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“Watch What Happens Live” Recap and After Show with Teresa and Jacqueline

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 24, 2011

On last night’s “Watch What Happens Live”, Jacqueline arrived on time and Teresa just made the airing by the skin hair on her teeth.  We all know that Teresa can’t be on time for anything that involves hair and make up.  Baptismal anyone?  Teresa would late for her own funeral.  Hey!  I’m just saying!

Andy introduced his guest’s and made sure to poke fun at Teresa’s new pronunciation of her last name.  Teresa now thinks she is Diddy.   Giudice = Ju-Dee-chay incase anyone needed a bouncy ball for this one.  Does Teresa think that if she changes her last name pronunciation that it will clear the bad name of the original pronunciation?  Just wondering.

The conversation goes to Teresa’s ass and Kim G’s comments.  Although I think Teresa has a nice figure and not a ‘crooked fat ass’ per Kim G, but Teresa is built like a “Tree” stump.



Bravo did a montage of Kim G’s goofy moments and how desperate is Kim G to land a spot in this show?  Bravo pahlease, pay attention.  We had enough of the this wannabe and don’t need anymore highlights of Kim G.  You might as well give cameo’s to Danielle too!  NO!!!!  I didn’t mean that!

Teresa response? 

 “(tsk) I mean, she’s so immature, it’s like… how old is she?  Like ya know, like she sure not act her age.  Like very classless.”

Teresa, I would tend to agree with you but the response from you was more like a 3 year old’s use of grammar.   Some how I think Teresa and Kelly Bensimon would have a great conversation only the two of them can understand.

If Andy shows Gia modeling one more time I am going to scream.  How many times have we seen this so far?  15 – 20?  As much as I think Gia was rocking her neck stretching snaps.. ENOUGH ALREADY!

We learn that Gia does watch the show!  Teresa makes us think that she censors some shows but I think Gia has a girlfriend with a DVR.

Teresa is looking like she is so hurt and heart-broken over the premier episode but does she forget her own comments on the one on one’s?

Teresa’s answers to the viewers questions are the usual.  “Watch the show and you will find out”.  ugh..

Very interesting when Teresa was asked for what her responsibility in the fight with her family AND Danielle, she says that she just said congratulations to her brother, which is true but don’t know the whole back story, but her response about Danielle, she says that Danielle repeatedly attacked her and finally “She couldn’t take her shit anymore” and went off. 

I don’t remember Danielle approaching Teresa last season.   Teresa only approached Danielle with shit stirring eyes blazing, so….  Did I miss something?  I call BULLSHIT!

If I had to say one nice thing about Teresa, it would be a HUGE mazel to her shoes!  They are rocking!  it must be a prerequisite to have delish shoes on WWHL.

No confirmations on whether Teresa had a confirmation of the falling out between Teresa and the Manzo/Laurito family.  Well they would rather lie when the truth would be better so I guess we will see.

Poll and Results:  Who Side Are You On?    Teresa or Melissa?   Teresa won with a landslide of 92% and Melissa had only 8%.  I am wondering if Bravo had another glitch with its poll counting.  Based on blog  and twitter comments, I had assumed it would be 50 -50.  I WANT A RECOUNT!

What The Hell Happened Here? Is That Ashley?


We learn in the ‘After Show’ (video’s below) that Ashley had some work done.   She is blonde which I don’t like as much as dark hair and she is following in her mothers footsteps and had some restylane injected into her lips for that come hither, ‘I got lips for you’ look.  Is it just me or is Ashley trying to emulate Lindsay Lohan here?  She certainly has the bad behavior down.

Andy asked the question my mind was begging to ask.  “How much did that set your mother back?’  They never answered the question and I don’t believe that Ashley paid for it herself.  Jacqueline can try to act like she has a hot mess on her hands while taping, but we all know she created this self-entitled monster who wants everything handed to her.  IT ALL STARTS AT HOME JACQUELINE!

Well thank goodness most of the ‘After Show’ was about Jacs because the entire live show was about Teresa and questions that Teresa couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.   Video’s below folks!


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


30 Responses to ““Watch What Happens Live” Recap and After Show with Teresa and Jacqueline”

  1. E-Wow said

    Is it me, or does Ashley now look like a tranny???? She looks like a man trying to look like a woman… I wonder in all of that plastic surgery or “medi-spa” appointments, can or did they hide the adams apple???? Just wondering.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, I agree totally. Also, I’d like a recount with that poll. Frankly, I was very surprised. Going by so many comments by viewers I’ve read about Teresa this season, & in prior seasons, makes me believe most viewers don’t like her.

