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‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Is Melissa Gorga really that bad? Jethro’s Take

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 25, 2011

‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Is Melissa Gorga really that bad?

  By Jethro Nededog    May 24, 2011 4:10 AM ET

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-melissa-gorga-posche-bravo.jpgYes, we’ve been hearing “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans aren’t too happy with Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, new cast member Melissa Gorga. But we think you’re all being extremely hard on her.

In Monday’s (May 23) episode, the women found themselves reunited after last episode’s christening disaster at the Posche fashion show. By the way, can someone explain to us how that’s fashion? And how many animals will have to give their lives to make these Jersey chicks look so cheap? We digress.

New housewife and Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, decided to have a word with Teresa at the event and it blew up. We have to say she came at it with an accusatory tone, but someone’s going to have to let their ego go if this family is to make up.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-kathy-teresa.jpgFirst of all, who are we to judge Melissa with so little information about what’s really going on in that family? There are years of history there that we haven’t even touched on yet. Don’t you think you should hold off on convicting her until you’ve seen more of the evidence?

Fans like to call her a fame whore, but we counter with what exactly is Teresa or anyone that participates in a reality show for that matter? There’s got to be at least a little fame whore in anyone that agrees to have his or her life taped.

Melissa plans on launching her music career this season on the show and people are giving her grief for that. We think it’s dumb if you’re on a show like “Real Housewives” and you don’t do something to make some money off of it. After all, it’s only temporary. Why not make the most of it? Bethenny Frankel is a multi-millionaire now, because she started marketing her Skinny Girl cocktail on the New York show. And who would care about Teresa’s cookbook if she wasn’t on the show? Shouldn’t they all have a chance to make the same kind of career moves now that they can?

Finally, the big question: Who should say sorry about what went down at the christening? Melissa and Kathy seem to believe it should be Teresa. Teresa believes it should be Melissa and her brother, Joe. While we think there’s some truth to the fact that Teresa was playing nice for the camera by dancing with Melissa’s baby and then going over to congratulate the couple, we think it’s in her right to do so and her heart was in the right place. But, may we point out that Melissa accepted the congratulations before her husband started to make an issue of it. She even asked Joe to stop. So, who should apologize? People are so quick to pit women against each other. In our opinion, Melissa’s husband, Joe, should say sorry.

Oh, if only it were that easy. As we mentioned above, none of us have a clear grasp on what has transpired in that family for the last decade to create all this animosity. The judgmental words and finger pointing at Melissa has been described to us as “hazing the new girl.” 

But, don’t you think it has gone a bit far at this point and it’s too early to judge her so harshly?


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19 Responses to “‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Is Melissa Gorga really that bad? Jethro’s Take”

  1. Brooklynite said

    ITA Great to find a blogger who isn’t rushing to judgement on Melissa. I believe Melissa is being judged so harshly because it is family drama that is being leaked. So What? It is her reality. She’s been in that family for years and has a tense relationship with Teresa. Why shouldn’t she say it? Is she wrong for telling her side, while Teresa is constantly firing missiles and claiming jealousy and fame mongering by Melissa? I don’t think so! What reality star or regular star isn’t a fame whore? UM HELLO! It takes someone wanting to be the center of attention to be an actor. Self-centered drama queens with high self-esteem who feel entitled to fame and fortune are reality stars. It kills me when these HW’s accuse each other of being fame whores, deflection much? It’s like…Pot meet kettle.

    I think she’s also getting alot of blowback because of her bragging. In her rush to tell viewers her life she is coming off very showy even though it’s cultural and generational. She’s in a circle of people, older and younger who one up each other and love living well. She’s proud of her and Lil Joe’s accomplishments and wants to share. Add good lucks, youth and swagger and the haters will come calling! LOL

    Great job!

  2. Dee said

    Oh please, stop with the “we don’t know the history or the backstory with the family.” Whether you like Teresa or not, Melissa, Joey and Melissa’s sister were dead ass wrong, period. In my opinion, Melissa was jealous of her husband’s relationship with his sister because it’s all about her(a selfish person). She put this wedge in her husband’s family. People weren’t quick to pit women against each other in this case. Meliissa did that herself. From the beginning of the first episode all Melissa could talk about was Teresa this and Teresa that. Now that she’s feeling the backlash, she feels like the new girl in high school(or being hazed as you put it). Oh please, she brought this on herself. Hopefully going forward she will stop putting negative thoughts in her husband’s head about his family and be supportive about them mending their relationship.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I totally agree with Jethro’s take about Teresa & Melissa. I said something just like it a few threads ago. Tried to, but he said it better. LOL.

    @1 Brooklynite…Hi! 8) Totally agree.

  4. GingerTee said

    Sorry Jethro, I disagree and I am not basing it on the christening. Every since Danielle mentioned Teresa’s SIL, Melissa has been in the press talking about the difference between her and Teresa. She didn’t need to prove anything to us, we hadn’t seen her yet. All Teresa said was don’t bring up my family but all of sudden Melissa starting talking and would not shut up. She started out her first 2 minutes of the season with the difference between her and Teresa. I just wanted to know who she was, not a blow by blow comparison chart. I said after the reunion that Melissa was trying too hard and this was way before we knew she was coming on the show. As for Cousin Kathy, Teresa is a blood relative, she knew what she was doing by approaching Teresa the way she did, not buying her act either. I’m not mad at Melissa for marketing her music career, she could launch rockets for all I care, but in this thing between her and Teresa, I think she may be just as messy. Siding up with Kim G. (G is for Grandmonster) didn’t help her case at all. Maybe my opinion will change as the season opens up more but for not, sorry Jethro, your comments are very polite but I’m not buying it.

