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Tonight! Real Housewives of Orange County Season Finale! Preview ‘Girl Fight’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 5, 2011

hasta la vista baby!! We ouuta here!!


In the Season 6 finale, Vicki leaves the hospital and continues to deal with her personal problems with the impending BIG ‘D’.  Despite all this, she still hosts her annual fall (finale) party. Drama lets loose at the bash, especially when ex-cast member Jeana Keough reenters the picture.
We get to see the poor victim Tamra of abuse by intimidation go at it with Jeana and I wish Jeana would kick her ass.  Hell, I would do it for her for free!
I am glad this season has come to an end since its become ‘The Real Housewives of Petty Bullshit’  SEE YA!
Don’t forget on Watch What Happens Live tonight, Vicki is the guest and gets to end her tour of interview babbling on about her divorce.  Poor Don.
Here Vicky gives an interview and talks Housewives and divorce.   Preview Below!



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58 Responses to “Tonight! Real Housewives of Orange County Season Finale! Preview ‘Girl Fight’”

  1. Dy said

    Peggy is on WWHL,and some Hockey Guy(?)..I don’t know why Vicki isn’t but she isn’t.

    Go Tammy Sue, throw that wine in that nasty, passive aggressive, Meana Jeana’s face..Ugh, I can’t stand that nosey rosie. She is not a housewive anymore but she is all up in their business. She had no business giving an interview about Simon and Tamra, it wasn’t her place, period.

  2. Ok, Tamra just said that Simon is not allowed to talk to the press in regards to the divorce and legal proceedings but she is allowed to air out their dirty laundry on a reality show? WTF???

  3. Coffee FIRST said

    I had read a post last week (@Stoopid Housewives) that Vicki’s daughter was hospitalized for severe headaches caused by a spinal fluid leak and @the time it couldn’t be determined where the leak was coming from. According to the article, Briana was on a morphine drip and that wasn’t even helping. Vicki was asking people to say prayers.

    Has anyone heard about this and/or any updates on Briana?

  4. Dy said

    I read that too coffee, I haven’t read anything more. I hope she is ok.

    I feel bad for Vicki. I’m glad Gerty talked to Vicki and she isn’t the cold hearted snake that she was at the fashion show,,freakin jerk.

    I like AlexisAss’s dress.

    Jeana is a bitch

  5. Dy said

    Play with your boobs so you don’t cry?? WTF?? Where the hell does Tammy Sue come up with this stuff?? LOL..Geeze!!

  6. Dy said

    Good Grief is Peggy cranked?? WT…. Is that all about with Alexis? and My God, her boobs are gonna pop right out of her dress..Geeze!!

    It was nice that all the girls went up upstairs to see Vicki.

  7. G-sus said

    @ IJS EXACTLY what I was thinking. She talks shit about everyone else’s relationship, Jim and Alexis, Gretchen and Slade. Yet someone talks about her and it’s balls to the walls.
    And nothing says classy like having your boyfriend’s daddy type you up a cease and desist. Not to mention the fact that she deliberately gives it to Jeana at a party of 100 when she could have walked across the street and did it privately. That might have been a better idea given the fact that Vicki asked for a stress-free night.

    And WTF is up with Alexis. She knows that she didn’t come from Jim’s rib doesn’t she? My husband, who doesn’t watch, walked through the room when she went on the liberal diatribe and said, who is that idiot? And he’s a republican, lol.

    • HOly shit G-SUS!!!! TAMRA IS A FREAKIN LIAR!! Telling the men that Jeana got violent with her.. what a freakin liar!!! Good for Gretchin for confronting Tamra on she did the same thing to her!!! omg.. I want to slap the shit out of Tamra..

    • Wow.. Tamra forgets the camera’s catch all.. even had her mother acting as if Jeana was the aggressor.. Tamra is a freakin nut job and liar!

  8. G-sus said

    @ Coffee, Vicki talked about Briana during the interview IJS posted above. She said Briana was home but still having a hard time and sleeping a lot. I remember that the same thing happened to George Clooney a while back.

