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Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview – Gobble ‘Gobblefella’s’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 6, 2011

Gobble Gobble..


The wives’ Thanksgiving is not only stuffed with lots of bull chit but also  with drama, resentment and regret.   

Divisions mark Turkey Day when Teresa presides over a “friendsgiving” feast for only Jacqueline, Caroline and their families. Conversely, the Gorgas host a separate get-together with the Wakiles which to me, from viewing the promo’s, looks like a much better time! 

Its gobble time folks!!


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


24 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview – Gobble ‘Gobblefella’s’”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    LOL! You’re photoshopping is as good as mine. I love that about you. Gobble Gobble.

  2. Dy said

    Still don’t think Messy is right. Thank you Jesus..Snake that one I’ll tell ya. Kathy too, 2 faced snake also.Rich I’m on the fence..Joey wanna be Al Pacino, stop thinking your sister caused everything you ruined your son’s christening not her, you need to take responsibity!

    Both Teresa and Melissa are the same with the cattiness, Messy with the dagger card, Teresa right back with the dagger cookie remark, both stupid. UGH!

    Kathy made beautiful desserts..Dessert cookbook coming for sure. They looked perfect!

    Both tables looked beautiful and both meals good good.

    The Gorga kids are beautiful, my God!..Gia is a doll ..Milania, holy cannoli what a temper, glad to see Teresa yell at her!

    Good to see Albie tell Ashely about herself.

  3. G-Sus said

    Wake me up when the Teresa/Joe/Joe/Melissa fight is over……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. Dy said

    Ok..What was with Rich putting on that S&M mask to ride the Bull? Then whipping out the S&M whip Kathy when she was on it? Where did he get those things? Did he bring them, did he get them from the Goofy Gorgas, did the Bull guys bring that shit? WTF?? Anyway it was freakin weird and his mouth.. M f’ing all over the place.. Umm the kids, older people were there..As I said I ‘m on the fence about him, I think he has a heart, but he gets a kick out himself, there is something off about him.

    This is gonna be about the Gorga/ Giudice whatever it is..Just like BH was about Kyle and Camille, and NYC was about Bethenny and Jill that whole season..One thing though at least we knew what the heck it was all about..This is crazy, the story changes week to week as to who the Gorgas blame for them ruinning thier sons christenning and whos to blame for the breakdown of their family..Me I don’t care.. The Gorgas are disgusting to do what they have done,and so is Kathy in my opinion.

  5. Coffee FIRST said

    This is a dismal season.

    I tune in to find humor and I’m finding no humor in family(pettiness) feuding. It’s shameful and makes me feel sad. Period.

    Quite frankly I don’t like Melissa (and her sisters) from what I see now; I absolutely despise Joe Gorga. IMO he desperately wants to be a ‘housewife’ and is showing his true colors doing so. PIG! He’s a Creep! I really can’t stand him!

    The only thing about the show that stood out for me is HUNGER! I so wanted to taste everything on Kathy’s dessert table!! It looked divine. (I’m sure she’s going to put out a dessert cookbook, I think this may work for her.)

  6. Dy said

    I agree Coffee.

    Kathys desserts looked wonderful, but Ican tell you right now, no way in hell di she make that huge Cannoli Shell, the baby ones maybe, I’m ever suppect over those, too perfect. But that huge one no way.. The other stuff did look home made and wonderful, her presentation ..perfect!! Very talented lady it seems, she should do something with her talent if she chooses.

  7. Coffee FIRST said

    Hi Dy,
    My MIL makes the shells and I think Kathi made hers (even the big one as was easiest) Nothing against those who don’t, It just made me hungry! 😀

  8. Coffee FIRST said

    The big shell was easier than the little ones.
    This according to Italian MIL. LOL..I think!

  9. Dy said

    I have made them too coffee, the small ones, the rolled one kind hers were more like the envelope ones that you can buy at italian any speciality shop.( not that you can’t make them like that ) but most homemade ones are the rolled ones. that huge one, she would have had to have a huge deep fryer/ vat..( her kitchen is not that big, and she has no counter space) that huge one looked liked the one that they show from carlos bakery. you can get huge ones like that any any italian speciaty bakery also, just for the reason kathy presented her cannolis.. Not saying that she didn’t sure sure make them herself, cause i wasn’t there.. just saying i’m a little, hmmm.. lol.. not taking away from the other

  10. Coffee FIRST said

    I know nothing!

    I’d buy you cookbook! 😀

  11. Dy said

    lol’re so cute.

    I would buy her dessert cookbook if she comes out with one. The other stuff she has made on the show, to me is no big deal, what culets, pasta, brucsetta, salad, rosotto, cut up cheese, meh, looked good, but noth ing special….now her desserts and presentation..that was special

  12. Coffee FIRST said

    My MIL reminds me of Caroline, Honest.

    She can be lovely and the biggest f****ng bitch at the same time!

    I just deal with it and move on. 😉

  13. Coffee FIRST said

    @Dy, This IS a Mutha F’n problem…

    We’re talking about FOOD again!!

  14. Dy said

    LOL Coffee..I hear ya.. My Sicilian MIL( God rest her soul) wonderful woman, loved her as my own, but let me tell ya, I married her only boy,at times, let me tell you I deserved a freakin medal. No disrespect, but it was what it was, I knew my place..LOL.

  15. Coffee FIRST said

    Are you still here?

  16. Dy said


  17. Coffee FIRST said

    @15 Dy,

    I’m not Italian, But adhere to traditional thanksgiving, along with some tiramesu!

  18. Coffee FIRST said

    Hi Dy,

    I think Caroline takes advantage of people , what do you think?

  19. Dy said

    We are Coffee, do the whole freakin thing pasta, turkey, ham, all the sides, all the desserts.Food like there is no tommorow. Nothing wasted plenty of leftovers for everyone..

  20. Dy said

    Caroline, although I like her. Is getting on my nerves ya know..I’m a little taken a back with her. She asks people questions, then won’t let them speak or get their full thought out. Then she rolls her eyes and makes rude comments..I’m a little taken aback by her, it’s family fix it thing..ehen come to find out sshe doesn’t or has spoken quite a few of her family members..

  21. Coffee FIRST said

    I love this place!

  22. Dy said

    How i just reread my last post..oy.. I messed up, getting tired..anyway what i meant to say was ..i’m taken aback by carolines it’s family, fix it thing..when come to find out she hasn’t spoken to or have anything to do with quite a few of her own family members..the way she speaks to people sometimes works my nerves too, if she spoke to me that way, i wouldn’t listen to her either.

  23. Coffee FIRST said

    Thanks Dy, you are awesome!

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