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Real Housewives of New York Preview – A Riad Divided!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 2, 2011


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34 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – A Riad Divided!”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    Hopefully, for the Camel’s sake, Sonja will be wearing her troosers!

  2. G-sus said

    Okay, anyone else notice the similarities between Luann’s attack on Ramona in the last episode and Cindy’s attack on Sonja in this episode? What a crock. Trying to pick fights by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them.

    And I would like to give Jill a Golden Raspberry for her performance tonight. Best supporting actress goes to Ramona.

    And wouldn’t you know, some unknown source (aka Jill?) gave a interview with Radaronline this week saying that Ramona was the cause of Bethenny and Jill’s fight. What a co-in-ki-dink.

  3. Leigh said

    AARRGGHH!! A beautiful trip wasted on these creeps! Cindy Beaverhouven is the biggest fail of housewives since Taylor “Shana” Armstrong..I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone when Kelly is the one making the most sense!! I’m really rethinking the “End of Days Scenario”!!!!

  4. Dy said

    Uggh..Does that Jackass Cindy have a freakin sense of humor? What a freakin pain in the ASS!.. What the hell was that with Jill and Ramona? I could ahve done without that..Freakin STUPID!!!

    Love Morocco!!!

  5. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I’m with you Dy and G-Sus,,I want to vote Cindy off the island,,that broad has no sense of humor. Making a big deal over a freaking seat,,like little kids,,I called shotgun!,,,ok,,now did CIndy use a surrogate or did she actually give birth? If she gave birth maybe post partum? Or is she just a wet blanket,,,,

    The Jill, Ramona Bethenny triangle is so beaten the horse is Dead I tell you! Jill you haven’t changed,,,and it’s getting tiring watching these 2 hugging it out only to put a knife in each other’s backs,,,

    Sonja seemed subdued on Andy’s shiw last night,,but I dunno’ a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ is going on there,,,she seems a little off….

    Anway Happy Friday everyone,,,psst I better get to work,,my boss is giving me “THAT” look,,I tell her,,hey! I showed up,,do u expect me to work too?,,sheesh! I am actually Ashley Holmes,,I commute,,byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Dy said

    Hey O

    Oy that Cindy..I didn’t like her from the get go. I remember Tinsel asked me why, cause she didn’t like her either and could’nt really pinpoint it, and I said because she looks for a headache that isn’t there, says that she doesn’t like drama, but all she does is cause it and she is right there in the middle of it.She takes herself and everyone around her too seriously.

    OMG..That whole Jill /Ramona freakin ridicules and staged was that? Bringing up Bethenny like anyone freakin cares. End scene, Jill I’m going to have a heart attack, wheres a phone, I have to call Bobby. Ramona..talks to herself..then throws herself on the bed sobbing..Stupid, stupid stupid!!

  7. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Dy…Ramona needs acting lessons,,that was soooo staged as you said,,and you nailed Cindy grom the beginning,,I am not liking her one bit..out of all the women in New York,,they could have found a more interesting one,,,

    This is not a vacation as far as I can see,,too much stress…

  8. LWoo said

    Good afternoon, peeps! 😀

    Okay, Cindy got on my nerve last night with her whining about the seat. I think she felt stupid that LuAnn told her the same thing as Sonja. I didn’t see the big deal. What a drama queen.

    G-Sus, I have to agree with you on Jill’s performance. Am I the only one who thinks that was made for TV? She wouldn’t let Ramona talk at all. When Ramona did get some words in, Jill cut her off with a performance. Jill went in there to fight with her.

  9. LWoo said

    @ 6 Dy: Damn! Nail on the head about Cindy! I honestly didn’t like that she did that to Sonja too. I know her tooth had chipped, but she should’ve told Sonja before she made the trip. Downtown Detroit is 35 minutes away from me. My sis and I were going out one night and the broad told me she wasn’t going at the VERY LAST MOMENT! Like, I was in Detroit-5 minutes from the spot-last moment! I was livid and I still am! It happened about 3-4 weeks ago! LOL! But I’m only pissed because she told me to ‘get over it.’ Bitch, gas is over $4 and I’m supposed to GET OVER IT?!?! Sorry…I digress. Um….a little anger there…um….yeah, I can understand why Sonja was pissed. Yeah.

    I felt bad for LuAnn on that camel. I think that’s the only time I’ve felt bad for LuAnn.

  10. Dy said

    @7 Hi Olive!.. Uggh Cindy..No freakin Fun! Jesus the broad needs to lighten up! Jill and Ramona both worked my last nerve, both talikng neither one of them listening. They were both morons in that scene both trying to out act each other in my opinion lol.

