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“Straight From The A” Scoops a New Housewife For Atlanta

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 23, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Introducing Atlanta’s New “Housewife” ~ Marlo Hampton

May, 23 2011 | Written by ATLien

Mark my words and remember where you heard this first!!

Word on the curb is that there’s a new Real Housewives of Atlanta “housewife” in town. Meet Marlo (or Marlow) Hampton, the fiance’ of NFL baller Charles Grant…

Yeah… THAT Charles Grant! :-?

As taping continues for RHOA season 4, Marlo and Charles were spotted at IIDA Georgia Chapter’s ‘Dressed in the Garden of Eden’ event at Piedmont park a few weeks ago with cameras in tow.

Here’s the scoop…

During that event Marlo and Charles sat comfortably between Sheree’s gay hubby, “Miss Lawrence” Washington and Phaedra Parks.

While most at the park could be heard whispering… ‘who the hell is Marlo,’ the newest “housewife” kept mum while rocking Gucci from head to toe.

I don’t know too much about Miss Marlo, I don’t even think she’s originally from Atlanta, but my intel told me in *Kanye’s voice* that she “don’t mess with no broke n*ccas” and that she was once a “stylist”… (NeNe even wore some of her clothes last season).  MESSY!!!

Things are about to get even more MESSY in that Marlo was apparently placed on the show as an obvious thorn in NeNe’s side.

Although she adamantly denies it, NeNe and Charles are rumored to have had lil fling a while back.

If you recall, Kim Zolciak put NeNe’s adulterous relationship on blast on Bravo’s Aftershow and the relationship even resulted in a few pregnancy rumors.

I’ve told y’all time and time again that NeNe is on the way OUT of the RHOA camp.  She hasn’t taped much this season but wants everyone to think that it’s of her own choosing.

Having burned all her bridges with most of the RHOA cast, it doesn’t seem surprising that NeNe won’t be around too much longer. (Especially in light of this “new” addition to the cast.)

And I must reiterate that Kimmie’s new relationship & pregnancy is keeping her relevant (and reportedly busy) with her own spin-off show.

[READ: Are you ready for a Kim Zolciak Reality Show Spin-Off?]

The new chick, Marlo, has been spotted around town hanging with several of Atlanta’s current “housewives” namely, Cynthia Bailey & Phaedra Parks and while her position as the newest RHOA isn’t official, you can best believe that Bravo ain’t wasting film on someone who isn’t pertinent to this season’s storyline.

And again… remember where you heard this first.  :-)

Messy… Messy… Messy!!!  This might just be the best season yet!!!


6 Responses to ““Straight From The A” Scoops a New Housewife For Atlanta”

  1. Logan K said

    OMG! Juicy. Love it!

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, what is this about NeNe having had an affair? I thought I read something a while back, but wasn’t sure.

    I know Kim Z. can be a nut, but I’d watch her spin-off. She’s hilarious…in so many ways. She does have some great comebacks to be sure. Yes, I’d watch.

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  6. If NeNe leaves the show wont be any good. NeNe is the life of the show. Sheree should be the one that leaves, she’s boring and fake.

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