    Teresa does have a bad memory. She’ll sneak in all kinds of catty comments when she’s around people she doesn’t like. I don’t care if they’re under her breath, or if they’re to the person’s face. She also has her fair share of catty comments during one-on-one. The new pronunciation of her last name…too funny. That was exactly what she needed to do to appear smart and full of class…and not in all kinds of financial trouble. It drives me crazy how she can butcher the English language, but turn
    around and act like she’s very intelligent. It also drives me crazy how she can go on & on about how
    much class she has, but then turn around and say something so gross or mean. Seriously…classy? I don’t think talking about Joe’s runs, or her runs, falls into the classy-category. My list is too long to list.

    I’m all for Gia’s modeling if that’s what she enjoys. More power to her. She did a great job. However, I was ready to turn the channel if Andy played that tape one more time. Enough already.

    I don’t like to see Kim G. Not at all.

    Wow! I almost didn’t recognize Ashley. Hopefully, one day Ashley will grow up. She has a long way to go. I was always very lucky with my children. My husband & I made sure they grew up to be independent & worked hard. They have always appreciated what we’ve done for them. I can say their friends are the same way…always mature for their ages. It doesn’t help that Jac sends mixed messages…and in the long run keeps on spoiling her. Too bad Ashley won’t listen to Chris, but as long as she has Jac to do whatever she wants…forget it.

    I was smh when Teresa and even Jac about Ashley were doing their best to avoid answering questions. Whether they were Andy’s questions…or from a guest. Hmmmm. I didn’t care for Teresa’s wait & see attitude. She usually talks so much that it threw me off guard.

  3. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @#2 @MrsHughJackman Hi sweetie! hope u had a great weekend mah friend! 🙂 I agree with ur points and with IJS. I thought it was funny how Andy was mocking Tree’s now Joo-da-chay pronunciation of her last name. I’m not Italian so I wonder how it is really pronounced! I did see Tree squirm in response, and had it been anyone else other than her boss, i have no doubt she woulda flipped a table and yelled DO NOT mispronounce my last name! and a fight would have ensued as Tree the lady has been shown to do in the past. The part in the first episode during which she discusses the diarrhea, that was pure class!! Especially when she says the runs, as opposed to say, my husband had food poisoning..that would have been less vulgar, dont u think? Did we really need to have her explain to us what the runs are and how she swore on her childrens lives that when she has the runs, it ain’t no joke!! that had me ROFL LMAO! I found it irritating that she wouldn’t answer any questions, instead telling viewers to watch the show. At least she talked! Jacqueline was just sitting there, tho when she did talk, it was to say how watching the fight at the christening made her cry..really Jacklin? were u crying cuz u have such a boring storyline and are afraid this may be your last season? As for the blonde ashley..yuck!the blonde color was cute, just not on her, especially with the very dark tan she has..all that ridiculous eye makeup, and those duck lips!! i love how Andy made fun of her while disguising it as a compliment when he told her she looked like angelina jolie and i bet ashley just ate it up too! (in that case if ashley looks like angelina jolie, then Melissa looks exactly like kim kardashian…NOT!!!) AShley looks more like a tall snooki! I wonder if Ashley is trying to become a cast member of the jersey shore? she would fit right in! now that i think of it..i bet she would die to have a part on that show…they r just as bad as she is!!

  4. GingerTee said

    Teresa doesn’t thinks she’s Diddy. She said that her name is pronounced differently in French. This is probably true. My cousin’s last name is Rambert, pronounce the way it is spelled in English, but in French, it sounds like (UMBEAR, rolling the “r”. Nothing phony just a simple statement.

  5. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @4 GingerTree did Teresa say she is french? She is Italian, they even went to visit their famiglia in Italy last i’m confused as to the roots of where the Guidice originates from? I thought Tree and Joe’s families both came from the same town in Italy? As to the pdiddy reference, i agree with BravoAndy…she was always calling herself Joo-Dice, then this season, all of a sudden she is pronouncing her name Joo-Da-chay?! which is it then Teresa?!