  5. beth said

    I too have to totally disagree. Melissa was rude 1st, she egged on her husband by giving him the secret OK “Why now”

    They both should have said “thank you” and that’s it. Melissa did try to stop her husband but she never once accepts that she and moreso her husband and HER SISTER are to blame.

    I am not reserving judgement on Melissa. She is pretty transparent, she feels Teresa should CALL THEM and apologize. Crazy like cracra Kellyland logic.

    Melissa does partake. Teresa tweeted about Simon VanKempens awful singing and song and said she had already heard enought bad “housewives” singing. (Alluding to Danielle) and Melissa jumped down her throat calling her jealous.

    Melissa misinterprets and her heart is not in the right place.

  6. E-Wow said

    Ok… Jethro has some valid points here, however…. Where and when did Melissa accept the congratulations… Both her and angry Joe said “why now” to the yes very fake congratulations??? You’ve never heard Teresa bash her family like that on any season of RHONJ, and I think the root of all evil was explained clearly by Melissa… “At their christening, we never got camera time and we knew our place” Obviously there is a lot of jealousy and one up’ing going on. Who complains about not getting camera time…. A Fame Whore.. and yes.. Brooklynite, you are correct… They are all famewhores…. I just don’t think Melissa is being as accepted as Bravo originally thought, because right out of the gate, the conflicts and jealousy are high. She’s not even waiting a full season or in between seasons to launch a career out of this. It seems way too planned and scripted. Yes, we know a lot of this is scripted, but now it’s too obvious. Tone it down a bit with the hatred and are you prepared to never talk to your sister again. This is too much too quick. Let us like her first, so in my opinion, it’s really Bravo’s fault that we don’t like Melissa.

  7. Dani said

    E-Wow, good points.

    I have been trying to hold my opinions on the new people this season till I get a better grasp on the situation. But, it has been hard since they came out of the gate at full speed. It is like Bravo is trying too hard to one-up themselves and replace all the Danielle drama. If they let the story play out for the audience, we can make better informed opinions. Too much mish mash crazinesss right now. Guess I will watch and see but at this time, Melissa has not impressed me but I am open to see another side of her if there is one.

  8. E-Wow said

    I agree… it’s hard to find any good in the new characters, when they start off being eeeeevil…. I just think this backfired big time for Bravo, and if there is already a reaction this harsh to Kathy and Melissa, than maybe next season, they may not be there… who knows….

    Ima….LOL.. your lucky I like your posts….

  9. Dy said

    I agree Ginger@6

    Messy started right after the Reunion and when it was “rumored” that she was going to be on the show..I think people forget that, or thought it was fine because they “hate” Teresa so much..Not thinking or looking at this is a Family member doing this, Teresa’s brother’s wife, Godmother to Teresas daughter Milania. Nice..Says alot about her character. Family should never ever do this ever!
    Then fast forward to her actually getting on the show, She herself , her obnoxious sisters really stepped up their ridicules display on twiiter and facebook, and are still at it Again great people!

    My opinion of Messy will never change,actually it has worsen. The way she is handling herself in her Blog, TV interviews, Magazine interviews etc. Shows me she is not a very nice person..Anyone that does this to family should be ashamed of themselves, she has no regard for the children( close cousins that have probabaly not seen each other in quite some time because of this) or her Mil, and Fil. Her bashing their daughter has got to be hurting them, but way to go Messy ( golf clap) You should be really proud of yourself. Shame Shame on you!

    That is why I do not care for Messy. I support people that respect their Family, in laws included, you may not like them, but you never bash them on the internet, national tv, etc.. Save that for lunch with you friends in private.

  10. LWoo said

    I think Joe Gorga should apologize. But Melissa & her sisters aren’t making things any better. They’re just fueling the fire.

    Melissa started talking crap about Teresa before the christening.

  11. LWoo said

    AMEN, Dy! xoxoxoxo

  12. Dy said

    @14 Love Ya LWoo 🙂

  13. Brooklynite said

    While everyone was wrong, lets not forget Gorilla Monsoon JoeGi, charged at Lil Joe. Yes he banged the table, but finally TMAN was leaving. That’s when Napoleon Boundtofart got angry and decided to fight. He’s to blame for the ultimat kerkuffle.

  14. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @16 Brooklynite…At least to me, it looked like Juicy Joe was the one who started to charge at Judo Joe (looking like he’d pound that table so hard…like a board…he could break it in two). Also, Teresa said something later about Joe was going to defend her after her brother had called her “garbage” and got onto her. I am watching the Halloween/Fashion Show NJ “Drop Dead Gorgas” episode now. I found myself thinking that Teresa actually wanted to try hard to make up with Melissa. However, as Jac said Teresa has a way of saying Hi or what have you, and then sh*t happens. LOL. I think that’s true. Melissa isn’t a super sweet person…she can say snippy remarks to be sure…just like Teresa & other HW, but I don’t think she wants any fake business. When Teresa walked in to the Brownstone she did greet/peck on cheek Kathy AND Melissa. I do give her credit for that. She didn’t have to do that. However, she seemed to get jealous that Caroline was bothering to talk to Melissa anyway, and she kept yelling out Caroline’s name. She wants to make sure everyone knows that Melissa won’t be able to suck up to Caroline because Caroline is HER friend. I thought that was junior high. Also, to me, Teresa was the one flying off the handle when Kathy was talking to her. When Teresa isn’t able to think on her feet or perhaps knows she was/is in the wrong then she loses it. “Bitch, show some class.” For some reason, I never thought calling someone a “Bitch” was very classy. LOL.

  15. BobLHead said

    I don’t know who is right, or who is wrong, or who needs to apologize, I’m just glad I’m not related to ANY of these freaks!

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @18 BobLHead…You & me both. LMAO! (Shhhhhhh, between you & me, I’ve always been glad I’m not related.)

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