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Teresa Giudice’s Shocking Confession: ‘NJ Housewives’ Is Destroying My Family! OH MY!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 25, 2011

Teresa is now blaming her new cast mates and brother for her children being bullied in school, cause..  her brother and sister in-law joined the cast of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey”    I do not get how the brawl with her brother and sister in-law is more scandalous than her rows with Danielle Staub.   Teresa says that her children in school are receiving comments that their mother is “an embarrassment” may be derived from the season 3 episode 2 where her own children call her an embarrassment and a nerd in the Halloween scene for her costume.  Kid’s of any family at some time will be embarrassed of their parents at different stages in life and that is nothing new.  In my opinion, maybe its time for Teresa to remove her children from the show to allow her children to be kids and not be scrutinized for normal childhood behavior that may be used for fodder for viewers.

HEY!!  I’m just saying!!! reports:

Teresa Giudice used to have a fairly harmonious family, but in a new, shocking interview with In Touch, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star reveals that the hit Bravo show is ripping apart her family.

The acrimonious relations reached a high point after her younger brother, Joe Gorga — who, along with his wife Melissa yearn for the fame Teresa has achieved — called his sister “garbage” and fought with her husband Joe, at the christening of Gorga’s son Joey.
Teresa tells In Touch, she doesn’t want to “stoop down to Melissa’s level” and refuses to use the word “jealous” to describe her brother and sister-in-law, but her husband isn’t: “Melissa is the most jealous person in the world, and she’s a liar.”
Teresa says the situation with her brother is causing marital strife, with Joe telling In Touch, “I told her a bunch of times not to mention the brother in front of me—I don’t want to hear it and when I hear the name I get pissed off…There have been a couple of times when she has said the name, and I almost did leave.”

While Joe may not want to hear their names, Gorga and his wife aren’t leaving the show anytime soon–and that’s a problem, since Teresa says her daughters have been bullied since their uncle and aunt began appearing on the show. “The other day at school, a kid went up to my daughter and said, ‘Your family is embarassing. She told me she was crying.”

Even Teresa’s father has been negatively impacted by the family turmoil: Suffering from emphysema, he was noticeable agitated during the fight at the christening. “It’s breaking my heart,” says Teresa. “My brother knows how sick our dad is. I don’t know why he would do what he did.

Adding insult to injury are reports that Teresa’s brother has been urging his wife to speak out against Teresa. “I’m so appauled they’re doing this just to be on TV,” she says. “You really shouldn’t air your dirty laundry on TV, and my brother and his wife are making it so much worse for us all.”


17 Responses to “Teresa Giudice’s Shocking Confession: ‘NJ Housewives’ Is Destroying My Family! OH MY!!!”

  1. Grace said

    Ok, how big are Gia’s feet? Yes, I said that out loud!

    • GRACE!!!! (waving furiously!!!) Girl you did go there.. now you inline for hell like in quick!! shmooches lady.. thanks for stopping by! Ya know I still worship you like the quick-sand you walk on? yeah yeah.. thats it

  2. G-sus said

    I said a long time ago that reality tv should not have children on the show if it is was a show that they wouldn’t be able to watch in the first place. If they are too young to watch the show, they shouldn’t be living it in real life. I think networks have some responsibility to shield these kids from this kind of violence or adult content, but ultimately it is a poor choice by the parents to allow their children to be a part of it as well.

    Kids aren’t allowed to watch R rated movies in theatres, so why are they allowed to participate in adult content reality TV shows?

    • G-Sus.. TRUE DAT!! Get the kids off the show so Andy Cohen can stop replaying them non stop on WWHL!! It dont do no one any good to have the kids on a show when you show bad behavior then blame on some one else!! IT AINT RIGHT!!!

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 G-sus…Hi! 🙂 Totally agree! If a HW is that worried about their children, then I think it’s time to find another job. I don’t think the kids…esp so young…should be on these shows. Teresa has rec’d a lot of flack from viewers for her crazy behavior from the start (table flipping comes to mind), so I bet her older girls…esp Gia…have been bullied. It’s so very, very sad they have been bullied, and there is absolutely no excuse for it. However, some kids can be extremely cruel. I know it’s a good job for Teresa to be a HW, but is it worth it?! Again, I think ALL these HW love the spotlight. No kidding. Such a shame for the little children.

