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What, Why U No Like?

Posted by tinselkitty on May 24, 2011

What is it that didn’t pluck your purse strings, y’all? Why are you keeping such a tight clutch on your credit cards? The economy is supposedly on the upswing and Jill thoughtfully priced her “designer” looks at a price point that everyone could achieve. So why u no buy? Is it the polyesterness? The made overseasness? The cheapness? Or the bitchiness? Please, tell us in the comments. Remember, Jill’s got PR people that read all of this stuff, so this is your chance to effect real change!

Remember, this is after she stuffed the gift bags at her anti-bullying, pro-bankroll-Jill event with official Jill Zarin bedding. So really and truly, no one wants it.

Personally, I’m going with it being Bed, Bath & Beyond’s fault for not letting her crap into their stores. Not that I think that’s the real reason, it’s just what I think Jill will claim as the reason no one wants it. I’m thinking BB&B saw how utterly craptastic it was and knew no one would buy it if they saw it in person and could reach out and touch it before handing over the cash. Plus, the bitchiness.

Come to think of it, you know what I’ve never seen reduced to clear? Skinnygirl Margaritas. Just sayin’.


10 Responses to “What, Why U No Like?”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Those are super inexpensive. Wow! Personally, I don’t care for any except upper left hand corner…one decorative pillow I like. I just have never gotten into anything the HW are selling. I don’t care if anyone likes/buys their products, but I just have never bought any.

  2. LWoo said

    It’s THAT expensive on CLEARANCE?! Hell-to-the NO! I like comforter sets, but you can get better sets/ prices at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  3. Leigh said

    I think it’s the 50 count threadiness of it all;)

  4. LWoo said

    @ 3 Leigh: Let me ask you this…do you count the thread on your sheets? 😛 I don’t. I’m so asleep that I don’t worry about thread count. As long as they don’t rip when I wash them and when I woohoo, then they’re good! LOL!!

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LWoo…HI! 🙂

  6. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @#5 Lwoo u r funny! as long as ur sheets don’t rip when u wash them and when u woo hoo!! omg stomach hurts from LOL so much!! 🙂 I have friends who have tried the skinny girl margarita and they tell me it is good and also affordable. I wonder what is up with these ungrateful people, this is JillZ designer bedding!! LOl! so her book doesn’t sell, then amazon gate takes place. I have no doubt that being Jill, she will point fingers at bed, bath&beyond as opposed to take personal responsibility, (cuz when has she sincerely taken the blame for anything? she is always the victim. why i bet somebody at BBB is to blame for her bedding sets not selling cuz they are out to get her. THAT must be it. oh Bawbhee..why don’t they like me..they are so mean!! it couldn’t be because they are poorly made and over priced?? Or maybe it is because people just don’t like the JillZ persona, maybe because she is always being so mean, that we don’t want to buy any product of hers? hmm what could it be jill? Also, why is she selling her shoes and clothes at Ebay..does she need the money to support another “charity”. what i really wanna know is what exactly is the “zarin family trust fund” overseas bank anyone?? hmm maybe i will start my own family trust fund and start throwing charity parties too!

  7. @tweatcyn said

    You can find the same chit at Anna’s for $40.00. Personally, I don’t want anything associated with that evil witch coming between me and my mattress. Quelle Nightmare!

  8. @tweatcyn said

    And what’s with the “Simona” style’s name? Is that a combo of Simon and Ramona?

  9. G-sus said

    Ok, here’s my question. Who is selling this on Ebay? I am assuming it is Jill, but if she has a deal to sell it through Bath and Body, then why is Jill trying to sell this stuff herself? Did Bawbie just pay for all of this crap to be made and is now having to try to get it off his hands? I wonder if we will be seeing a clearance on Skeezewear in the near future.

  10. Lori024 said

    Again, my karma will be smacked upside the head with a goat, for I am happy that Jill’s crap is not selling. That’s all.

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