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Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 25, 2011



Kim Zolciak to Kelly Bensimon: “Grow Up”  Damn I love me a twitter war.  Clink here to read more.

Kim Zolciak had some strong words for Real Housewives of New Yorkstar Kelly Bensimon on Twitter today — but then she apparently took them back.

The pregnant Real Housewives of Atlanta star tweeted: “How disgusting Kelly from RHONY to make comments about my unborn child and Kroy! Grow up and keep my name outta ur mouth!”

(Real Housewives gossiping about each other? Shocking!)


 Camille tones down her act  Is this possible that Camille Grammer is toning it down?  Well I guess if a court order demands it, its not from free will!  Click here to read more!

Camille Grammer

Has Kelsey Grammer‘s ex-wife Camille Grammer been ordered in their divorce settlement to shut up about their painful split and calm down on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”?

After hitting the jackpot in her recent divorce settlement with the “Frasier” star — and facing a custody battle for their kids — Camille has returned to the show’s second-season tapings “subdued.”

So much so that Bravo producers are finding her character — which provided a lot of the crazy entertainment in Season 1 — “really boring,” according to sources, one of whom added, “Producers have told Camille she has to start being more interesting and causing more drama.”


Melissa Gorga Considered Leaving Jersey ‘Housewives’.  And I don’t believe this for a moment!  Do you?  Other wise Angry Joe would of given her “the look”  Clink here to read more!

Melissa – sister-in-law to “Real Housewife” Teresa Giudice – told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live that she considered leaving the series after a fight broke out at her son’s baptism reception.

“That was crazy!” she said of the fracas that started after her husband, Joe Gorga, called his sister Teresa “garbage,” which incensed Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, and led to the massive brawl featured on the show’s season premiere.

“It was sad,” Melissa continued. “It’s obviously not because Teresa came over and said hello. It’s deep, it’s deep and I think you’re going to see play out on the rest of the show.”

The new “Housewife” claimed she doesn’t want to be a wedge between her husband and his sister.

“I do not want Teresa and [my husband] Joe to be apart,” she told Billy and Kit. “I want them to be together and I’m kind of stuck between a brother and a sister who are having this quarrel… This happens in everyone’s families. How many people get along wonderfully with their sister-in-laws? I don’t know many!”

5 Worst Dressed Real Housewives: Who Made the List? Do these choices surprise you?  Clink here to see the rest!

Teresa Giudice

We’ve covered the best dressed Real Housewives, but how about the other side of the spectrum, the worst dressed? One thing for sure, that has been perfectly depicted on the Real Housewives shows from all over the states, money does not buy class. From the extremely low cut tops, to the big hair to the garish ensembles, these Real Housewives don’t look real at all but rather like some twisted Barbie doll or old school mafia wife.

Check out our picks for the 5 worst dressers of The Real Housewives:


 Mob Wives’ Drita D’avanzo talks about Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ and Jill Zarin makes an ass out of herself gushing.  Clink here to read more..

Lori Koff: We heard that recently you hung out with Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon of The Real Housewives of New York City? How did that come about? Are they fans of your show?

Drita D’avanzo: Yes. I met with Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon while I was hosting a party at the Chelsea Room. They were so friendly and we had a really nice time together. I was so flattered to hear that they are fans of mine. She [Jill] told me she loved me and that I’m beautiful in person… she was awesome.  Kelly the same.  I’m their fav which is great.

LK: Are you a Real Housewives fan?  Which franchises do you watch and who are your favorite housewives and why?

DD: I do watch the Real Housewives of NYC on occasion and I admire all powerful women from New York!  One of my favorites has to be Bethenny Frankel (well, Hoppy now!). I love how driven she is and it’s so nice to see her success.


Real Housewives of OC Final Episode: Bravo’s Magic Editing Time Machine   Very interesting investigative reporting here.  Clink here to read more.

Someone should tweet Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and ask Andy:

‘How did Vicki Gunvalson manage to hold her ‘annual fall party–the party in the final episode that contains Bravo footage of the Tamra Barney-Jeana Keough ‘brawl’–one day after Vicki left the hospital after her emergency ‘surgery’?’

The following screenshot from TV Guide, the Bravo info on the RHOOC final episode set to be aired Sunday, June 5, at 10 EST, 9 Central.