  9. Dy said

    Really Jeana..”I’m gonna throw your skinny little ass in the pool: Class act..What a jerk..Can’t even throw wine, she hits someone eles and then the shit hits the fan..At least Tammy Sue nailed you!!

    What was with Quinn, hogging for camra time in her Kim Z.wig? Was she playing Roxie?? What the freak!

  10. G-sus said

    OMG IJS! We always know these ladies twist the truth, but to see them actually twist it on camera. The only aggressive one in that situation was Tamra. Gretchen nailed the hypocrisy that I saw with Tamra. You can’t go around talking shit about people and then run and get a worthless C&D when someone dares to do the same thing to you.

    On a lighter note, Jeana needs a good conditioner and Quinn needs to ditch the scary wig.

    • G-Sus.. that wig was not wiggalicious.. Quinn must have an odd mirror or she needs to get some glasses.. she is freakin wacked… I am so over this season.. I now lost a gazillion brain cells watching this episode.. I will need a brain transfusion tomorrow…. if you dont hear from me.. call 911~ or better yet.. let me die in peace.. 8)

  11. Say WHAT ! said

    Omg! Ima, if that crap happened to you, ja know I would NOT be holdin me hand to me heart saying OMG. I would stepped in front of da drink, took da hit, den slapped da shit outta of the liar bag. And if I didn’t take da hit, i would be jumpin on da bag of da bitch who did that to you. NO PRISONERS!! And, btw… I love Jeana. She did NOT do anything more the TAMRA has, did or is about to do to someone, then den it.

    • Mona.. TRUE DAT!!! As much as I dont approve of Jeana getting involved.. Tamra did worse to Gretchin! So I am no longer on the fence! Girl.. you know damn well I would take a knife for you and take that knife out of my chest and slaughter the whole group!!! Well I would stab half of the group and fry the others in a vat of vegetable oil and watch~! Love ya woman!!!

  12. G-sus said

    IJS, take a look at Jeana’s twitter. She is saying Eddie yelled a gay slur at her friend when they were leaving.

    @ Say WHAT exactly, if Jeana is nosy and meddlesome to some people then what is Tamra? Only difference is that Jeana talked to a reported. Tamra just talks shit to Bravo cameras instead.

    • G-Sus… I cant agree more! We cant side with Tamra when she did the worse to Gretchin. Its hypocrisy at its best! Actually Jeana owned all she said and didnt back track at all. good bad or indifferent. She didnt lie about what she said or did like Tamra says. Truthfully, I dont think Jeana should get involved.. but on the other hand.. Tamra needed a lickin of her ticken! TAKE THAT! 😉

  13. Dy said

    Tammy Sue =60

    Meana Jeana= 40

    Ahh too bad so sad..

    Jeana is a nosy rosie, passive agressive, nasty bitch..

  14. Dy said

    Jeana slung that bs about Eddie saying that when this crap happened..Funny no one eles said anything, and Eddie to me, does not seem the type to do such a thing anyway.His best friend Marcos and Fernanda are gay..Nice try Jeana, your disgusting

  15. G-sus said

    IJS, I agree. Nothing about what Jeana said was anything different than the gossip Tamra spreads like manure. And you know damn well that if Alexis and Jim or Gretchen and Slade broke up, Tamra wouldn’t be offering support but doing like she always does, bask in the misery of others. Peggy said in her blog that she knew Tamra was bringing the C&D to the party as well, so guess it is a little true when Jeana said Tamra was stirring the scene for 2 hours before Jeana arrived. Tamra is an attention-whore who took the opportunity of Jeana talking about her and Simon as a way to get more attention for herself.
    I don’t think Jeana lied about what Eddie said, she has no reason to. She may be a gossip, but she isn’t a liar. Even the stuff she said to the press wasn’t a lie, just her opinion. Tamra on the other hand, twists the truth as we plainly saw tonight.

    • G-Sus.. I agree. Jeana is not a liar. and your right.. she may be a gossip for alterior motives.. but she owned everything she said. oh well.. no points for honesty if your looking to nit pick.. Tamra ur spot on is liar as she twists truths to get sympathy. She is a pig.. flat out.. god I hate that word and now the second word I used tonight to diss her. lmaoo

  16. Say WHAT ! said

    Hey Dy, thought you followed the other. Really glad to see you back.