  6. GingerTee said

    I’m on Teresa’s side. We can’t say Danielle never approached Teresa because we only saw a small fraction of their lives which continued even when we aren’t watching. Melissa is too desperate. If she had come on the show allowing us to get to know her instead of competing with Teresa her 1st 60 seconds on camera, maybe I could say differently but all she does is compare herself to Teresa. I’d rather hear Teresa talk about anything else. Sorry, Joe Gorga but you are a drama queen and I mean queen. He and Melissa belong together, 2 HAMS (hot a&& messes). Cousin Kathy, she meant all the harm she caused bringing that up at the fashion show, especially since Melissa had no idea where her kids where and she said it on camera. I wish Teresa would have decked her.

    • Ginger Tree – “We can’t say Danielle never approached Teresa because we only saw a small fraction of their lives which continued even when we aren’t watching. ; Gingertree.. to state that a small fraction of some lives caught on camera is truly is just a ruse then that can be the same argument for alll. For all cast members past and present. We only comment on what we see on the show, read in interviews and maybe lame blog posts. Beyond that its all we have. If you suggest there is more to the the viewing eye, then I would want to see more splaining for all cast members. I would suggests its also good for the gander for ALL peeps in the show and beyond.
      Hey! I’m Just Saying!!

  7. GingerTee said

    No, she said that was how her name was pronounced in French, not that she is French

  8. Dy said

    On the first season reunion, Teresa stated her name is pronouced Joo-Dee-Chay that is the Italian pronuncation..Joo-Dice is Americanized.She explained this to Andy. I don’t no why it’s such a big freakin deal to everyone..Geeze! This happens all the time with Italian names..I’m sure other nationalities too.

    I do not like Melissa, she is messy, and behind the b.s. in that family throwing gass on the fire the whole time..Her and her obnoxious cackling sisters. Joey needs to grow some cajones ( stop listening to messy Melissa) and make things right with parents)before it is too late, God forbid) and sister ( she did nothing wrong at that Christening, it was all you Joey, you should be real PROUD, YOU ruined your sons Chreistening)..No excuse in the world for family to trash family ever,( talk amongst yourselves,( in private) do not go to the Press, or the internet, wherever eles) especially on national tv. Disgusting.

    I do believe the poll.. People are not loving Melissa, even the ones that hate Teresa, are seeing whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong. Even if you do not like Teresa , she has never ever disrespected her family, she loves her brother and is hurting..Stevie Wonder can see that..She was not happy with the results of the poll..But I can bet that Messy ( if she was on WWHL) and the results were reversed she and her cackling siters( you know why would be there) would be woo hoo’ing it up.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 Thug In A Cocktail Dress….HI! 🙂 Yes, totally agree with you. I think Melissa & Teresa can act the same way with the snippy comments about one another to be sure, however, I don’t care for Teresa always going on about how much class she has. As far as I’m concerned she doesn’t have any class. I find her comical at times, but at other times I just think she’s rude & mean. Her brother Joe also lacks class. What am I saying?! Her husband, Joe, lacks class also. LOL.

  10. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    I agree with all of youse!! @6 gingertree, yes i LOL at your comment about them being HAMs!!! i may have to borrow that term! love it!! yes, i agree with you about how last season tree was an instigator with the danielle drama, by waiting for her outside of the bathroom!! stalk much, Tree?? There are always 2 sides to a story, and in this case, what Bravo editors show us, and then there is the truth. so who nows what really led things to where they now stand btwn melissa/joey Tree/Juicy ??? They r the only ones who know the truth, yet they only present the side of the story that makes them look good, and place the blame on the other party. It is beyond frustrating!! @8Dy I can’t speak for anyone but myself, with regards to the Guidice pronounciation..i really couldn’t care less, but the only reason I bring it up is why is it suddenly, 3 years (or however long they have been “famous”) why does Tree now have to correct the pronunciation? I have always seen her claim how proud she is of her Italian heritage, which is why I always related so much to her (though i am a Mexican-american) i could relate to coming from a large family of immigrants. So it is not like i am bashing on Tree. I like her, though i disagree with some of her behavior. She has her moments where she can be so funny and on season 1 and even last season..i hope that side of her comes thru this season. For the sake of her parents and children, nieces&nephews, i sincerely hope that she and her brother can make peace and move on. I don’t think they are good actors, so i have to believe that all we have seen so far is real. and behind all that anger there is a lot of pain and a lot of hurt. Feelings that can only be evoked where there is love, because the opposite is indifference. And that they are not!! They all love each other very much, so i hope they can brush aside their egos, and kiss and make up. Life is too short, and their parents are older. MY parents always instilled in me that family is EVERYTHING, the people who will be there for me at the end of the day. And during my most difficult time, it is my family who has been there for me. Therefore, it is my hope that despite all the crazy drama, this family can truly reunite and heal. It will take a lot of work and may require some family counseling, but it is so worth it! Family dynamics can be crazy and complicated. But seeing as how much they value family, IMO it is worth working it out.

