  7. Dy said

    Hi Olive

    Her Love tank dried up again..Freakin who knows, there is a back story there, it’s never just one person ever.. I feel bad for both of them really..It was painful for me to watch.

  8. Dy said

    Huge difference with the dog leash incident..Simple Simon threw the heavy retrackable dog leash at Tamra in front of their son..Big mistake, that is why he went to jail. Once the police found out he did that in front of thier son ,boom he went to jail..Tamra explain this on the show..How many times.

  9. @tweatcyn said

    Icky is bored and wants constant praise and adoration
    She did same to first husband

  10. Dy said


    Check out Andy Cohen’s Blog he has some more clips from the reunion coming up.. Donn has a video on there and Vicki responds, she takes full responsibity for the breakdown of their marriage.Wow.. Still for me it was hard to watch this season, especially last night with her crying and stuff. I felt bad for both of them really, more so Donn, he seemed to try, Vicki, not so much.

  11. LWoo said

    She does look like Fernanda.

    I don’t know. See, I dated a controlling dude and I see that in Simon. No matter how much of a dipshit Tamra is, we can’t be blinded by the way Simon treated her. He was VERY controlling and did some shit on camera. I can also understand her frustration with Jeana. It’s NONE of Jeana’s business and she’s biased, so there’s no need for her to put herself in the middle of everything.

    Yes, Tamra lied about what really happened at the pool. But I would’ve seen red, too! And we all know that Tam-Tam is a dipshit. But she’s growing on me.

  12. ThugInACocktailDress said

    IMO Simon’s new gf looks young enough to be his daughter! How old is She? And way to go breaking Jeana’s heart, Simon! LOL, I have a feeling Jeana harbors a crush on: Simon and Donn! I think it is an unfortunate situation for the Kids, who did not ask for their famewhore parents to put it all out there on national tv! Tamra had some very embarrasing moments captured on tape this season: the body shots in Mexico, the bathtub scene,the alleged cheating on Simon with Fernanda, the constant making out with Eddie. Is she really 43? She sure doesn’t act like it! To quote the most insightful person on that show, Breanna, “even 20somethings don’t act like that!”
    As for Vicki, her pain was raw and real. Yes, she took her relationship with Donn for granted. But I am such a softie, I couldn’t handle watching her cry. IMO that was one of her most vulnerable moments EVER, that I felt it was real, because for once she let down her guard. It was nice to see the ladies come together to set aside their catty behavior (for once!) to support their “friend”. The show has lost the camraderie from earlier seasons. They used to be friends, or at least made a good job of pretending. Now they are all in competition with each other, and too much fighting going on. As for the fight btwn Tamra and Jeana: they are both at fault. Jeana needs to mind her business and let Simon fight his own battles. Tamra could have found a better time/place to present the C&D letter to Jeana. The delivery was very confrontational. I understand that it came from a place of anger. But at a party? Really? Jeana lives in the neighborhood, so why not leave it on the way over to Vicki’s house? Why do so in front of the whole party? And I must have blinked, because I don’t recall seeing the moment when Jeana threw Tamra in the pool! 😉 Did anyone catch it?

  13. debbie said

    Tamra, you are a beautiful and very opinionated woman, which is very attractive. I am sooo happy for you and Eddie. This new girlfriend of Simon’s is lovely, but appears very young. What could she possibly see in Simon? Just sayin’…

    Simon is so boring so I really don’t know what he could offer this new girlfriend.

    I’m on the Tamra team so go Tamra and Eddie. I hope you make it for the long haul!

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