    Bad behaviors is just that… bad behavior. you throw a drink, you go down. Plain and simple. I just think Tamra now has equally problems with da judge as her ex does. Throw something your going down. Just living up to HER definitions.

    Live what you preach. That is all I’m saying.

    But Damn glad to see ya back.

  17. Dy said

    @21 Say..

    Oh yea, bad behavior, totally agree. But it’s freakin entertaining as

    Brianna said it best, voice of reason.

    Vicki’s patio/ backyard looked beautiful. Loved it.

    Just can’t stand Jeana never could, she is a liar also, and caused crap for Gerty too..She is 2 faced and a shit stirer.

  18. G-sus said

    IJS, Tamra is a big fat liar in my book that lies all the time if it suits her. Simon and Eddie were never friends, lie. We forgot there were cameras in the bathroom, lie. Jeana attacked me, lie. That’s why I never believed her BS about Simon. He got the C&D treatment too. But of course, she can badmouth him all she wants on TV.

  19. Dy said

    Geeze where is Mob Wives when you need them? Now those ladies know how to throw down!!

    Tammy Sue threw the drink after Meana Jeana said she was gonna throw Tammy Sue in the pool,and stepped up. Sorry I would have done the same thing..That lard ass coming at me, oh hell yea I would have thown my drink at her to block her fat ass..LOL

  20. G-sus said

    IJS How bout walking her sorry ass across the street and serving it instead, or having someone who isn’t a complete lunatic like Eddie give it to her? Guess that would equal no air time, so that option was out.
    Completely staged drama on Tamra’s part. Nice behavior for a 42 year old with small children.

    • G-Sus.. well said! but your right.. the right thing to do would not be dramatical enough.. Tammy Pee-You is a piss ant! no klass or morals.. she stages drama and gets unwittingly peeps to buy the shiteeios she is serving! they gobble it down.. it aint right!! 😉 lol You really have to step back and look at the whole scene regardless of who you like. Make no mistake that I think Jeana should never of put herself in the fighting Simon’s battles for him. But for Tamra to get so enraged when she cant even see that she resembles that but more.. its crazy for me.. UGH! ok.. nighties and over and out.. shmooches!

  21. Say WHAT ! said

    Dy, saying and doing are two different things. You can speak it, then take action.. then there’s they law. As long as it not a terroristic threat. But the action part is a Huge next step, Tammy Faye was causing a physical alteration!! Now that is different, and someone can take legal action. There is assault and battery. Assault (the verbal threat… then battery the physical action. Again, no terroristic threat here. BUTTTTTT hmmmm lots of battery.. not good. And now can impugn an accuser who states the same.

  22. Say WHAT ! said

    Now I know, lots of difficult words. But hey I am impared. Rots of champagne and a shot or two of twoqillya. Yummmm. But me tinks I got da point across. Hubby traveling and having fun. Then there is tomorrow. I will checka backa. Or not! Yes I was snarky.. sorry….. Pirate!

  23. Dy said

    @28 I get ya.

    But if it were me,and that lard ass said that,and stepped up, believe me she would have gotten the drink in her face to ward off the power behind that fat ass’s push. Thats just Also she said that Jeana said she was gonna push her in the pool, she never said she pushed her, she said she got violent, well saying some one is going to push someone in a pool and stepping up is violent, to me. Also Tammy Sue never said she didn’t throw her glass of wine at Jeana.

  24. G-sus said

    One last comment then I am off to bed.
    If talking about other people’s lives and relationships publicly makes you deserve to have a C&D and a drink thrown in your face then Tamra should be looking like a paper mache doll by now. Can’t hide behind double standards and play the victim when the tables are turned.

    Night all, glad your back from vacay IJS.

  25. Coffee FIRST said

    Just able to watch the entire episode and I haven’t laughed this hard the entire season!!

    Is Alexass-hole trying to impress us with her totally fouled up interpretation of the written word?? lolololing! Just STFU dumb bitch!