    @9 Hi Lwoo.. I hear ya about the gas prices and I would have been mad too if I were

    Geeze another thing with the Sonja /Cindy thing ..They were suppose to go to lunch..Shit..I would have been pissed too if I were Sonja, she was freakin HUNGRY!! LOL.
    I felt bad for LuLu too, I would ahve benn terrified, but God help me it did make me laugh

  11. Lala said

    I disagree about this Jill and Ramona fight. I think Ramona is trying to get out of taking any form or responsibility for her behavior. But more importantly… um.. ALEX’s SHORTS? Can you even call them shorts? Blue sparkles with white starts. OMG.

  12. Dy said

    OMG Lala..AlexAss has the worst taste in clothes, she wears clothes terribly,even jeans,geeze! she has the worst shape, sorry in my opinion she does Uggh ..No style that woman Dear Lord!

  13. LWoo said

    @ 12 Dy: I don’t think Alex knows how to ‘carry her weight,’ ya know? She doesn’t know how to walk, stand or wear clothes that compliment her. She’s gumpy. All because a person is slim doesn’t mean they can carry their weight well.

    She slumps over.

    And the sequined shorts. -sigh- I just don’t know.

  14. Dy said

    @13 Lwoo.. I agree with you,completely! She has what my mother would have called saddle bags, and the worst posture, your right. Plus sorry she has the worst taste in clothes. I have seen all the other ladies at one time or another wear something cool,or look really nice..I have to say I have never ever seen AlAss wear anything that I can say..Wow she looks great..Now there has been times this season her hair and make up has looked nice, but the clothes..never. It least not to me.

  15. Dalai Mama said

    Me thinks Ramona doth protest way too much on the Mario front. How many times has she produced the 18-years-I’m-married-to-one-man proclamation? How does this make her superior?
    Two years ago I celebrated my 18th anniversary-to-one-man. By the time our 20th rolls around this summer, our divorce will probably be finalized.
    Hence my utter contempt every time I Ramona makes one of her ‘when you’re married 18 years you’ll understand’ announcements followed by that rapid blinking thing she does.
    Just. Shut. Up.

  16. G-sus said

    @ Olive I noticed a subdued Sonja on WWHL last night too. My guess is that it had to do with all the subtle zingers Sandra was throwing at her. Sandra was great, loved how she questioned Sonja on how one could be a “lifestyle” expert just because they had their house built. Oh and I guess you have to know something about bookshelves as well, lol.

    @ 8 LWoo I got the feeling last night that the producers told them before and during this trip they had better ramp up the drama, because the whole Jill vs. Ramona, Cindy vs. seat vs. Sonja was ridiculous to watch. Especially Cindy going after Sonja in the market, it made no sense. At least Sonja and Ramona have the common sense to know when someone is trying to pick a fight and stay calm.

    @11 Lala, just curious what Ramona has to apologize to Jill for? If it is for talking badly to her, then maybe, but if it has anything to do with scary island or Jill’s fight with Bethenny, then I have to disagree.

    Jill is a master at deflection. When Ramona called her out about what she said to the bride at the wedding, she totally changed the subject. When Jill is caught blatantly being cruel, she turns it around and plays victim then demands she be apologized to. Jill had ulterior motives in that conversation with Ramona, she is hell bent on making Ramona look like the bad guy this season, it is very transparent.
    I agree with everyone on Alex’s shorts. They were like mullet shorts, from the front they were okay, from the back, not so much. They looked like bloomers on crack.

  17. @tweatcyn said

    Is anyone else annoyed that Cindy is always picking her next meal out of her teeth with her tongue?

    BTW, Alex’s ass is not big, she’s just a pear shape. No saddlebags either. I’ve met her in person and she’s tiny. She does have bad posture though and not great fashion taste. Should dress to emphasize top and de-emphasize bottom.

  18. Coffee FIRST said

    @Tweatcyn, Thank you for your statement about Cin. That truly bugs/digusts me too! Her and those damn chompers! Grrr!

    I like Alex and I think you’re right about her pear shape. Her poor posture and lack of wearing a brar makes her look worse. I wish she’d invest in a good stylist and QUIT slouching!

  19. Oy Vey said

    Alex may be shaped like a pear but she dresses like a nut!

    I’m glad Ramona made 18 years! I’m working toward 20, I should still be alive to celebrate next year. Everyone loves my husband too, but no one would sleep with him, he’s out of shape and looks like Santa on crack. Mario is hot, and Ramona should be worried!

  20. G-sus said

    I think Alex’s problem is that she lets Simon pick out her clothes. There was a distinct similarity between those blue bloomers and the circus jacket Simon wore a while back. I think Alex is probably very pretty in person, but she is not photogenic at all.

  21. Dalai Mama said

    @19 I’m glad she did too. I’m reacting to her proffering the information (and she’s done it many times through the 4 seasons) as somehow giving her more validity than others, like a Masters degree on life. Life can turn around on a dime 18 years or no. Mine did. Weaving your sense of identity in so inextricably to the status of long-time-married is a danger sign, from my perspective.
    Or maybe I’m just hyper-sensitive.
    I hereby droppeth the subject.