  4. G-sus said

    Morning ladies. It’s like the Kate Gosselin defense. Making it out as if the only job you and your kids can have is by being on TV. Sorry, but you were able to put food in their mouths and had a roof over their head before you were on TV, you will be able to do it after. Time for them to take the money they have earned, spend it WISELY, and stop raising their kids in a bad setting.
    I give mad props to all the exes out there who wisely stood up and wouldn’t sign away for their kids to appear on these shows.

  5. GingerTee said

    I credit In-Touch with as much truth as toilet paper so I’m not getting worked up over anything they say. One of the things they are most famous for is running stories on people they have never interviewed with. This is a dead issue for me.

  6. Dani said

    Morning all.

    It is sad to see these kids suffering. I am thinking about Gia trying to get Teresa to leave the Christening because she knew what was about to go down. Especially sad when the child is acting the adult role.

    The first few seasons Teresa pushed Gia in the spotlight. Making the rounds with Gia at modeling and acting auditions. Now she is getting the negative side of fame for her kids. It makes you wonder what type of long term effects these girls will deal with in their lives due to this experience.

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @6 G-sus…Hi! 🙂 Same exact thinking w/ Kate Gosselin. Is fame really worth it?! Totally agree w/ everything.

    @8 Dani…Hi! 🙂 Totally agree with it all. It broke my heart when I saw that entire MESS at the baby’s christening party. So many guilty parties on both “sides”. So very sad. I also agree that it was sad to see Gia trying to get her mother to leave. She was being more of the adult I thought. Broke my heart to see Gia crying during that MESS…just standing there and then Kathy trying to comfort her. It’s such a sad shame ANY of it went down the way it did, and it’s really a shame these kids had to see/hear it.

    I use to like Teresa fine. I use to think she was comical, in the way I find Kim Z. of Atlanta comical. Comical for lack of a better word. Both could make me laugh with their words/jokes…intentional or not, lifestyle, etc. They like the good life w/ material items, and I think they are basically airheads. (Although I still think Kim Z. has great points about the HW…and was right about NeNe being a bully.) Sometimes, Teresa will drive me crazy though. I don’t always believe she’s Ms. Innocent. Never have. Sometimes, she can play the coy/innocent one, but she’s not totally dumb. She can be a little devil up to no good. I’m not saying she’s the worst person ever, but she can drive me crazy for that reason. Thinking back to Dalai Mama’s list. LOL.

    I believe her family probably had issues even before Michelle came into the picture. Who knows truly, but them. I’m just guessing at these HW & their thoughts/motives. Everyone has a different take on each HW…can see the exact same footage…and walk away with a different view…doesn’t make that person wrong in their view. Michelle may have added some fuel to the fire. It sounded like Teresa’s brother Joe has had years of problems with Teresa’s hubby Joe. Again, I don’t excuse what Joe Gorga said to Teresa at his son’s christening. It was wrong for sure, and he needs to control that awful temper of is. Alcohol or no alcohol, he needs to control that temper. He said things he shouldn’t have said, and it seemed to be building & building…in the heat of the moment. He apparently forgot, or didn’t give a hoot, where he was. I still wonder if he thought Teresa was being very fake. He said that they don’t have a relationship, and maybe he felt she was not being totally sincere. Again, no way excusing what he did/said. Also, I don’t excuse Joe Guidice for what appeared to be charging at Teresa’s brother. Like the one man who stood on the chair said, they were at a baby’s christening & should be behaving themselves properly & accordingly. I have had a couple of people, mil mainly, who treated me like crapola for years & years. Very, very mean with comments about me & my kids. To my face, & behind my back. Then, when in front of everyone…family & friends…treat me like I’m their/her best friend or daughter…and put on the fake smile and kiss*kiss. I felt very hurt at the hypocrisy. Are you kidding me?! I must say this, even with that, I still have never called them “garbage” or any bad word come out of my mouth. I may think certain things, but I would never in a million years say them. I don’t want to sink to their level.