    Biggest hearty chuckle was when Jeana’s friend threw the glass and turned around and bumped into the tree! Bwahahahahaha! Little baby tree almost took him out! Bwahahahaha! (It’s right up there with Karma-camel and Louie..tee-hee-heee)

    OMG that was kooky Quinn-WTF is up with that, What Was That? LMAO

    Lastly, Jeana when she returned home upset but calm, grabbing phone from ‘walking-into-tree-friend’ to call SIMON to tell on his ex-wife..mmm’kay. When Simon answers her demeanor immediately changes to sniffling, whining and downright hysterical from almost zen-like a moment before! WTF, I’m not buying it you little shit-stirrer drama-queen. Not one bit! 😉

  26. Coffee FIRST said

    Btw, it was Jeana’s friend who further instigated by pouring a drink over the chick that got blasted (erroneously) by Jeana’s return throw of a drink.

  27. Dy said

    LMAO @35&36 Coffee..

    Oh that guy throwing that glass was classic and bumping into the tree..Bwaahh

    I just watched again and it was Jeanna buddie ( glass boy) that pored that drink, yep he was with the right person, shit stirer Jeana.. I have to admit though I was wrong..Tammy Sue did say Jeana pushed her, I didn’t see it, but Mama did say do not touch my daughter sooo , I don’t know..She was very upset.

  28. […] this link: Tonight! Real Housewives of Orange County Season Finale! Preview … Share […]

  29. Coffee FIRST said

    @37 Dy,

    Glass boy/tree magnet=drama/shit stirrer! Jeana and Co. are no newbies to this rodeo!

    Tamra should not have thrown that letter into Jeana’s face, but Jeana should not have used her weight to intimidate Tamra in response. Just my opinion, but in response, I think I’d spill a drink on Jeana too. 😉 teeheehee

  30. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS…HI! Hope you had a great vacay! 🙂 XO Couldn’t agree more. LMAO!

    G-sus…HI! 🙂 Agree with your posts. @33 Excellent point!

  31. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @33 G-sus…”paper mache doll”…LMAO!!

  32. Dy said

    @39 Hi Coffee

    Totally agree, those 2 tricks have done that shit before.
    Totally agree again about Tammy Sue throwing the papers. And I would for sure thrown a drink in fatsos face too..Bwaah

  33. Dy said

    Iam not a fan of any of the OC Ladies but I like the show if that makes any sense. Lol
    One thing will say about myself is that I do not cloud what I think of the ladies to cloud my opinion, period never have. If I do not like someone, I do not think everything they do and say is terrible like some people do. 😉 Well their is one exception..Danielle, the worst all around worst houswife ever in my opinion.

  34. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    *in a small voice,,what does SMH mean???? and doesn’t a cease and desist have to be served by a court appointed sumthin’ sumthin’?

  35. LWoo said

    I didn’t see the past seasons. What did Tamra do to Gretchen? I have to say that I don’t like Gretchen.

  36. Dy said

    @ 44 Hi Olive..SMH= SHAKE MY HEAD… I DON’T KNOW ABOUT A C&D Letter, one of the experts on here will have to answer that..

    On Andy Cohen Blog he has more scenes for the up coming reunion..Woo HOO.. Alexis takes a jab at Tammy Sue about Eddie and the bath tub scene regarding the kids and stuff Tammy Sue contures with Alexis letting her kids strapped in their strollers fall in a pool while she and Jim were drinking at the pool bar,( RT the story last summmer, it was terrible the way people were all up in arms about that worsethan Tammy Sue look it up ladies.

  37. Dy said

    Hi Lwoo

    Tammy Sue, at the first reunuion gerty was on outed gerty for having a boyfriend and sleeping with him the whole time she was with her dying finacee Jeff( ya know the love of her life.. Jay called TANMMY sue one night after a fight he and gerty had, he got the number from gerty( they were friends at one tiome) tammy sue gave the phone to simon.and this jay told simon all about it..anyhow at the reunion is when it all came out because andy cohen asked tammy sue what happened between gerty and her.. gerty about crapped her pants ..jeana , vicki and tamra knew all about jay,they all threw her under thwe bus.. gerty at first called him a stalker, then a friend then a old boy friend, then a family was messed up.. tammy sue never went to the press ever.. it was just from that reunion show.. that jay went nuts when gerty deined everything, and went sue crazy ..he has sued for deframation and something eles. rt has all the stories..any way gerty has lost them all she is a liar.