  22. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Dy XOXOXO Cindy says she doesn’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill..but arguing in the market,,,what the hell was that? If she still has a chip on her shoulder about the “pecking order chat”..she should have solved it in New York before the trip. I am really not liking her,,I think she does this tobe relevant,,but she is just coming off like an idiot.

    G-Sus,,I think you nailed it,,the reason why Sonja was so subdue. Sarah was throwing those zingers very subtly,,,not agressively and those are the hardest to deflect….lol..I loved when Cat went off on LuAnn but this was better to watch…It just puts things in perspective,,,you ladies are reality show people no more…you are here to amuse

    And I also agree those shorts of Alex do look like Simon’s went through my mind a bit as I watched it,,, Alex has been very low key the whole vacation,,,oh wait next week is her turn to have a “moment”…I don’t know,,anyone else think thisis being staged? I’m not feeling this season at all and New York was always my fave.

  23. Dy said

    Hi Olive!! xo Lol, all goofy Cindy has done this whole season in my opinion is look for headaches and act like she above the bs,and she has been right smack dab in the bs..She works my last nerve.

  24. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    ^5 mine too DY!

  25. G-sus said

    @ Olive, completely staged. Either it is Bravo pulling the strings or it is just that the ladies have been around for 4 seasons that they know they need to get air time to survive. Maybe a little bit of both.
    Ramona’s agenda is to try and sell whatever product why she can why the cameras are rolling. And Jill and her thug-life posse of brunettes are trying to redeem Season 3 Jill and Krazy by trying to make Alex look like a social outcast and Ramona look like a mean drunk whose husband cheats on her.

    I don’t think this is anything new with any of the HW franchises. Once they have been around for a few seasons, they either go all vacuum salesman on us or try to stir the pot to get more camera time. Bravo needs to impose some term limits on these ladies. Something tells me that the rumor about them replacing the NY HWs is true.

  26. G-sus said

    why = while, lol

  27. Dani said

    Not caring for Cindy at all. After watching WWHL, I was surprised that she won the poll between her and Sonja about the seat fight. One thing is for sure, she has her “B” face perfected. I might fall off my chair if I see her actually smile. She is definitely wound tight.

  28. G-sus said

    Dani, that’s because she has “team” Jill on her side, aka the people Jill pays to try and make her and her friends look good. As nauseating as Sonja has been at times this season, there is no way the majority of people would have taken Cindy’s side in that fight. Cindy acted like a juvenile.
    The WWHL polls have become just an indication of who has the stronger PR team.

  29. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    G-Sus ,,u are right on…on all counts,,lol vacuum salesman on us,,,good one….so staged it’s hokey.
    I agree..scrap them,,in New York there are more fabulous, interesting women,,,maybe sometimes even ( can I say it funny ) ..this franchise was my favorite,,now I watch it just because,,,well I don’t know why,,I stopped watching Idol and CA,,maybe it’s time to send Bravo a message as well..I’d love to know where the ratings are…I’d like to know on all the HW franchises….

  30. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @G-sus & Dani…HI! Totally agree! LMAO!!

  31. Dani said

    GSus, you are right. That is the only way it makes sense.

    I know Sonja has had some major gaffes this year but I can’t help but feel that something is just not quite right with her. She seems so fragile in many ways.

    Morning Olive and MHJ.

  32. Designdiva said

    I’m thinking that barsoap needs to GET LAID…..hell even her eggs were too old to use…and on that note..if they used someone else eggs.does that make those babies “technically” not hers biologically ??so she was the transporter..hmmmmm
    I think that Alex suffers from scoliosis ( sp ) she is the same height and build of my younger sister and she suffers from it….It actually PAINS her to stand up straight….and being the “hippie” child…I LIKED her shorts…. I would def wear them !!!!
    Sonja just needs to look to th future and move on…I know divorce is rough, especially when one cheats..My first husband did and I packed my bags and left..NO REGRETS..he was FOREWARNED..I would have moved the sun amd moon for him ..I turly loved him…but once they get a taste of “other” they dont stop !! So I found my true “soulmate” with Mr Ford..Been together since 1981 and still having FUN…I make him laugh DAILY so he remembers why we are together..We’ve been thru it all together and together we have it all !!!!!
    Hugs to you all

  33. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @31 Dani…Totally agree. Sonja didn’t seem quite herself on that trip. I think Cindy had something to do with that. LOL. I know Sonja said some rude things to Cindy early on, but then Cindy was being so rude to her. Cindy was being rude period with the hangers, seat, etc. Cindy is a nut. She complains about every little thing. Lawdy!

  34. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @32 Designdiva…Hugs right back at ya! Agree about Sonja and Alex. Always love your posts.

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