    I enjoy always reading various opinions. It’d be boring if we all shared the same view. 🙂

  8. Dani said

    MJH, agree about the comical side of Teresa. Despite all the financial mess in that family, there are times I think she is funny and likeable. I know many people loathe her.

    I do think her family seems to have anger issues and when they go off, lookout. Hotheads is an understatement. Tipping tables, pounding your fists on tables comes to mind. I guess that’s how we are susposed to know they are related.

  9. G-Sus said

    @GT, Teresa spoke about the teasing on her blog as well and how hurtful this has been on her family, so I tend to believe the article as coming from her. I think In Touch is more like radaronline and Tmz, it’s just interviews and articles sent in by these people’s PR teams.

  10. GingerTee said

    I can’t remember which magazine it was, I want to say it was People. For an entire year almost, they ran a play by pay of stories by In-Touch and OK Magazine and called them out on their fake stories and phony interviews. Neither of the accused made any attempts to defend themselves. I can’t remember the magazine that blew their cover but they would runs pictures and everything. At least TMZ will chase someone or go through their garbage.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    210 Dani…Yes, I sure have had my share of laughs from Teresa. Whether she intentionally meant to be funny OR not, I have found her to be comical at times. Kim Z. same way…but I have never seen her flip a table or really go off on someone like Teresa. I guess that is why I have given Kim Z. more of a break in that area. It has been Teresa”s temper, since the table flipping scene, that has bothered me. (Well that, & all the $11million bankruptcy & still living like Joe was bringing in a ton of bacon to live a certain lifestyle. Haven’t seen her cut back much at all.) I have seen adults get upset, but I’ve never seen them do what she has done…esp at a nice restaurant. LOL. For that matter, it scares/worries me when I see someone like her brother do what he did at his own son’s christening party…anywhere for that matter. That’s why I mentioned earlier, I wonder just what it was like for them growing up. They must have seen someone in their family act that way. MAYBE their father had a awful temper. Joe said he looked up to his dad so much & he was his idol, and MAYBE he…and Teresa…saw him flip tables or bang on tables growing up. MAYBE they heard him yell a lot, and MAYBE they even heard their mother yell. For some reason, I can picture their dad with a really bad temper but not their mother. I have seen my fair share of 2yr olds act out, including my own kids when they were little, but once they hit Kindergarten they never pulled any crazy stunts like pounding on a table or flipping one. LOL. I…along with my hubby & kids…would never do what Teresa or Joe (either one) would do. We may get upset, but no fist pounding, flipping a table, or getting physical. Every family is different, and I guess that’s how they vent their anger. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room…I’m not that fast of a runner. 😉

  12. Dalai Mama said

    @Grace. What a thing to say about Gia’s l’il piddies – have you no sole? Such a remark could cause Gia to feel overwhelmed with self-defeet. Put yourself in the poor girl’s shoes and try to walk in them. Can you really mean to be such a heel? Verily, I say you have gone toe far.

    I have run out of foot puns now.

  13. Dalai Mama said

    @ MHJ yeppers on T’s children. Because she did not merely ‘include’ them in the show (a la Lexie, or Jacquie and Chris’ little guy), she actually SHOWCASED them. They were, in essence, her accessories, upright walking bio-evidence of her alleged fabulosity. In trotting them in front of the cameras so agressively, she has potentially opened the floodgates for all kinds of yuckiness for them. Teasing, bullying – I would have thought anyone would realize was absolutely unavoidable. More sinister attention from creepier types… I shudder to think. It was YEARS before I’d allow my daughter to post a single image of herself online. Now at 16 I’ve grudgingly withdrawn the picture ban, and she herself is now reluctant to post photos of herself. And I’m glad.

  14. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @15 Dalai Mama…Hi sweetie! 🙂 Excellent points. I remember folks…even quite a while back…upset that Teresa “showcased” her girls as you say. Frankly, I don’t like to see any kids on these shows. I would prefer just seeing the adults. The adults have chosen to be on tv, but not their children. Again, such great points.

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