  11. G-sus said

    This is one thing I don’t understand. I realize they are family and all, but if being around each other causes things like all out brawls at christenings, then maybe they all need to take a break from each other and not attend family events until they are able work out their differences privately, adult to adult. They seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle. They are offended if they are not paid attention to or invited to one thing or another, yet it seems like every time they get together there is friction or worse. The fact that they are throwing down in front of their children just passes it on as normal to the next generation.
    Bad behavior shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, even if they are family. They all need a huge time out, IMO.
    Thank god Jacqueline and Caroline are on this show, because if it were just Melissa and Teresa and the twin Joes, I would be turning it off.

  12. Dy said

    First of all sorry for all my typos and mis spellings..

    @ 10All I’m saying is that Teresa has used the correct pronounciation serveral times the first time being the first reunion..I have watched her on interviews and sometimes people pronounce it correctly sometimes they don’t she does not always correct them. Same thing with alot of Italiians ( or I’m sure every nationality)
    It doesn’t matter to me if anyone bashes on Teresa, I’m just stating my opinion, no one has to agree..Her brother needs to make it right in my opinion, and even if during the season he does or his obnoxious wife does, fine.. But what they are doing now with these interviews, her Blogs, her and her cackiling sisters on twitter..Shows me that they are disgusting.
    I agree Family is everything something Jacked up Joey and Messy Melissa need to remember..

    Remember how everyone felt about the Kyle / Kim thing? Well this to me is worse times 100..JMO

  13. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @11 gSus i agree with you about the need for a time out!! what makes them think (or most likely they dont think) that the time/place to act out is @a baby’s christening, in front of their friends/families and KIDS!!! add alcohol to the family drama and it is a recipe for disaster, yet i guess that they justify it with a paycheck??? These guys look like jerry springer rejects, and have sunk to a new low, when they have to engage in a brawl at a holy event for their baby!!! @12 Dy, I agree with you is not about taking sides, because IMO they are all wrong. Each and everyone of them needs to be held accountable for their part in this out of control drama!! They are too caught up in playing the blame game when they should instead be focusing on how to make things right. Like i previously said, i have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. I don’t know what led to where things now are so out of control. yet as a viewer, they have put me in the middle of their mess because they agreed to have themselves taped. I find it very sad that their kids will grow up and have the knowledge that their parents and family members behaved this way. I just hope that their kids don’t turn out anything like them!! I would like to believe that the family can find forgiveness and reconcile before a tragedy happens. they have already said and done things which they can never take back, and which is now recorded thanks to the show. I hope they can put family before the paycheck!!

  14. G-sus said

    I think I know why the poll was so off. I think up until now, Teresa has shown us some positive traits along with some negative ones, while Melissa has shown us nothing but negative. Melissa is self-centered and confrontational, and although Teresa has those traits also, she does tend to be funny at times. There is nothing funny or likeable about Melissa at this point. Maybe it will change over time, but at this point, she is not coming off well.

    And as far as Teresa and the name change, she admitted to Andy that she has changed the pronunciation twice. I am sure her name is pronounced differently in french, spanish, german, etc. Changing the pronunciation after all this time is strange, unless people have pronounce it wrong, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 G-sus…Excellent post! 🙂 It’s so sad to see so much toxicity in a family. My heart broke. I think they do need a break…and a whole lot of counseling…individual & group. If anything, do it for their children. So very, very sad.

    @ Thug In A Cocktail Dress…So many great points in each post! 🙂

    Night everyone.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @14 G-sus…Real quick. LOL. Totally agree! Well said.