  38. BobLHead said

    Didn’t get a chance to watch this last night, but I’m looking forward to it!!!

    Let the wild ruckus begin!

  39. Dy said

    Ohh and at a party Tammy sue had she said she wanted to get Gerty naked wasted, wtf, who says that? that happened the first season gerty was on..any anyway gerty get herself totally trashed completley smashed and had to stay the night. hey she had a good time but blamed tamra and played it up oh boo hoo at the reunion, looked like a jerk..

    also on the clips on ac blogs. donn is on talking about the season. vicki takes full responsibitity for the down fall of their marriage wow.. i really thought there was more to it.. i was wrong.

  40. LWoo said

    Dang. I think Gretchen is evil.

  41. Dy said

    @50 LWoo..I didn’t even get into the fake charity, the fake make up,and her partner suing her, the diverting funds for Slade. Shes a trip..and such a victim..Lol.Tammy Sue say what you will everything she ever said about Gerty is true,all of it.

  42. G-sus said

    I for one will be glad when this season is over. Too much ego, lying, and hateful, hurtful behavior. It’s one thing to go on the show and embarrass yourself, but when your behavior affects or will affect people like your children or those who don’t have the same forum to defend themselves, then it’s time for the fame plug to pulled.
    What I wouldn’t give for Bravo to cut some of these ladies loose. Let them flop around the ground during their famewhore dt’s. And more importantly, let them make a living apart from trying to be the biggest asshat out of a group of asshats.

  43. G-sus said

    Further proof Tamra is a liar who manipulates the truth however she sees fit.
    Per Tamra’s bravo blog:
    “When Peggy and Ricky went up to Jeana, they were only trying to help me out. She did exactly what she always does when she gets cornered — denied and lied! Prior to me throwing the letter at her, the letter dropped to the ground as she refused to accept it. As it was picked up, she pushed me, which is what prompted me to throw it at her. I have never been so mad and heated in my life. After I threw the wine, I was shaking so badly that I ran out of there as fast as I could.”
    I went back and watched the video of the scene Bravo has up on their site to see if there was some clever cutting of the scene by Bravo that didn’t show this and guess what!? Nothing, nada, scene was not cut, clearly showed everything starting with the moment Tamra walked up to Jeana. Jeana didn’t push her first, nor did Tamra hand her the letter first. How shocking that Tamra continues to lie about it? NOT.
    Not to mention the fact that she was so scared after the wine throwing that she followed Jeana out into the driveway like a lunatic.

    • YOU GO MRS SLEUTH G-SUS!!! Tamra is a big fat liar and anyone who buys into her lies resembles the twat! lol.. Truly.. I cant believe the lengths Tamra will go to lie to make herself in the right. Own your bad behavior.. yes Jeana never should of had herself involved.. BUT OWN HER BAD SHIT! Tamra is the worst to try and invent shit that Bravo would not air? Give me a break. I didnt even read the blogs yet.. or NJ’s either.. its either peeps deflecting and talking about the summer or promoting thier wares.. ugh

  44. G-sus said

    IJS My favorite thing about reading the bravo blogs is how they always begin with, “I regret the way I acted” and then they immediately turn it around to then defend their actions. Not to mention the outright lies. It’s like they forget cameras are there, oh wait, that is one of their excuses as well.
    Gotta get to bed, early am wake up.

  45. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @G-sus & IJS….Hi! Totally agree with you. Tamra needs to own her own bad behavior. She never has. I feel sorry for her children. Good thing they’re off the show.

    @3 G-sus…Thanks for that info. WOW!

  46. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 IJS…Hey sweetie! ROTFLMAO!!!!! You crack me up! You got that right about Tamra. I can’t believe her lies either.

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