 Bethenny Frankel Enjoys A Stroll In New York City With Her Family [PHOTOS].  If anyone wants to see current pictures of that sweet lass Bryn, then Clink the link to see more!


 View the Gallery / 18 Photos »

 Bethenny Frankel took advantage of the balmy weather in New York City today by strolling around with husband Jason Hoppy and one-year-old daughter Bryn.  Frankel took to the streets of Manhattan in black wedges, while Bryn opted for pink bloomers.  And Jason?  Well, he just stuck to what works-a big ole’ smile.

PHOTOS: Bethenny Frankel Circa 2009

Frankel made the cover of ForbesCelebrity 100 List, which ranks the most powerful people in entertainment.  Our sarcastic little whipper-snapper scored the #42 spot, earning $55 million this past year; Frankel recently sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line for $120 million.  The Bethenny Ever After star has achieved success in a market that sees most reality “stars” going bankrupt and/or losing their homes because THEY LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS.

‘Pop Up Video’: The return of VH1’s most seductive time-waster.  I remember Pop Up Video and am really glad its coming back!  The trivia you would learn was hysterical.  Clink the link to read more!

 Before American Idol became the go-to venue for aging hipsters wanting to launch a musical renaissance, there were few places for rock relics to be seen or heard by a younger audience.

One of the best, however, was Pop Up Video, the 1990s VH1 program that made shamelessly dated music videos redeemable with the aid of humorous, often sarcastic, trivia. Many a college student sat mesmerized while Pop Up Video skewered former hits like A-Ha’s “Take on Me,” or David Lee Roth’s “I’m Just a Gigolo,” only to be reminded they missed Chem Lab when they reached the bottom of the Bugles bag.


‘Skinny Housewife Bethenny Frankel Brings Out Crowds to Try Her Low-Cal Marg’.  A Texas writer doesn’t know who Bethenny is and can’t fathon why hundreds turn out for a meet & greet in the rain. lmao  Click here to read more!


The line started 10 feet away from a table in the back of the store, snaked around long rows of wine, out the front doors, all the way to the back of the building, then past another building and into a parking lot, which was so jam-packed with cars tow trucks were called out to tidy up. The dark sky overhead was either an approaching storm or God’s wrath for the absurdity of it all.

 Five minutes after the event started the fat clouds opened up, but wind gusts and driving rain didn’t even put a dent in the crowd. A security guard worked the front door like a bouncer at a club, allowing only a few soaked people in at a time. One lady waited in line for more than an hour and got drenched even though her foot was in a walking cast. And, that’s not all. She was also pushing a baby stroller. And, yes, a real baby was in the stroller — although she did somehow manage to keep baby and stroller completely dry.

Andy Cohen Makes Bravo Viewers “Watch What Happens”  Andy is getting alot of exposure these days.  He appeared on Letterman last week and now this article.  Clink here to read more!

Andy Cohen (courtesy of Bravo TV)

He may be the Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development for Bravo TV. But that doesn’t mean Andy Cohen has to shy away from the camera on his own network.

 Many fans of the cable network most recognize Cohen as the man who moderates the popular “Real Housewives” reunion shows. When the ladies start yelling (and the reality TV magic happens), Cohen sits politely, holding his note cards filled with juicy questions, just dreaming about how good this will be once it airs. He doesn’t show favorites, well at least tries not to. There may be some extra love for Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes and a little confusion over Jersey’s Danielle Staub.


4 Responses to “News, Rumors and Just Plain Ol Gossip”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Camille is returning to BH? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. G-Sus said

    Yep MHJ. As The Countless would say “Money can’t buy you class or fulfill your famewhore quotient.” Wanna bet she pulls a Zarin and say she came back to redeem herself?

  3. LWoo said

    Gorga leaving the Housewives: I don’t believe, for ONE MOMENT, that Melissa thought about leaving. I think she knows she looks like the bitch, so she tried to say something to gain some kind of sympathy.

    And- am I the ONLY one who noticed that Juicy Joe simply walked up to where Napoleon (let’s just say Napoleon. I call them how I see them) was going apeshit and then Napoleon saw him and starting charging AT JUICY JOE?! Seriously, rewind the DVR and look. JJ didn’t do anything but walk that way and stop. Angry Joe went crazy and tried to go after him.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 G-sus…LMAO!!

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