  17. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @14 GSus, great points and my thoughts exactly!! 🙂
    @15 MrsHughJackman, goodnite sweetie! may u sleep with the angels,if u read this in the am..then good morning and may u have a great day!! 🙂
    and to everyone else, great opinions and points made by all. I am so grateful to have a forum where we can all come together and discuss our opinions in a respectful and civilized manner!!! best wishes to all for a great night and/or good morning and may u have a great day! 🙂

  18. Dy said

    @13 Yep it’s recorded..Nice it’s it? Oy!!..
    I have absolutely no respect for the Gorgas,and cousin Kathy they came out guns blazing after Teresa talking smack. They did not have to do that( back story or no back story, I don’t care that Teresa threw out Melissa store bought christmas cookies, how dumb is that to make an issue out of) real family would never ever do that on national tv, in the press,etc. And as I said they are still at it( Melissa and her sisters) They did / do not need to make Teresa look bad( she does that all on her own) In the mean time they have made themselves look awful!. They should be ashamed for what they have done and are still doing in my opinion.. I hope the money is worth it to them.

    I agree with Mama Manzo..”Your family fix it” Ya hear that Joey..Fix it, make it right

  19. G-sus said

    Night MHJ, I am off myself. And thanks Thug, that was sweet.

  20. GingerTee said

    Hey Dy, you know I luv your comments.
    IJS, you are exactly correctly, my comment is true for all of the cast members on all of the shows. Do you actually think that what they show us is everything that happens? On the last season of RHONJ, Caroline stated that her neighbor mentioned seeing Danielle repeated parked around Caroline’s house. (not to be confused with Danielle trying to spy on Caroline’s BBQ). We didn’t see it but supposedly it happened. The shows are not taping 24-hrs a day, they tape a few days out of the week, so there has to be a lot that we are missing. If you think that you are deserving of an explanation from the cast members then good luck with that. No one ever said that we were entitled to their entire lives, and I am not expecting to have that access. As for your gander statement, maybe I need more Cola in the AM because I’m not understanding what you mean. I can say this, to me it seemed like the show aired in the midst of a conversation between Andy and Teresa about her name. I don’t know what started the pronunciation of her name between the two of them but I understood the part about saying it more than one way. It’s like Appalachian, there is more than one way to pronounce it. It varies due to region or location and they are both correct.

    • GT – You drink cola in the morning? If so I am guessing you dont drink coffee or tea. 😉 the goose and gander comment is in regards to then all excuses can be made for all housewives with assumptions and what would be the fun in that? My thoughts are, that I can only recap and comment on what we see in the show, whether a camera man captures it or what they say from their own mouths. Even about each other. Sometimes I speculate for motives which Bravo usually does a good job at the eventual reveal of motives. i won’t assume something to sway my own opinion to be fair. But I will always call em like I see em good bad & ugly for each character.

  21. GingerTee said

    Dy, I agree with all that you said

  22. GingerTee said

    I have said more than once that if Melissa had come to the show allowing us to get to know her instead of the constant comparisons to Teresa, maybe I could like her but she didn’t do that. It seems as if her sole purpose for coming was to let the world know that she and her husband are better. If what Melissa says is true, we would have learned by watching the show. I think her sister are hoping to get on the show and possibly take the place of 2 others (hmmmmm. They are definitely HAMS, along with their their brother and the guy at the christening in the blue shirt that was walking around like a pitbull in heat. Kim G, oh my goodness, “G” stands for go away, get lost, get a grip, get a life, godzilla, gila monster, get a hobby, get over yourself but mostly get me a regular spot on the show and get me an invitation.

  23. Dy said

    Hey Ginger ..I agree with you also.

    For me, when all that happened with Kim and Kyle, I was so upset with Kyle. But I have to say even though she said there was more to her outburst with her sister,she did say she was sorry,that she loves her sister more than anything, and that they were working on fixing their relationship. She did not go to the press, internet, twitter to bash her sister, not that I recall.For that I respect her, and it seems that they have been working on their relationship, as I have not read otherwise.
    What the Gorgas, the cackling sisters and the cousin, is the opposite, and for that I can not wrap that around my head. What happened on the show, happened..It is how they are handling it now, is disgusting to me..I have zero respect for that.

  24. Lori024 said

    A nose job for…ahem….breathing difficulties…and now a thousand dollar juvederm injections as punishment for unacceptable behavior. WHO KNEW?

    • Hey Lori!!! (waving furiously!!) I dont believe for a second that Ashley paid for the procedures.. I should try to capitalize off bad behavior.. I could make a million bucks!

  25. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @26 Lori024…LOL!!!!

  26. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Lori024, again too damn funny!

    @29 IJS, thanks sweetie for info! XO 8)

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